Imus Judge Myself – A Spiritual Story by Mark Edgemon

There was a fallen idol named Imus, who was a person like you and me, who said a bad word and all the sainted people throughout the sainted land, came out to judge this person, who fell from grace or some place that looked like grace.

The first group of sainted folks were called the gossipers. These sainted people tore off his shirt and beat him unmercifully as punishment for the bad word he had said. It was a good thing these folks were sainted, so they could see clear enough to judge this person for speaking the bad word.

The next group of sainted people who came out to judge the Imus, were the prideful, self promotors, who said that Imus should be beaten senseless with words, until shame bled down his face. They were so proud of his shame, that they never shut up about it. They figured that the Imus would make a nice stepping stone to rise to a position of self importance, so they could show folks how sainted they really were.

More and more sainted people came out to judge the Imus, shaming him without ceasing. Folks like the adulterers, the lyers, the hypocrites, the smirkers and the slanderers. They all enjoyed the beating and the shaming of the Imus.

Finally, there wasn't much left of the Imus and all the sainted sinners couldn't remember why they were beating him in the first place. Totally by accident, one of the sinful saints shoved another sinful saint, who cursed the shoving saint, until they started eating each other, until all of the sinful saints were eaten alive.

After the sinful saints were eaten up, there were none left to judge the future sinners and mistake makers of tomorrow. What they feared the most had finally come to pass… they had peace.

This spiritual story was written by Mark Edgemon who has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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