How To Create New Habits for Positive Change – With Kelly McGonigal

If you've ever felt a bloom of satisfaction as you started your regular morning run, you know that adding a beneficial new behavior to your life is more than possible.

It probably took a good deal of time and effort to make that an everyday reality—and even before that, you took the conscious step of committing to that process…

As a longtime researcher into what makes the interplay of mind and body tick, Kelly McGonigal discovered that a successfully instilled habit—whether it's that morning run or writing 100 words a night—tilts on that first decision.

It's not something to take lightly or jump into without looking first. Fortunately, Kelly has gathered more than a few tips and tricks over the years and she's teaching some of the most important ones in this free class on how to initiate a positive lifelong habit change… now.

During This 60-Minute Video Teaching, You’ll Discover:

✅ How to fully embrace the change process and add positive new habits to your life
The latest neurological and psychological research into the mechanics of habit change
✅ The essential supporting factors and foundations needed to permanently instill new behaviors

You really do have the power to change for the better. It starts now.

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