“The Healing Light of Forgiveness” – A Poetic Exploration of A Course In Miracles

In “A Course In Miracles,” we find
A truth that's both simple and divine
Forgiveness is the key, they say
To unlock the love that's here to stay

For in forgiveness, we let go
Of the illusions that bring us woe
We free ourselves from the past
And find the love that's always last

Forgiveness does not mean we condone
The hurtful deeds that we have known
But rather, we release the pain
And find the peace that we attain

The ego clings to grudges tight
But forgiveness brings a healing light
It shows us that we're not alone
And in our oneness, we find home

Forgiveness sets the prisoner free
And opens up our hearts to see
The beauty of each soul we meet
And in this love, we are complete

So let us learn to forgive with grace
And see the light in every face
For in forgiveness, we find love
And in love, we rise above.