Have You Ever? A Simple Childlike Way To Attract More Abundance

Let's play a little game. :)

It's called “Have You Ever?” and you might remember it from back in school.

There's one twist though…

We're now playing as adults. Not just any adults. We're playing as adults who still have those childhood dreams living deep within our hearts.

Are you ready? :)

Have you ever…..

  • Tried something new before and not succeeded?
  • Really really wanted something but didn't know how to get it?
  • Wished there was an easier way to…
    • Find your soulmate?
    • Enjoy a fulfilling career that you shine in?
    • Maintain an ideal weight and state of health?
    • Or simply feel happier and more peaceful?
Click Here If Your Answer Is ‘YES'

As pleasure-seeking pain-avoiding creatures, we all want to move towards financial abundance, awesome relationships, and peace of mind and heart. We'll also try just about anything to make it happen.

(which is why we all can relate to having not succeeded at a “Have you ever?” goal)

We may try working longer hours, try to “lose” weight (talk about a backwards thing to affirm!), meditating more, whatever it takes to step towards the lives we want to create… and quite honestly… deserve. Yet we can feel frustrated when we don't see the progress we expect in the important aspects of our lives.

This is the “icing.” It's all the outer world stuff we seek to manifest. Like icing, it's sweet and yummy!

The thing is, success in ANY area of life all comes down to REAL abundance… which is ultimately a sense of freedom.

Therefore, it's really important to grasp that abundance is not something outside of ourselves that we have to work hard to earn. It's within ourselves. It's the actual cake that we're made of. And to take it even one step deeper…


As humans, we are naturally meant to experience abundance in every aspect of our lives. Thinking that we have to commit blood, sweat and tears to earn our natural inheritance of abundance is just like thinking that we have to prove we're worthy of the kindness, dignity and respect of those around us.

We don't have to prove it. It's our birthright. We just have to recognize the Truth of who we are.

And to help us step more fully into this birthright, Natalie Ledwell is hosting a free “Abundance Now” virtual training workshop where she's going to share with us:

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  • A step-by-step exercise to help you quantify your “Abundance Rating” and reveal how much abundance you're allowing -or repelling- in your life right now
    (She explains more on this is in the workshop, and why knowing your specific score is so important)
  • How to uncover your level of “worthiness” when it comes to love, money and freedom (aka abundance)
  • A powerful visualization exercise that enables you to instantly shift into a state of receiving
  • And you'll learn the 4 Essential Mindset ‘Must Haves' for obtaining a successful, wealthy mindset

If you've felt like you're destined for something bigger, better and more purposeful in your life…

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In case you're not familiar with Natalie…

She's a a highly sought after speaker, best-selling author and host of the popular online TV show The Inspiration Show (which she'll be interviewing me on in the future).

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