The Flame of Grace – A Poem Based on Marianne Williamson’s “Our Deepest Fear”

“The Flame of Grace: Illuminating the Human Spirit”

When we stand before the mirror of our souls,
And stare into the depths of our being,
We may ask ourselves with trembling voice,
What is it that we are truly seeing?

For in that moment of reflection,
We confront the fear that lies within,
The fear that we are small and weak,
And that we will never win.

But let us remember what Marianne taught,
That our deepest fear is not that we are weak,
But that we are powerful beyond measure,
That we are the light that the world seeks.

For within each of us lies a flame,
A spark of divine energy and grace,
That can light up the darkest night,
And bring hope to the human race.

So let us embrace our power,
And let our light shine bright,
For it is in our strength and courage,
That we truly come to life.