Faith of a Child – Short Spiritual Story

There was a small boy, who had to go to attend his school (in ancient times) to a distant place on foot. A forest comes on the way to school. Since the boy was going alone, he was scared to cross the forest. One day he told to his mother about his fear.

His mother told him that he has a cousin named Kanha (one of the popular name of Lord Krishna In India) who herds the cattle in the forest, and advised the boy to shout his name Kanha… Kanha, and to cross the forest without fear.

The next day when he was crossing the forest and felt scared, he shouted Kanha.. Kanha.

Suddenly a boy appeared before him and told him My name is Kanha. You do not need to be afraid. Kahna walked with the boy until the end of forest.

Every day after that, the same thing happened. The boy became fearless. One day his mother asked him what happened to his fear. The boy told her his story.

The mother was truly surprised, but after checking she found out that her son was telling the truth. She eventually discovered that the boy who was accompanying her son was actually Lord Krishna. The mother realized that Lord Krisha helped her son because of his unwavering faith.

The author of this spiritual story is unknown and greatly appreciated. If you know who wrote this, or can provide a source that we can cite then please contact us and let us know!