Your Path to a 100 Year Heart Summit

30+ world-leading heart health experts will show us exactly why “eating well, living well, thinking well” can potentially prevent, manage, or even reverse cardiovascular disease naturally…

Without gulping down fistfuls of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals every day…

Or going through highly invasive surgeries that don’t really do much to protect you from a potentially fatal and cold reality.

Here’s a bit of what you’ll discover during “Your Path to a 100 Year Heart”:

  • What brain fitness really is, and how it strengthens your heart rate variability (HRV)
  • The one thing you’re doing right now that could be more harmful to your heart than smoking cigarettes
  • How to instantly recharge your “heart battery”
  • The 3 most suppressed and overlooked homeopathic remedies for a healthy heart
  • What pharmaceutical companies are hiding and don’t want you to know about them
  • How unaddressed trauma makes you sick, and what to do about it
  • How infrared saunas can improve your heart health and your mood
  • How to improve your cardiovascular health, one breath at a time. You can start doing this right away
  • The hidden link between autoimmunity and gut health
  • Think statin drugs are the easiest and fastest way to lower your cholesterol? We’ll show you easier and safer ways to start reducing your “bad cholesterol” right away
  • The 3 hidden heart health threats – and what to do about it
  • “How to use your genetics to reverse or prevent a heart disease”

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Why You Should Attend “Your Path to a 100 Year Heart”

If you’ve ever felt like your cardiologist is avoiding some of your questions and not listening to you…

Maybe they’re trying to hard-sell you on another prescription or medical procedure you’re unsure about…

Or if you just need a second opinion…

And you’d rather live a healthy and peaceful life where you’re not only surviving but also thriving – naturally…

Then you absolutely don’t want to miss Your Path To The 100 Year Heart where we’ll:

  • Host a 7 day Live summit with more than 30 world-class health experts as we show you everything your cardiologist and big pharma don’t want you to know about your heart health
  • Reveal more industry-leading, natural and science-backed health secrets – like the ones you’ve seen in this email
  • Unveil some of the most powerful, hushed-up remedies to help you prevent, treat, and even reverse cardiovascular disease
  • Explain how you can do it while significantly reducing your dependence on expensive pharmaceuticals and dangerous surgeries
  • Share science-backed studies on how to potentially reverse heart disease, reduce or even eliminate your reliance on risky pharmaceuticals, avoid dangerous procedures
  • Show you why you don’t have to gulp down handfuls of dangerous pills everyday, or go through highly invasive procedures to live healthy
  • Explain why chiropractors have the power to create a massively positive impact on your heart health
  • Reveal today’s most powerful – and effective – holistic healing and integrative heart-health methods… including acupuncture, breath work, essential oils, functional medicine, and MUCH more…
  • Tell you how everyday heart health dangers are hiding in plain sight, as well as their impact on your sympathetic nervous system. (HINT: You've probably seen at least one of them in the last 24 hours.
Free Gift For Attendees: The “100 Year Heart” Guide

What if achieving your 100 Year Heart was as easy as giving your body what it needs and taking away what it doesn't?

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The Relationship Between Heart Health and Brain Cognition

Did you know that millions of Americans unknowingly swap their heart diseases for memory loss?

The FDA released a statement about a decade ago.

Inside, they warned Americans about the risk of memory loss for patients on statin prescriptions…

Something the pharmaceutical companies never deemed worthy enough to mention, even after 16 years of selling these drugs to innocent Americans.

Since then, there has been a flood of lawsuits filed by people saddled with extra medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages from conditions developed as a result of using statins.

Yet, these drugs are still prescribed to millions of honest Americans daily.

In fact, they’re the most prescribed drugs by US doctors, according to data from GoodRX.

And the worst part?

Recent studies have shown that, while statins are very effective at lowering your cholesterol levels…

They don’t really do much to protect you from having a heart attack or dying from heart disease (YouTube video with study comparison).

Which is mindblowing considering that’s the entire point of lowering your cholesterol levels.

And if you’ve ever had an abnormal stress test…

Maybe your angiogram showed a significant blockage…

Then you should also know about a recent Stanford health researchers study involving over 5,000 patients.

These studies consistently show that the stent procedure DOES NOT prevent a heart attack.

This makes total sense because the stent procedure only treats a symptom, which is the blockage.

They DO NOT treat the root cause of the problem.

But your cardiologist will never tell you about all these.

We’ll cover this in more detail during the summit.

But here’s the big question to consider:

If they’re not telling you about:

  • The dangerous side effects of statin drugs
  • How the stent procedure does not protect you from a heart attack

What else are they not telling you?

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Why Dr. Jack Wolfson Teaches About Heart Health

How familiar are you with Natural Heart Doctor – the hosts of this groundbreaking summit?

See, the founders of Natural Heart Doctor know firsthand what it’s like when a loved one’s health starts deteriorating.

When they stop being their usual selves.

Maybe they lose their sense of humor.

Or hesitate about engaging in ANY physical activity or obsess over what they eat suddenly.

Even worse – sometimes they start showing symptoms of depression or social withdrawal.

(Even when they do a damn good job of hiding it.)

Or maybe you’re experiencing these symptoms, and that’s what motivates you to attend the Live Summit.

See, the founder of Natural Heart Doctor – Dr. Jack Wolfson – finally connected the dots when he noticed his Dad showing all the warning signs we just mentioned.

He was also having problems chewing and swallowing.

He suspected his dad had Parkinson's… so he took him to a neurologist.

His doctor’s reply?

“Well, your dad doesn't have classic Parkinson's, but he's got parkinsonism.”

He replied in “typical” doctor fashion, giving me just a bit of hope.

(Yes, there is a big difference between the two.)

Then the doctor wrote him another prescription and an order to see another specialist…

Deep down, Dr. Wolfson knew this route wasn’t good enough.

So he took his father to the Mayo Clinic, where he was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy).

The doctors mentioned they had no idea why his father had this illness.

There was no existing treatment, and the statistics showed his father might die within three years.

With each new visit to the doctor, he got even worse.

His medications and dosages were increased, and the requests for more follow-ups and procedures were piling up.

Sadly, they weren’t able to save him, and his father passed away.

At the time, Dr. Jack had already been practicing for 16 years …

And he was a senior partner in the biggest medical group in the state of Arizona.

He was also head of the cardiology department, the chairman of internal medicine, and the director of cardiac rehab.

And in 2011, he was voted one of Phoenix, Arizona's top doctors.

What he discovered the hard way – and what you’re about to fully discover during Your Path To The 100 Year Heart – is that health is NOT sold at a pharmacy.

We're very quick to prescribe the pills.

Or jump to conclusions and schedule people for expensive procedures – and even surgeries – without taking enough time to uncover root causes and natural solutions.

And even though conventional medicine isn’t interested in changing any time soon…

Dr. Jack decided to leave the big cardiology group in 2012 to start Natural Heart Doctor.

He and the team at Natural Heart Doctor will continue to share the truth about health with 100,000s of people from all over the world.

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