Wild Wealth 8-Day Abundance Activation

During this free 8-day wealth & abundance activation, you'll get the tools and support to break through scarcity consciousness and activate your true prosperity potential.

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What You'll Learn During the Wild Wealth 8-Day Activation

This transformational event will allow you to shed your scarcity patterns and abundance blocks. After just eight days you will emerge from our sacred container feeling more confident and connected to your purpose than ever before. Naturally, magnetize yourself for wealth. You'll leave feeling fully expressed and completely unstoppable.

We were born to be free. We are living in a new world. In fact, the entire wealth paradigm has changed. Truly, there are no more rules.

The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself.

So isn’t it time you broke free?

It's time to stop suffering and remember your true nature.

Benefits of Participating in Wild Wealth Activation

This free spiritual healing event will help you:

  • Recognize your worth
  • Embrace your power
  • Realign your beliefs to deeply support your wildest dreams
  • Live in flow and ease
  • Love your wildly abundant life

You will learn how to reclaim the power and magic inside of you so that you can step into your highest potential and live out your wildest dreams.

The Wild Wealth Activation provides you a pathway to:

  • Make life-changing shifts to your abundance frequency
  • Enjoy everything meant for you in this lifetime without limitations
  • Trust in yourself and knowing you can create anything you want
  • Change the thought patterns currently limiting your life and joy
  • Gain access to freedom and fulfillment. Live life on your terms
  • Finally understand manifestation and the art of conscious attraction

Who the Wild Wealth 8-Day Abundance Activation Is For

Does this sound familiar?

Your scarcity mindset is costing you more than you think…

We're told that we need to go to college, and get a “steady job” and climb the ladder. And for a while do it because we think it will help us get ahead. And then one day you realize… you feel more lost, out of balance, and overwhelmed than any point in your entire life.

We don't get taught that inside of each us lives a deeper truth and abundance more potent than we could ever imagine.

So maybe you have been feeling that you…

  • Are unworthy of receiving more out of life
  • Can't trust yourself the make the right decisions around money
  • Just “aren’t the type of person” to make real money
  • Have a fire inside to level up, but you need money to do it
  • Will never have enough to go after your REAL dreams

What You Get During the Wild Wealth 8-Day Activation

Every day you will experience real results. Join us for eight days of twice-daily live zoom meetings.

During the first Zoom session each day,  you'll get:

  1. Wealth Activation: Align yourself with the prosperity codes for this daily activation. Each day builds upon the last.
  2. Daily Prosperity Lessons: We'll get right to the good stuff with proven methods to uplevel your prosperity consciousness. You will leave feeling inspired and activated to reach for your biggest dreams.
  3. Daily Wealth Practices: Put it into to action! Get mini-action steps so you can start aligning and creating more wealth immediately!

During the second live Zoom session each day, you'll get access to a wealth panel with featured guest speakers:  Receive inspiration and guidance from motivational experts, sharing their secrets to creating wealth consciousness.

Some Final Thoughts About Wealth Consciousness

Deep inside, you were born for a life different than what most will experience. Don't let your relationship with wealth keep you from truly living your fullest expression.

You'll get to experience money as life energy. Money connects us to our sovereignty and fullest expression.

It is time for your to reclaim your pathway to prosperity. This is especially important for the seekers and free spirits during this time of rapid expansion.

Commit to prosperity practices and your wealth consciousness will open your heart to success, vitality, and joy.

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About Your Coach – Jenner Linden

Jenner Linden is an intuitive coach for conscious entrepreneurs and creator of The Wild Ones, a sacred membership for heart-centered seekers and leaders to transform.

A Personal Message from Jenner Linden

Jenner Linden - HeadshotI know what it's like to struggle. I also know what it takes to succeed.

I used to live paycheck to paycheck.

I could share story after story of my own money woes. Like how I couldn't afford to fix my overheating car, so every day I had to leave thirty minutes early for work. I had to pull over and wait for the engine to cool down.

…or the times I didn't have enough money for laundry machines, so I had to wash my clothes by hand in the bathtub.

Life used to be a struggle.

Back then I thought in order to make money, I had to “get a good job” and work my way up the invisible ladder.

But that was a lie.

Then one day I was getting fired from yet another job, telling me the SAME thing, “you are too independent.” I thought to myself, so even though I am really great at what I do, you are firing me because I don't do it the way YOU want me to?

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Why didn't my rebel heart see this before? I am not MADE to work for someone else. I am not here to blindly follow “their rules” just to make them feel better. I am here for something so much bigger. I knew it was time to make my own path.

I had already been on a path of self-discovery. NOW it was time to uplevel my wealth consciousness and reclaim my rightful abundance.

In Wild Wealth, I am going to teach you everything I learned in my journey from having over 70K in debt to creating a six-figure business that makes my heart sing.

You don't have to settle for good enough. You don’t have to sell yourself out or wear yourself down. And I am going to give you the tools you need to create your own bath of abundance.

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Bonuses for Attendees

  • Bonus #1: Private Community Space Be inspired and motivated by your new community of like-hearted souls uplifting their wealth consciousness alongside you.
  • Bonus #2: Integration Day Nov. 10th

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Oct 31 2022 - Nov 06 2022


1:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 31 2022 - Nov 06 2022
  • Time: 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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