The Viral Course Checklist: 10 Core Experiences You MUST Deliver to Attract Happy Customers Who’ll Buy (& Refer) Again and Again - With Marisa Murgatroyd

The Viral Course Checklist: 10 Core Experiences You MUST Deliver to Attract Happy Customers Who’ll Buy (& Refer) Again and Again

If you want to sell out your courses in 2023 and beyond, you have to stay ahead of the game,,.

With more businesses than ever going online and competing for your potential student, client or customer’s attention, it is imperative that you find a new way to sell your online courses.

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What You'll Learn During “The Viral Course Checklist” Workshop

That’s where Marisa Murgatroyd's Viral Course Checklist comes in. During this workshop, she's going to teach you a detailed system to transform your online course or program into a viral sensation, including:

  • How to use Experience Escalation to sell more without marketing (this has created millions in course sales in hundreds of niches and dozens of countries)
  • Discover the “Mission Accomplished” Method to set your customers up for success from day one — this is key for getting testimonials and raking in referrals
  • Why viral courses are actually quicker and easier to create than “traditional” online courses (If you’re looking to launch FAST, you need to see this)
  • Take a deep dive into the 2 Core Experiences that bookend your viral course and show you exactly how to start and end your course to maximize both sales and student success
  • Marisa’s checklist of 10 “anti-experiences” — AVOID these at all cost, unless you want your students to give up and your sales to suffer

Why Attend The Viral Course Checklist Workshop

You’ve worked hard to develop your expertise!

You pour your heart and soul into your marketing, and you know that what you have to offer can change lives. In short, your stuff is awesome!

So why don't more people know about you?

Hint: It’s not because the algorithm doomed you to have the same 7 people liking your Facebook posts forever.

The reality is this…

It's because you don't have a system that automatically helps “your” kind of people find you.

That is… you don’t have a system YET!

During the “Viral Course Checklist” workshop, Marisa is going to each you a simple (yet dangerously powerful) strategy to help you connect with your ideal audience.

How to Reduce the Refund Rate On Your Conscious Course Sales

There’s something NOT many people talk about when it comes to online courses. This applies to you whether you have a course already or you’re just thinking about selling one.

When you hear about all those big million-dollar product launches, what you usually don’t hear about are the refunds.

The industry standard refund rate for traditional online courses hovers between 10-20%. This isn’t so surprising when you factor in that the average “traditional” online course only has a 3% completion rate. Of course there's going to be a lot of unsatisfied people wanting a refund because they didn't get results (even if they didn't try).

So that means, if you’re creating a traditional course and you do $10K in sales, you have to plan to return $1-2K right off the bat in refunds. That hurts!

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Marisa developed something she calls The Experience Formula ® — a complete system for designing and creating courses that motivate students, drive transformation and lead to skyrocketing sales.

Marisa's been in the course creation business for over 10 years and has made over $33M in course sales using this same formula.

During the Viral Course Checklist Workshop, she's going to share with you the 10 core experiences that you must deliver so that you can attract happy customers who will use your product, get transformational results, and then buy over and over (while also referring you to more of your ideal clients.

Here’s what happened when two of her students implemented what she’s sharing in this workshop:

  • LinkedIn expert Josh Turner reduced refund rates on his courses by 63.5% (and SAVED $40,000 in previously lost revenue right out of the gate).
  • Affiliate Marketing expert Matt McWilliams was able to ADD $100,000 to his bottom line by SLASHING refund rates from 15% to JUST 1% — and massively increasing customer lifetime value in the process because the uptake on his upsells went from practically ZERO to a whopping 20%.

Those results are astounding, and yet, they're also consistent with what many of Marisa's students experience… regardless of whether they're already well-known successful experts, or launching their very first course and trusting Marisa to guide them through the process.

Viral Course Checklist Workshop Wrapup

Marisa used these advanced “viral” strategies to grow her company from zero sales of her first course to now over $33M in online course sales… making the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Companies in America 3 years running.

Plus she's worked with thousands of course creators over that time, so she understands exactly how to help you find the success you're looking for.

Bring your questions and get ready to make some quick and meaningful progress because with this workshop and the 62-page companion guide, you'll be on the fast-track to viral course success.

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Free Gift When You Register

When you register, Marisa will ALSO send you an advance copy of the companion Guide — “The Viral Course Checklist: 10 Core Experiences You MUST Deliver to Attract Happy Customers Who’ll Buy (& Refer) Again and Again”

Don't be fooled by the name, though. This isn't some dinky 1-page PDF. This is a comprehensive 62-page guide that supports what she'll teach you during the workshop.

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About Your Coach – Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd - HeadshotMarisa Murgatroyd, founder of Live Your Message, has personally sold more than $33M in online courses and programs.

And while that's awesome, what she's most proud of is the thousands of students who she has helped to find their perfect Profitable Business Idea, students who have gone on to make millions in their own right.

She has taught this method to beginners and experienced business-owners. To young and old entrepreneurs.

It works for all kinds of people, products & niches.

A Message from Marisa Murgatroyd

Hi, I’m Marisa, founder of Live Your Message, and I’ve helped over 11,159 people fulfill their dream of creating an online course — and I’d like to help YOU too.

I’ve spent years figuring out how to break the industry standard and create courses that inspire action and transformation instead of just sitting on the digital shelf.

I discovered how to work with the brain’s natural reward system to inspire up to 90% of my students to engage and get results.

Now, I’m spilling all of my secrets to help you build YOUR hyper-engaging course.

If you want to create real impact for your students, and real freedom for yourself… See you on the inside.

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