Healing With Vibration Summit 2022 - Healing Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit

Healing With Vibration Summit 2022 – Healing Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit

One of the most important keys to life and health is energetic flow.

Disease doesn’t happen from the outside. Disease happens when your energy gets blocked, disrupted or stuck from the inside.

During this free online energy healing summit, you'll learn how to protect and harmonize the vital flow of energy in your body to reverse chronic illness, pain, stress and trauma!

What You'll Learn At The Healing With Vibration 2.0 Summit 2022

  • Yourself (and everything else) as energy
  • Vibrational healing modalities & how they work
  • Techniques you can start implementing today
  • How non-beneficial energies cause dis-ease
  • Links between immune dysfunction & emotions
  • The energetics of healing cancer
  • Frequencies that can access & address unconscious trauma
  • How to heal leaky boundaries with yourself & others

Everything in the universe has a frequency, a vibration. You included!

We, and all living things, are composed of and derived from energy fields.

Recognizing this, vibrational medicine sees disease and suffering as disruptions…

And seeks to promote your body’s natural ability to heal itself through frequency and vibration.

In fact, we can tap into this reality and USE vibration to impact and improve our lives on every level — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It has been called the self-care and development path of the future, but it empowers you NOW to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century and to thrive within them.

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Speaker List – Vibrational Healing Summit 2.0, 2022

Lloyd Burrell: Healing with the Vibration of the Earth

  • What is earthing?
  • How to make earthing more efficient in seconds
  • Signs that you are fully grounded

Rob Downey: Illness as a Hero's Journey

  • Using functional medicine to map the root causes of disease
  • Creating a harmonized patient and medical provider team
  • Using the hero's journey as a blueprint for post traumatic growth

Nathan Crane: Blueprint for Navigating Conquering Cancer

  • The energetics of healing cancer
  • Releasing stuck energy with qigong
  • Transitioning from stress to harmony with personal practice

Ajayan Borys: Meditation – Anyone Can Do It!

  • Why emotional blocks can restrict your intuition
  • Link between depression, anxiety and energetic body toxicity
  • Tips for harmonizing your vibrations

Keesha Ewers: The Vibration of Healing the Physical Body

  • 5 layers of “you” and the signature vibrational quality needed for healing
  • How trauma impacts your nervous system reactivity
  • Vibrational patterns that cause disease

Sylvie Beljanski: Natural Therapies for Cancer

  • Cancer is a money-making machine for the western medical model
  • Importance of integrating natural therapies with chemical cancer solutions
  • Vibrational healing power of plant extracts

Heather Aardema: Accessing the Vibrational Frequency for Your Perfect Weight

  • How living lighter brings happiness
  • Creating lighter vibrations in your home environment
  • Tips for achieving the weight your body loves

Ryan Sternagel: Healing Childhood Cancer Includes Healing Our Children's Surroundings

  • The vibration that manifests as childhood cancer
  • How do we avoid this type of vibration?
  • Tips for changing the vibrational field that expresses as cancer

Lloyd Burrell: 3 Ways to Bring Quantum Healing into Your Life

  • Understanding the quantum field
  • Strategies to up-level your ability to heal
  • Why quantum healing is the key to better health

Tom O'Bryan: Blood-Brain Barrier: Protecting Your Gateway to Consciousness

  • 5-step process for changing your microbiome
  • Importance of living in a predominantly parasympathetic dominant state
  • How improving your microbiome opens up the gateway to consciousness

Gaetan Chevalier: Grounding/Earthing: What's Love Got to Do With It?

  • Why your biochemical system is dependent on your bioelectrical system
  • Importance of the Schumann resonance and how it impacts your brain
  • 3 safe and effective ways to ground yourself

Eric Zielinski: Essential Oils – Essential Support against EMF Toxicity?

  • Get to know these super-concentrated forms of traditional plant medicine
  • 6 essential oils that help with toxin overload and EMF damage
  • Antioxidant-rich essential oil that reduces harmful EMF effects on your reproductive system

Ari Whitten: Secrets of Red and Near-Infrared Light: Fast Tracking Wellness

  • Overcome fatigue and cultivate higher levels of wellness with light therapy
  • Using the light spectrum to promote healing
  • Science behind light therapy and near-infrared light

Jonathan Goldman: Hum Your Way To Health – The Surprising Effects of Vibrational Humming

  • Importance of sound healing and how it positively affects our health
  • Science-backed power of humming
  • How pranayama can safely and effectively help you relax, ground and heal

Magda Havas: Invisible Electromagnetic Pollution – Steps to Protect Yourself

  • How EMFs affect your vibrational energy
  • Dangers of 5G
  • Top 5 EMF exposure protection strategies

Keesha Ewers: Reversing Dis-ease Through Emotional Detoxification

  • How trauma patterns impact hormones, immune function, gut health and more
  • Why behavior cannot be changed through willpower
  • 6 steps of emotional detoxification

Lynne McTaggart: The Power of 8: Heal Yourself – Heal The World

  • How this simple healing intention has helped thousands of people heal
  • Science-backed group healing strategies
  • Overcoming feelings of separation

Christine Schaffner: Jump-Start Your Biofield and Body Electric

  • Understanding the biofield and how it affects your biochemistry
  • 3 energy tools Dr. Christine uses in her personal life
  • Why photobiomodulation is an important healing solution

Silvia Binder: Intelligent Energy Medicine: Tapping Into Your Knowing

  • Importance of trusting your inner voice and intuition
  • How this technique helps relax your autonomic nervous system in just a few seconds
  • Why nutrition is foundational for prevention and healing

Lloyd Burrell: Optimizing the Vibrations of Your Home

  • Where EMFs hide in your home and office
  • How EMFs can impact your health
  • 3 powerful ways to protect your home

Lin Morel: Energy Management Tips – Creating Vibrant Transformation

  • Impact of Lin’s “near-life experience” and how it’s shaped her life
  • Shifting your brain and energy
  • How to find your personal truth

Marco Ruggiero: How to Build Your Internal Cellular EMF Shield

  • How EMFs impact your microbiome
  • Why internal shielding may be a better solution for environmental pollutants
  • Positive results of Dr. Ruggerio’s new EMF protection product

Keith Scott-Mumby: Healing Through Reconnection to Our Electric Universe

  • How this simple exercise can make you feel like you are levitating
  • Using this inexpensive tool to listen to your body and heal
  • Strategies for enhancing your vibrational energy

Sundardas D. Annamalay: Can the Law of Entropy Fuel Your Joy?

  • Everything is structured information within a matrix of energy
  • Link between energetic imbalances, disease and dehydration
  • 4 tips for healing with vibration

Rosita Alvarez: Creating Energetic Coherence with Repatterning

  • Using resonance repatterning to heal your body
  • Choosing words and thoughts that shift energy and promote healing
  • How to connect with your chakra energy system

Keesha Ewers: Healing Leaky Boundaries to Heal Leaky Gut

  • Secondary gain and dis-ease
  • Link between boundary issues and illness
  • Setting boundaries for yourself and others

Ryan Wohlfert: Change Your Mindset to Upgrade Your Vibration

  • Identifying mental and physical toxins
  • How thoughts and feelings impact your actions and health
  • Embracing the healing benefits of mindset training

Maya Shetreat: Higher Health – Aligning Bio-Terrain and Eco-Terrain

  • How connecting with Mother Earth can significantly improve your health
  • Strategies for increasing awareness, wellness and vitality
  • How to use ritual and ceremony to enhance vibrational healing

Michael S. Tyrrell: Elusive Sleep? Essential Frequencies to Reclaim Rest

  • Significance and vibrational healing power of 444 Hz
  • Fascinating correlation between Pythagoras, music, math and frequency
  • Reducing your exposure to man-made EMFs and smart meter radiation

Misty Williams: Healing Power of Sleep and How to Do it Well

  • Link between sleep and hormone production
  • How sleep impacts your vibrational soup
  • Tips for attaining a healing sleep frequency

Tom McCarthy: The Code for Breakthroughs in Healing and Abundance

  • Tips for getting unstuck
  • Harnessing the positive effects of obsession
  • Accessing your super-conscious mind

Gerald Pollack: How the Fourth Phase of Water Impacts the Vibration of Your Health

  • Water is more than what you learned in science class
  • Discover the phase of water that creates healing in the cells
  • How to increase structured water in your cells

Keesha Ewers: The Vibration of Toxicity and Genetic Expression

  • Toxins that can cause genetics to express in a dis-ease state
  • How negative thoughts and emotions impact genetic expression
  • Tips for raising your vibrational health

Jason Prall: How to Live in Alignment with Your Energy Blueprint

  • Examining yourself (and everything else) as energy
  • Why living out of alignment causes disease
  • How to experience your subtle body

Michael Roesslein: Finding the Path Out of Trauma That Works for You

  • Bringing light to the darkness of “brokenness”
  • How the vibration of isolation causes disease
  • Matching the healing modality to the person

Rollin McCraty: How to Use the Resonance of Heart, Mind and Planet for Healing

  • Link between immune dysfunction and anger
  • How we read what isn't being “said” from each other's energetic field
  • Accessing the energetic heart's intelligence for healing

Wendy Myers: Healing Through the Vibration of Sound

  • The missing piece in the functional medicine paradigm
  • Healing vibrations of painful emotions and trauma
  • Frequencies that access unconscious trauma

Margie Bissinger: The Vibration of Happiness and How to Reach It

  • Overcoming the vibration of osteoporosis
  • Accessing the harmonizing power of forgiveness
  • Embracing the healing vibration of happiness

Ameet Aggarwal: The Family Constellation of Trauma Can Be Healed

  • How trauma is passed through generations
  • Homeopathic remedies for healing trauma
  • Shift the vibration of trauma with healing statements

Kevin Conners: The Power of Prayer for Healing Cancer

  • Each type of cancer has its own vibrational frequency
  • Why individualized cancer frequency programs are essential
  • How prayer harmonizes your frequencies

Keesha Ewers: The Vibration of Spirit: Healing the Four P’s of Dis-Ease

  • 4 P’s linked to autoimmunity and cancer
  • Accepting perfectionism as a daily practice
  • Connecting to the vibrational quality of your fifth layer

Aimie Apigian: How Attachment Disorders are Impacting Your Relationships

  • What causes attachment disorders?
  • Link between disordered attachment in childhood and adult disease
  • Somatic solutions for a dysregulated nervous system

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About Your Healing With Vibration 2.0 Summit Hosts – Lloyd Burrell & Dr. Keesha Ewers

About Your Host: Dr. Keesha Ewers

When Dr. Ewers was in her early 30s, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease that is considered incurable. She then learned that the energetic body responds to the energy you put into it. Identifying and mitigating negative energies was one large facet of effectively curing her RA.

About Your Host: Lloyd Burrell

In 2002, Lloyd Burrell suddenly began experiencing debilitating symptoms around electrical devices and couldn’t use a cell phone, a computer or even public transport. Thankfully, he found a way to heal himself.

His own journey with non-native forms of electromagnetic fields fueled his desire to explore this fundamental yet overlooked and misunderstood issue that affects us all and all life on this planet — energy and vibration — and has motivated him to share hundreds of powerful but little known healing strategies.

They’re here together to help you by sharing what they’ve learned.

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Free Gifts for Healing With Vibration 2.0 Attendees

When you register for the Healing with Vibration Summit, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!

Gift #1: “Power of Intention: Heal Yourself, Heal the World” eGuide

This new eGuide by Lloyd Burrell based on a conversation with author Lynne McTaggart explores some of the most important new science around using intention for healing, what it means to live intentionally and how to set powerful intentions to support your well-being. It also covers Lynne McTaggart’s findings in her book The Power of Eight, an important new exploration of timeless, limitless synchronistic healing opportunities.

Gift #2: “Healing Power of Energy” eGuide

Dr. Christine Schaffner and Lloyd Burrell help uncover the healing powers of energy and vibration, the biofield, the living matrix and healing the universe in this powerful 24-page eGuide. You don't want to miss this!

Gift#3: 9 Breakthrough Strategies to Heal with Vibration eBook

Discover 27 tips to bring health and vitality to your life. This valuable eBook is an important NEW exploration of timeless, limitless synchronistic healing opportunities. With key takeaways based on the wisdom and work of 9 leading health experts, Lloyd Burrell shares the facts and science behind the top Healing with Vibration strategies.

Gift #4: “25 Happiness-Boosting Tips” eBook

Today we're talking about how to boost happiness in little ways that add up. Learn more when you download this eBooks.

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