How to Upgrade Your Intuition - Free Class with Marie Manuchehri

How to Upgrade Your Intuition – Refine Your Perceptions & Dance with the Spirit Realm

How are you wielding the incredible intuitive power that you inherently possess?

As clairvoyant medium Marie Manuchehri teaches, one major benefit of activating your multisensory awareness is how it can help you connect with the other side to receive clear guidance from the spiritual world.

Marie’s free online event will introduce you to a powerful process for expanding your intuition and immediately shifting into a vibration that helps you connect more tangibly with the other side — and effectively translate the messages you receive.

Why Attend “How to Upgrade Your Intuition”

How to Upgrade Your Intuition - Free Class with Marie ManuchehriAn upbeat and uplifting person, Marie discovered her medical intuition and mediumship skills while working as an oncology nurse.

She’s since helped thousands around the world expand their consciousness, enhance their intuition, and connect with confidence with the spiritual world.

As you practice living from your multidimensional nature, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the intuitive information that’s always reaching out to you and circulating through you — and how to apply these messages — says Marie.

If you’ve felt disappointed or confused by the vague, puzzling, or misdirected intuitive messages you’ve received, or convinced yourself that your intuition isn’t as developed as it should be because of the particular way you receive messages…

… you’re sure to gain clarity on how your particular intuitive abilities work and how you can begin to work with them to enhance your multisensory gifts.

What You'll Learn During “How to Upgrade Your Intuition”

During “How to Upgrade Your Intuition, you'll:

  • Explore the mind’s limited perceptions about love — and why you must find love if you wish to enhance your intuition
  • Be guided in a meditation on what love truly feels like — and move into deeper frequencies to feel love for your multisensory abilities — past, present, and future
  • Discover the power of your own energy and why feeling disappointed about your intuitive abilities keeps what you really want far away from you
  • Open to the idea that every single person is naturally intuitive — many who have yet to open to their inherent intuitive abilities are destined to be professional multisensory readers
  • Learn why intuitive translation has everything to do with ignoring logical thinking while moving into authentic feelings and paying attention to the calm

You'll also get to explore how love and appreciation can help you dissolve intuitive blocks and open to the greater potential of your multisensory and mediumship gifts.

About Your Teacher – Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri, a powerful intuitive, healer, and medium, began her psychic career while working as an oncology nurse in a Seattle-area hospital. Her unique perceptions have led others to create healthier bodies and relationships, and achieve financial desires.

Marie, who works with spirit and departed loved ones on the Other Side is a deep believer in manifesting one’s aspirations, including the desire to know information beyond the physical reality.

She is devoted to teaching fellow humans about the real, positive impact their own psychic abilities can have on transforming their lives and their psychology. She excels in direct intuitive communication and can read any area of a person’s life.

Marie teaches many courses throughout the year focused on intuition, and assists clients around the world with serious health issues in her private practice. She has a weekly radio show, Where Energy and Medicine Meet, is the author of Intuitive Self-Healing, and has produced a CD series called How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides.

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