Unlock Your Feminine Power: The #1 Shift Conscious Women Make - With Claire Zammit

Unlock Your Feminine Power: The #1 Shift Conscious Women Make – With Claire Zammit

Because you’re a conscious, creative and caring woman who knows that you have something of value to contribute…

  • You sense deep down that a much larger calling is possible for you. You long for the good things in life. You know there's more to life.
  • You know that you deeply desire, and thrive in, meaningful relationships, creative expression, and success that is aligned with your gifts and values.
  • Deep down you feel a yearning for a larger life than you believe, deep down, can ever be created within the realm of the current masculine system.

Fortunately, you're not alone.

If you're wanting to make huge shifts to access the deeper strengths of your femininity, but either don't know where to start (or how to get to the “next level” however you define that)…

Then this free live masterclass is likely to be the perfect gift to yourself right now.

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What You'll Learn During This “Unlock Your Feminine Power” Masterclass With Claire Zammit

You'll be guided through a revolutionary process for breaking through this invisible barrier and creating the beautiful life of connection, creativity, contribution, wellness, and authentic success that is your true destiny.

You are here to make a positive impact in the world by doing what you love most. It's your destiny, and as we enter a new, exciting era following one of the most challenging years in history, the world is in greater need of empowered, impassioned women living with purpose than ever before.

By knowing how to share your unique gifts and talents with the world, you’re directly shaping the future of humanity!

Regardless of what your gifts are or how you might feel — however stuck, however isolated, however confused about moving forward…

It is not too late for you to make a huge leap forward and unlock your Feminine Power.

Over 500,000+ women worldwide have already made this simple but powerful shift and are reporting truly astonishing life breakthroughs.

Benefits That Conscious Women Experience Make After Attending This Seminar

  • Amplifying their prosperity ten-fold
  • Making a thriving living by contributing their gifts
  • Expanding their reach and impact
  • Enjoying optimal health and energy
  • Thriving in their relationships
  • And so much more

Key Teachings From The Unlock Your Feminine Power Workshop

  • Shatter the #1 invisible barrier blocking nearly ALL brilliant, evolved women from fully realizing their greatness (and why this happens)
  • Determine which of the 8 key areas of feminine self-actualization is most “ripe” for you to focus on right now, such as relationships, prosperity or health
  • Set an intention that creates a “chain reaction” of extraordinary results in ALL areas of your life
  • Finally release the limiting beliefs that hold women back and are also the root cause of feeling invisible, isolated, or just “not good enough” within the masculine system of power
  • Activate your “Feminine Navigation System” so you can intuitively and confidently make powerful decisions in a way that is especially profound for women and become resilient in response to challenges
  • Let go of stagnant “push energy” keeping you STUCK, and open to receive the endless flow of abundance from a loving Higher Power so you can ignite a whole process of creation
  • Create a field of synchronicity around you that magnetizes the RIGHT support, resources, and opportunities you need to thrive
  • Free yourself from hyper self-sufficient patterns of isolation and loneliness that far too many brilliant women experience, and step into connection with a global community of “Power Partners”

Possibilities For You After Attending This Seminar With Claire Zammit

The possibilities you feel for your gifts, purpose, prosperity, relationships, health, creativity, impact, and contribution are REAL.

And regardless of how you might feel right now – however stuck, however isolated, however confused about moving forward…

It is not too late for you to make a huge leap forward and unlock your Feminine Power.

Your gifts are needed in the world right now more than ever before.

Don’t settle for only living a fraction of your potential, because the world needs your brilliance, gifts and talents right now!

How “Unlock Your Feminine Power” Helps You Access Your True Potential

  • Become authentically confident and be recognized for your contributions
  • Attract a true equal who celebrates your growth (or transform your current relationship!)
  • Thrive financially and create meaningfully
  • Fulfill your life’s greatest calling
  • Be supported, loved and valued by others
  • Release blocks that contribute to anxiety and other health issues
  • Finally live your destiny as the woman you were born to become


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About Your Femine Power Teacher – Claire Zammit

Claire Zammit - HeadshotThere are few women alive today who have done more to empower conscious women to actualize their potential and realize their destiny than Dr. Claire Zammit.

In her two decades as a transformational teacher and leader, Claire has shared her life-changing Feminine Power principles and practices with millions of women around the globe.

Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the underlying obstacles blocking intelligent, conscious women from stepping into their greatness has been praised as a seminal contribution to the advancement of women in this century.

Over 40,000 women from more than 100 countries have graduated from her innovative online Feminine Power Academy, and her Feminine Power Professional Certification Trainings have trained hundreds more to create fulfilling, impactful and successful careers as transformational coaches, facilitators and leaders in their fields. She is fast becoming known as the “mentor of mentors” for gifted, conscious women.

In addition to building the Feminine Power global community, Claire is also a wildly successful conscious entrepreneur. In 2010, she co-founded Evolving Wisdom, LLC which under her leadership rapidly grew to become one of the world’s most successful online transformational learning enterprises. In 2013, Evolving Wisdom was ranked #83 on the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing private companies, and since its inception it has generated over $50 million in revenue and reached millions of people from more than 180 countries.

A dedicated philanthropist, Claire’s personal contributions and fundraising efforts have been hailed as a major catalyst for the growth of the Girl Power Project, which is on track to bring self-esteem and leadership training to over one million low-income girls in Uganda by 2021.

Claire is an active member of Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council, was the recipient of its Achievement Award, and is also a participant in Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum. She is also the recipient of the Just Like My Child Foundation Women’s Leadership Award.

She holds a Ph.D. in Transformational Learning & Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies and lives in California with her husband of eleven years, spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton.

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Free Gifts For “Unlock Your Feminine Power” Masterclass Attendees

Immediately after you register, you'll get access to the following two free gifts to help you get the most out of your seminar:

1. “Feminine Power Assessment”

This assessment will guide you through a proven, simple process so that you can set a powerful intention. You'll use this intention, and the teachings in the seminar, to apply what you discover to a key area of your life.

2. “The Companion Guidebook” PDF

You'll have an easy-to-access resource with key seminar “take-aways,” as well as a space for you to write down your reflections during the seminar.

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A Message From Your Feminine Power Seminar Teacher – Claire Zammit

This seminar is hands down the most valuable seminar I’ve ever shared in more than twenty years, so you won’t want to miss it!

It contains the most valuable insights, tools and processes I’ve gleaned through my doctoral research, in coaching and mentoring thousands of conscious, smart, gifted women, and on my own personal journey.

More than 500,000 women have attended, and so many have said that listening was a turning point in their lives!

This is the most content-rich seminar I’ve ever offered at no charge.

I’ve summarized what I usually teach over the course of a 3-day intensive or longer online programs to thousands of women at a time into one masterclass!

There’s a sea-change happening for smart, conscious women right now that’s as revolutionary and disruptive as the emergence of the internet and social media, and you need to know all about it.

Unlock Your Feminine Power - Free Masterclass with Claire ZammitIt’s likely the reason you’ve been feeling stuck or held back from stepping into the larger life that’s calling you.

The challenges and struggles you’ve been experiencing in stepping into a larger vision for your life are not your fault or a personal failure — they are a result of the masculine power system.

The good news is there’s a solution…

One simple shift that can change everything — if you know how to make it.

I’m going to guide you through the exact steps you need to take to Unlock Your Feminine Power — steps it took me more than two decades to discover, refine, test, and perfect.

At the end of the seminar, I will give you even more support to integrate and apply it to your life.

I’m going to give you everything I have in the time we spend together.

There’s only one thing I ask in return — that you commit to giving this your full attention.

The possibilities you feel in your clearest moments for your gifts, purpose, prosperity, relationships, health, creativity, impact, and contribution are REAL…

And your unique gifts and talents are NEEDED more than ever!

Join me to discover how to make the Feminine Power SHIFT and leap forward into the life you were BORN to live, even if it feels just out of reach right now.

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