Unlock Your Brain for Financial Success - John Assaraf

Unlock Your Brain for Financial Success

John Assaraf (from “The Secret”) is hosting a free masterclass where he'll show the exact blueprint that he used to:

  • Go from High School Failure to Unstoppable Entrepreneur
  • Create 5 multi-million dollar companies
  • Guide 100,000 students to powerful success
  • Write 2 NYT best-selling books
  • Live a very comfortable life on the beach in San Diego

And become a millionaire many, many times over.

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What You'll Learn During “Unlock Your Brain for Financial Success”

John has passed these “secrets” along to 100K people like you from every walk of life and every country.

It doesn’t matter if you are stuck or struggling… or you just want to get to the MILLION DOLLAR income level faster…

These strategies have worked for 100,000+ unique people worldwide.

During “Unlock Your Brain for Financial Success,” John is going to show you the proven brain science behind:

  • A simple, 3-step method to double or even triple your income by working smarter, not harder…
  • The #1 thing that holds everyday people back from becoming millionaires…
  • How to program your brain to automatically attract more money and success so you achieve peace of mind – with less stress and overwhelm than you have now…
  • 3 keys to quickly release your limiting beliefs and boost your self-confidence with the “Power of a Millionaire Mindset” (so you never have to worry about money again)
  • The “insider secrets” that millionaires and top entrepreneurs have discovered to “crack the code” of accumulating a fortune in a fraction of the time – and how you can do the same this year…

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Why You Should Attend “Unlock Your Brain for Financial Success”

Do you want to learn how to make an extra $15,000-$25,000 a month (or more) without having to work crazy hours or pull your hair out from stress?

What if you could earn that extra income, while having more self-confidence and more self-control in your daily life (and more certainty in your future).

That’s what John Assaraf will be sharing with us during this free masterclass.

Here’s the thing:

Millions of people set a goal each year to make more money and achieve greater success in their business or career.

But over 90% of them fail.

Maybe you’ve struggled with this, too…

Because you’re not fixing what’s at the root cause of the failure and what’s been keeping YOU stuck.

Your mindset around money & success.

This is the billion-dollar advice that John’s mentor shared with him that changed his life.

In a flash, he went from a struggling entrepreneur to running a $4.5 billion dollar-a-year business.

The bottom line is:

Until you unlock your brain for unstoppable success…

Chances are you may keep spinning your wheels or end up stuck for weeks or years.

The bottom line is…

If you show up and simply implement what you discover, these secrets will change your life… guaranteed.

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About Your Host – John Assaraf

John Assaraf

John left High School in Grade 11 (after failing Math and English), and his first job was working in a factory for $1.65/hour.

During the Brain-A-Thon, he'll share his story of how he overcame severe limiting beliefs and fears to go from $0.00 to $14.7 MILLION in a single year.

Since then, he's gone on to build 5 multi-million dollar businesses, coach over 100,000 people to life-changing success (even created millionaires & multi-millionaires), become a best-selling author, and a featured teacher in “The Secret.”

Throughout all of that, he's used the “Brain Unlocking” secrets that he's going to share with you.

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Feb 22 2023


9:00 am - 10:30 am

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  • Date: Feb 22 2023
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