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If you’re like most business owners, you’ve probably hit the “Wait and See” button on your business. Understandably so.

Because, right now, we’re caught in the grip of a perfect economic storm:

  • Soaring inflation
  • Plummeting confidence
  • And supply chains paralyzed by forces beyond our control.

When you read the signs, it’s easy to assume this ride will plow on for another 12…18…maybe even 24 months or more!

At this point you have two options:

Option #1 – Sit tight and pray for the storm to blow over (though who knows when that might happen!)

Option #2 – Take back control and steer your business to prosperity.

To help you with that, be sure to join “The Unbreakable Challenge” with Grant Cardone where he’ll reveal his exact framework for generating explosive sales and profits during times of crisis.

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What You'll Learn During 2024 “The Unbreakable Business Challenge”

During the 2024 Unbreakable Business Challenge, Grant will peel back the curtain on the 5 simple steps you must take right now if you want:

  • An “unbreakable” business that generates soaring profits in any market conditions. You’ll shrug when you hear about stock markets collapsing and companies getting wiped out (because you’ll know the way to sidestep the turmoil).
  • To leapfrog your competitors while they freeze in fear – by using economic uncertainty to your advantage. Grant will show you how.
  • Proven tactics and strategies to explode your revenue and impact through the good times and the bad. Grant’s 4-part Unbreakable Business framework has been battle-tested through The Great Recession, The Dot.com Crash and The 9/11 Recession. And now Grant wants to share his best-kept secrets with you.

Now is the time to recession-proof your business, and you can learn how for free during The Unbreakable Business Challenge.

During this challenge Grant will disclose the 4 steps you must take right now to put up a fortress around your business, so you do not just cancel out the worst of what’s coming. You advance and strengthen your position.

While others are shrinking their businesses, Grant will show you how to expand your wealth – by exploiting the opportunities others are too scared to see.

Opportunities are out there. It’s simply a case of knowing where to dig for gold, and having the right tools to mine it and profit.

Schedule of Events – Unbreakable Business Challenge 2024

Day 1: Unbreakable vs Breakable

Lay the right groundwork to create your Unbreakable Business

Day 2: Unbreakable Marketing

How to dominate your market – and eliminate the competition

Day 3: Unbreakable Communication

Communication is everything in business and Life – Dominate your messaging

Day 4: Unbreakable Sales

Discover a recession-proof sales approach that multiplies profits… Even in a shrinking market

Day 5: Unbreakable Scale

How to ethically “steal” more than your fair share of the market… And explode your business

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Why Now Is the Time To Recession-Proof Your Business

When the world’s Central Banks reach the exact same conclusion…at the exact same time, you know things are gonna get ugly!

It’s happening now. For the first time in 2 decades (and for only the second time in over 50 years) Central Banks all agree that carnage is coming. They’re scrambling to prevent a collapse.

The reality though is that it's up to us to decide whether we wait and hope that the bankers save the day (history suggests they probably won't), or we take control and step forward with the skills and support we need to thrive in business this year and beyond.

The recession will come as a shock to many business owners. Entrepreneurs have been riding the growth wave for the past 10 to 15 years.

Just look at what’s happening to these former “can’t-lose” companies! By the end of 2022…

  • Amazon was down over 40%
  • Netflix was down over 50%
  • Facebook was down over 60%
These household names exploded during the good times. But they look in poor shape now the tide is turning.  What’s happening to these companies could happen to anyone. It doesn't have to happen to you, though, when you build your business to become unbreakable.

Businesses can and do expand during economic crises. Just look at what happened during the COVID pandemic: An unprecedented 493 people joined Forbes’ World Billionaire List.

That’s not all.

A team of experts at Credit Suisse just published a fascinating wealth report. Wall street experts predict a millionaire explosion, despite recession fears.

What they discovered flies in the face of the doom and gloom that the government, the media, and anyone with a vested interest want us to believe.

In a couple of years, the world will have nearly 40% more millionaires.

And why shouldn’t YOU be one of them?

The question is…

How can YOU flip the bad times we’re in to your advantage… While others contract in fear?

The answer is simple: When economic conditions change, so must you and your business.

The economy is shifting. Strategies that worked when the economy was going gangbusters might fall on their face today. At this point you have two choices.

  1. Choice #1: You can keep doing what you’ve always done and hope for the best. Or…
  2. Choice #2: You can take a NEW approach to running your business

Choice number two is an approach that can remove your day-to-day financial concerns, and it frees you to leapfrog your competitors and maximize your income.

That’s precisely what Grant Cardone is going to going to show you during the 5-Day Unbreakable Business Challenge.

Inflation and Your Business

Experts agree that if inflation keeps soaring, the Fed will have no choice but to engineer an immediate and sharp “negative economic event.”

No one knows precisely what this event will look like, but they do know that the economy is slap-bang in the middle of the “danger zone.” The fallout could be more catastrophic than the Great Recession of 2008.

Michael Wilson – Morgan Stanley’s Chief Investment Officer and Nouriel Roubini – the IMF chief who accurately predicted the housing bubble crash of 2007/2008 are both warning that time’s running out for governments and central banks to diffuse this economic time bomb.

And without a sudden miracle, we’re on a one-way trip to recession.

During the Unbreakable Business Challenge, Grant will show you how to shield your business from these negative economic forces and even how to manipulate them so you can profit from what’s about to come.

The Unbreakable Business Challenge has concluded.

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What Having an “Unbreakable Business” Means

Have you ever wondered what causes the unstoppable rise of certain business owners – even when times get tough?

And more importantly have you ever wondered.., “is it possible for any business owner to build an ‘Unbreakable Business'?”

In short, the answer is “Yes.”

Grant Cardone's Unbreakable Business Experience

Let's take Grant Cardone for example.He’s a self-made billionaire, real estate investor, and New York Times bestselling author.

People regularly make the same assumptions about his unstoppable success. They think “Unbreakable” business owners like Grant Cardone simply stumble on good fortune and that they repel bad luck.

That's not true in his case, though. Grant thrived by using uncertainty to his advantage.  That’s what started him down the path to becoming a billionaire, owning businesses worth $3b+, and managing a real estate portfolio worth $5b+.

In early 2007 Grant Cardone owned 3 profitable businesses and 300 units of real estate.

He had millions of dollars in the bank. So Grant figured he’d finally “made it.”

But later that year the economic tide turned, in one of the biggest market collapses in recent history.

His 3 businesses were slaughtered. His 300 real estate units plummeted in value. And banks were pulling Grant’s credit like it was going out of fashion!

In short, the 2007 market crash almost obliterated everything Grant had striven for during his 20+ years in business.

Almost.But not quite.

Because after months of pain, Grant figured out the secret to exploding his business no matter what was going on around him.

The thing is, Grant did not shrink his goals. Nor did he start playing defense.

What Grant did was simple. All he did was learn how to make his business “Unbreakable” – so that outside forces like the economy…competition…or the environment could not touch his business.

And after he figured it out…

Grant Cardone was able to expand his 3 struggling businesses into 15 wildly profitable enterprises. Plus, he exploded his real estate portfolio into a $5 billion dollar EMPIRE.

In short, Grant’s businesses did not just survive the Great Recession of 2007/2008. They soared!

But the fact of the matter is this:

No business owner ever generated $100,000….$1 million…or even $1 billion by waiting for Lady Luck.

(Or by praying the economy will go easy on them during periods of turmoil.)


If you truly want to elevate your income in good times and in bad times you need a different approach to doing business.

You need an approach that:

  • Separates your business from the external forces that want to evaporate your earnings.
  • Can explode your profits – while everyone else is losing control of their finances.

In short, you need an Unbreakable Business (just like the ones Grant Cardone has spent the last 40 years building).

You can think of it as a business with an ox-like “economic immune system” that makes it possible for your business to:

  • Survive periods of extreme economic turmoil
  • Build strength whenever it’s under attack.
  • Dominate the market (and reaps the rewards for doing so) by quickly canceling out any advantages your competitors have.
  • Grow – and grow fast! – during booms, busts, and even an outright economic apocalypse.

The good news is any business can become “Unbreakable.”

During the 2023 Unbreakable Business Challenge, ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and employees committed to thriving in our new world economy will learn Grant's 4-step framework to do exactly that.

This framework has steered Grant’s businesses through The Great Recession, The Dotcom Crash, The 9/11 Recession and countless other economic bloodbaths.

And in the aftermath of each crisis, his businesses have always come out bigger, stronger and more profitable than ever.

Luck and blind faith can’t get you the success you deserve.

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The Importance of Taking Action In Your Business

Here’s what you might not realize. With every decision you make you are either creating or destroying your empire.

And that includes deciding to do nothing at all. Because, whether you like it or not, doing nothing is a choice that’s yours to make. It’s also a force that destroys many businesses and lives.

Doing nothing means choosing to let outside forces dictate your outcomes. It means deciding to let the market…or the government…or your competitors paralyze you. In short, it means choosing to take no action.

Now you might think “pause all action” is the right approach to defend your business when times get tough. Sure, it’s what everyone else does when the world turns upside down.

But consider this:

Have you ever questioned why the average human adopts a “pause all action” approach? Is it really the right approach to surviving and thriving in times like these?

Deep down, you know the answer…

Just think of a time when you took no action. And compare it to a moment when you pushed through fear and uncertainty.

Which of these moments propelled you towards your goals?

The moment of action. Or inaction?

Even taking the wrong action is better than taking no action at all.  Because when you take no action, you achieve no results and you learn no lessons.

It’s as simple as that.

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Remaining Calm So You Can Make Your Business Unbreakable In 2024

Elena Cardone once said that being calm and in control in the midst of chaos is an “illusion.” But it’s an illusion that’s required for success.

Elena would know…

She’s a busy mom, a highly-successful business owner, and one half of what Forbes calls a “Modern Day Power Couple”.

Together with her husband Grant Cardone, Elena owns billions of dollars in real estate and 15 wildly profitable businesses.

Then somebody asked Elena, “Can anyone create an illusion of calm and control – and open themselves up for success?”

(The answer is yes)

And more importantly – how can YOU become an oasis of calm in your business, so you can perform at the highest level…even in turbulent times?

According to Elena, maintaining an illusion of calm boils down to three things.

The 3 Factors to Maintaining Calm During Tough Times

Calm Factor #1: Disconnection from bad news 

A lot of people think more information generates better results. In some cases that’s the truth.

But not if – like most people – the information you consume comes from the 24/7 news cycle or from social media pitchfork-wavers.

This media cycle has only one purpose. That purpose is not to make you richer or more successful. No! It’s to scare you into consuming all the media…all the time.

So do yourself a favor. Choose your information sources wisely. And disconnect from bad news immediately – before it steals your success.

Calm Factor #2: Confidence 

Have you ever noticed how the calmest people are also the most confident? It’s no coincidence.

When you’re confident in your abilities – fear and anxiety evaporates. But the question is: where does confidence come from?

Confidence comes from having the right knowledge and the right tools to get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

(And from having Calm Factor #3)

Calm Factor #3: A High-Level Network 

Being calm and productive does not mean doing everything yourself. It means recognizing your weaknesses – and plugging the gaps with like-minded individuals from a high-level network.

If you need help putting these Calm Factors into practice, then you need to join Grant and Elena at their upcoming Unbreakable Challenge.

This event is your opportunity to tune into the right kind of noise for your business.

And it’s your opportunity to receive the tools and support network you need to control your business with zen-levels of calm.

The Unbreakable Business Challenge has concluded.

If you'd like to take your business to the next level, be sure to register for Tony Robbins' upcoming “Unshakeable Business Challenge.”

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About Your Unbreakable Business Challenge 2024 Support Team

  • Grant Cardone is a billionaire entrepreneur, real estate investor, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of the 10X Movement.  Grant has supported millions with his advice on sales, marketing, branding, wealth-building, and more!
  • Elena Cardone is a Hollywood actress turned best-selling author, licensed realtor, businesswoman, and high-level mentor.  Elena supports men and women who want to build, defend, and expand an extraordinary career and marriage.
  • Pete Vargas is a master speaker, and educator to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business through stages. He’s the founder of Advance Your Reach – whose mission is to help 1 billion people spread their message from stage.
  • Jarrod Glandt is President at Cardone Enterprises, and Grant Cardone’s right-hand man. A millionaire by age 32, Jarrod specializes in sales, event promotion, digital marketing, and creating extraordinary company culture.
  • Russell Brunson is a best-selling author, internet marketing expert, and founder of Clickfunnels. Over the years, Russell has sold everything from shakes and supplements… To coaching and software. Now he supports others to profit by selling online.
  • Brandon Dawson is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping other business owners. As CEO and Chairman of multiple publicly-listed companies, Brandon has decades of capital-raising, and scaling expertise to share with you.

The Unbreakable Business Challenge has concluded.

If you'd like to take your business to the next level, be sure to register for Tony Robbins' upcoming “Unshakeable Business Challenge.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Unbreakable Business Challenge

How much does the Unbreakable Business Challenge cost?

It is completely free! Click here to register.

Where can I register for the Unbreakable Business Challenge?

You can register here for free.

Who is the host of the Unbreakable Business Challenge?

Grant Cardone is your primary teacher. He will be supported by several others, including his wife Elena Cardone. More details to follow.

When does the Unbreakable Business Challenge take place?

It takes place from January 24th – 28th, 2023.

Where does the Unbreakable Business Challenge take place?

It is virtual, you can watch from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

What is the Unbreakable Business Challenge 2023?

The Unbreakable Challenge Is a free 5-day immersion type program for business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs & employees looking to grow, monetize and scale their sales and income the right way… A way that'll build an unbreakable business that can thrive during both economic booms and downward economies.

How long is the Unbreakable Business Challenge?

It takes place over 5 days from January 24th – 28th, 2023.

Will there be a replay of the Unbreakable Business Challenge?

While the challenge is free, if you want lifetime access to the replays (to watch anytime you want), you'll need to purchase the optional upgrade package.

What kind of businesses will benefit most from the Unbreakable Business Challenge?

Though any kind of business will benefit from what you'll learn, here's a short list of specific business industries & niches that Grant Cardone has been able to successfully help become “unbreakable:” Coaching, Consulting & Education, Construction, Auto Sales and Manufacture, Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Food & Drink, Pet Care, Software Development, Homewear

What is included in the Unbreakable Business Challenge VIP Upgrade?

After you register for the free Unbreakable Business Challenge, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your event experience. When you do, you'll also get:

  • Dedicated VIP Backstage Access
  • Blueprinted Step-By-Step Workbook for the 5-Day Event
  • LIFETIME Recording Access To Watch Over-And-Over Again
  • Personalized 5-Day VIP Sign-In Experience
  • Access to VIP Q&A  And Be Seen By The Presenters

What is included in the free Unbreakable Business Challenge?

When you register here for the Unbreakable Business Challenge, you'll get 5 days of live training with Grant Cardone and several other experts, access to a private community exclusive to Unbreakable Challenge participants, and free daily challenge action sheets to help you solidify what you learn and get real work done to move your business forward.

The Unbreakable Business Challenge has concluded.

If you'd like to take your business to the next level, be sure to register for Tony Robbins' upcoming “Unshakeable Business Challege.”

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