Transform Stress Into Strength With Dynamic Embodiment Practices

Transform Stress Into Strength With Dynamic Embodiment Practices

Experience for yourself the potential of Dynamic Embodiment…

A somatic movement system designed to help you to achieve inner balance through:

  • Mindful movement
  • Emotional attunement
  • And holistic wellness

Why Attend “Transform Stress Into Strength With Dynamic Embodiment Practices”

Transform Stress Into Strength With Dynamic Embodiment PracticesAre you grappling with the state of the world today?

Do you need a profound change about how you experience life’s ups and downs?

With so many national and global concerns, we all need as much centeredness and presence as possible.

This can be difficult to achieve, however, because too often our days become whirlwinds of stress. In a powerful new hour-long event with Dr. Martha Eddy, RSMT, founding director of Dynamic Embodiment® Somatic Movement Therapy Training, you’ll learn how you can transform stress into strength through somatic movement practices:

During the event, Martha will guide you through Grounding Toward the Sky, a ritual somatic movement practice to support you in being brave, active, and compassionate and embodying peace during these challenging times…

…Helping you cultivate resources in each part of your body that can support you in staying centered.

You’ll not only achieve a healthier body and communication style, you’ll gain a potent tool that can help you achieve a state of calm, balance, and readiness for whatever lies ahead.

What You'll Learn During “Transform Stress Into Strength With Dynamic Embodiment Practices”

During this free online spiritual healing workshop, you'll:

  • Unlock your body’s full potential from head to toe, enhancing awareness and understanding of your movement’s deeper meanings
  • Align your gut-heart-brain axis for improved physical wellbeing and more effective, empathetic communication
  • Achieve a calm, balanced mind by exploring various brain levels and their emotions, leading to healthier responses and embodied anger management
  • Strengthen resilience by connecting deeply with nature, using grounding techniques that harmonize your physical and spiritual existence
  • Experience a profound body-mind integration through exploring the neuroendocrine system, gaining insights from every cell and tissue for a more impactful presence in the world

About Dr. Martha Eddy, RSMT

Dr. Martha Eddy, an esteemed international speaker and somatic movement therapy expert, holds a Doctorate in Movement Science/Biobehavioral Studies from Columbia University, where she is an honorary professor. She is a Registered Master Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator (MSMT/E) and Registered Somatic Dance Educator (RSDE).

Recognized for her dedication to social justice, Martha is the Geraldine Ferraro Fellow of Social Justice and Movement at Marymount Manhattan College. With a decade on the faculty at the School for Body-Mind Centering® and collaborations with pioneers like Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Irmgard Bartenieff, she founded The Somatic Movement Therapy Training, later rebranded as Dynamic Embodiment® SMTT.

Her impactful literary contributions on eco-somatics, movement, the brain, and healthy living include the books Mindful Movement and A Dynamic Embodiment® Approach to the Sun Salutation, which she co-authored with Shakti Andrea Smith.

Over three decades, she’s passionately bridged somatics with social change, training Certified Teachers of BodyMind Dancing and Moving For Life Certified Instructors globally. She co-founded Moving On Center and Moving For Life DanceExercise for Health®, serving older adults and those affected by cancer or chronic illnesses.

Martha’s media presence — she’s been featured in The New York Times, and on National Public Radio and television networks — underscores her commitment to somatic healing. Her dance programs and free Moving For Life wellness initiatives have earned acclaim for transforming pain, tension, grief, and stress into joy, relief, ease, creativity, and beauty.

Beyond her prolific career, Martha has served on numerous boards, including The Yard Choreographic Residency, the National Dance Education Organization, the Congress on Research in Dance, and the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association. She held leadership roles as the president of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies and has been voted a top speaker at numerous online forums.

Martha’s enduring legacy in somatic movement, social justice, and holistic wellbeing extends globally to hospitals, community centers, libraries, arts organizations, corporations, and universities.

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to the recording afterwards.

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