Story Selling Bootcamp with Lisa Bloom

Story Selling Bootcamp with Lisa Bloom

During the Story Selling Bootcamp, you'll learn how to craft spellbinding stories that:

  • Attract your ideal audience
  • Inspire them to connect
  • Excite them to work with you

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What You'll Learn During the “Story Selling Bootcamp”

During this transformative, training, Lisa will show you how to find and create your own riveting stories that your audience won’t be able to resist sharing… and that will make it easy to reach your sales goals month after month.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • The powerful Story Formula that builds credibility, deep connection, and instant trust…
  • How to uncover your uniquely authentic, believable, and relatable story. (And yes, you definitely have one… even if you think you don’t!)…
  • The 5 steps to crafting a compelling story. (No more stumbling to remember what happened!)…
  • How to find the right story for the right audience, so they’re eager to hear more… and take action!
  • The attention hooks to sprinkle into your story, for maximum engagement…
  • How storytelling multiplies the results you get from social media, speaking, and networking…
    …and much more!

Register and Get These Two BONUS Workshops!

Register now to get access to Part 1 of the 3-part Story Coach Bootcamp. When you confirm your seat, you'll automatically be registered for two more free trainings:

Training #1: Tell Your Captivating Story

  • How to make everyday experiences deeply meaningful and compelling (you don’t need to have a near-death experience to be interesting!)…
  • How to tell your story — and hold attention — from Tweet to blog post to keynote presentation…
  • How to express the transformative powers of your work so ideal clients crave what you offer. (Psst: This little-known strategy works even if you’re not a natural-born storyteller.)
  • How to captivate attention and interest with your story (even If you aren’t a natural storyteller)…
  • The secret to overcoming stage – and storytelling – fright (it will never stop you again!)…
  • How to change your story to work in different modalities (from tweet to blog post to keynote presentation)…
  • How to grab and hold attention through online virtual presentations…
  • 3 keys to telling your story with confidence and conviction. (This is the secret to growing your impact that no one talks about… and I can’t wait to reveal it!)…

Training #2: Leverage Your Story for Massive Business Growth

  • The 3 keys to irresistible stories that get remembered and repeated…
  • How to use story to present your offer and entice eager buyers into your world… without ever pitching a thing!
  • How to tell stories that sell, to consistently and reliably bring in more leads and close more deals every time you launch…
  • How to ask for the sale without feeling icky or like you’re selling your soul! (With this story strategy, you’ll stay relaxed and confident whenever you make an offer.)…
  • How to find the Golden Story Thread of your life and work that illuminates your purpose, keeps you on track, and calls to your ideal audience and clients.

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About Your Facilitator – Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom - HeadshotLisa Bloom is the founder and CEO of the business storytelling company, Story Coach.

Over the last 15 years, she’s helped thousands of coaches grow an engaged audience and profitable, impactful business through the power of storytelling.

Lisa has also spoken about business storytelling in more than 15 countries around the world.

And she’s published two books on the topic:

  • The Story Advantage
  • Cinderella and the Coach

Spiritually, she grew up in a traditional Jewish-Irish family. As she deepened her relationship with God, she found her own path stepping away from the religious institutions she was raised with, while hugely respecting tradition, ceremony and family… all the while finding herself using new age & metaphysical processes, such as using pendulums and crystals, to find support in her life.

Lisa advocates for busy entrepreneurs to create spaciousness and blend spirituality into all aspects of their lives.

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Feb 03 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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  • Date: Feb 03 2023
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