How to Transform Your Inner Stories into a Superpower to Attract & Easily Enroll More Clients - With Lisa Bloom

How to Transform Your Inner Stories into a Superpower to Attract & Easily Enroll More Clients

During this free training for conscious business owners, authors, coaches, and leaders…

You'll discover the story strategy that propels your conscious business success, so you can grow and thrive in this highly-competitive spiritual coaching market.

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What You'll Learn During “How to Transform Your Inner Stories into a Superpower to Attract & Easily Enroll More Clients”

If you study the top conscious coaches in the world, you’ll find they all have one thing in common.

It’s what helps them get transformational results for their clients. It’s what helps them stand out from the crowd. And it’s ultimately what helps them succeed.

What is it?

Their ability to harness the power of storytelling to grow their businesses.

They’ve uncovered the transformational stories in their own lives that resonate with their audiences and build deeper connections. They tell stories that help plant seeds of change in their clients’ minds. And, they tell stories that inspire others to action and to share those stories with their friends and family.

That’s why if you want to grow and scale your conscious coaching business faster, get better results for your clients, and have a waiting list of high-quality people who want to work with you – it’s critical to learn the framework for telling these kinds of stories.

You’re sitting on a goldmine of stories you can tap into to grow your business. In this workshop, you'll learn how to do it.

Why Attend This Free Workshop for Spiritual Business Owners

During this transformative, 60-minute training, you'll learn the little-known story strategy that propels you to industry expert status:

  • Ideal clients will crave your skill and authenticity
  • You’ll open the door to far greater revenue
  • And you’ll build a conscious business of enduring impact and vitality

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Workshop Topics for “How to Transform Your Inner Stories into a Superpower to Attract & Easily Enroll More Clients”

During this free training for conscious coaches, authors, and speakers, you'll also discover how to:

  • Unlock bigger profits with your stories (you’re sitting on a treasure chest of untapped stories… and now you’ll have the key to its riches)…
  • Cultivate a powerful co-creator for your dream business by enlisting your inner ‘pro’ story…
  • Charge more money and make more sales with authentic, confident ease (and finally say goodbye to false limits and self-doubt)…
  • Inspire ideal clients to enroll with a strong personal story (you won't even have to convince them, because they'll be ready to work with you asap!)…
  • Grow your influence and profits with the 5 coaching business success factors (this is what prospects are really looking for… do you have all 5?)…
  • Boot the sly inner stories sabotaging your business so you can become the transformative, profitable coach you envision (there’s a formula for this, and once you know it, it will change your life)…
  • Achieve greater income and impact (and have more fun!) by honing your inner story into a
  • Story Power superpower…
  • …and much more!

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How “Waldo” Can Help Your Conscious Coaching Business Make More Money

Have you ever tried your hand at Where’s Waldo?

He’s that character featured in the children’s puzzle books wearing a candy-cane striped shirt, beanie, and glasses. Your mission is to spot him among a crowd.

The reason he stands out – and readers are able to find him – is because of his unique outfit. If he didn’t wear it, it’d be nearly impossible to spot him.

Coaches face a similar situation with so much competition out there.

How do you stand out? How do you get your ideal clients to pay attention to you, and choose you over everyone else?

Your story.

It’s your unique calling card that no one else can lay claim to.

Telling transformational stories from your own life can inspire others to share them online – making it easier for your ideal clients to find you in the first place. So your stories are the marketing equivalent of Waldo’s brightly striped sweater!

Telling stories that are personal and authentic automatically sets you apart from other coaches (after all, your story is your story and no one else’s).

And telling stories that are a force for positive transformation helps you deliver amazing results to your clients, which then turn them into raving fans – making them want to send more people your way.

You’ll learn how to uncover these stories and transform them into the kinds of tools that help you attract your ideal clients and grow your conscous business during this free workshop.

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Embracing Your “Acre of Diamonds” Story

Here’s a powerful spiritual business lesson for you…

In the book Acres of Diamonds, a farmer hears how others are getting rich off their land by digging up diamonds.

Seduced by riches, the farmer sells his lands and goes off on a quest around the world to find diamonds.

The twist in this tale: The person who bought the farmer’s land instantly becomes rich. Turns out the land was full of diamonds the entire time – the farmer who originally owned it never bothered to look!

As a coach, you have your own “acre of diamonds” but don’t know it yet. It’s your stories.

The stories you tell can become profitable tools that grow your business. They can help you attract your ideal clients, grow your confidence, income and reputation, and help you stand out from the competition.

Stories can also help you create raving fans by delivering extraordinary client results.

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About Your Facilitator – Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom - HeadshotLisa Bloom is the founder and CEO of the business storytelling company, Story Coach.

Over the last 15 years, she’s helped thousands of coaches grow an engaged audience and profitable, impactful business through the power of storytelling.

Lisa has also spoken about business storytelling in more than 15 countries around the world.

And she’s published two books on the topic:

  • The Story Advantage
  • Cinderella and the Coach

Spiritually, she grew up in a traditional Jewish-Irish family. As she deepened her relationship with God, she found her own path stepping away from the religious institutions she was raised with, while hugely respecting tradition, ceremony and family… all the while finding herself using new age & metaphysical processes, such as using pendulums and crystals, to find support in her life.

Lisa advocates for busy entrepreneurs to create spaciousness and blend spirituality into all aspects of their lives.

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