Story Coach Information Session - with Lisa BLoom

The Story Coach Information Session

If you’re at a point where success feels just out of reach, or you feel like there’s too big of a gap from where you are now to where you want to be, chances are you’re telling yourself the wrong stories.

Stories are powerful.

They’ve been used throughout history to:

  • Pass on important lessons
  • Inspire people to take action
  • And to entertain

You’ve probably used stories in your marketing, with your clients, or to help someone truly “understand” your way of seeing things. It’s an effective way to communicate.

Just as powerful and important are the stories you tell yourself. Your internal stories. Oftentimes we’re not aware of them, yet they hold tremendous sway in whether or not we reach our goals and our full potential.

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What You'll Learn During the “Story Coach Information Session”

No matter how many tools, resources, strategies or tactics you have to grow your business, if you haven’t aligned your internal stories, things may not work out despite your best efforts.

The key to a truly successful and thriving business is to rewrite your internal story. Make sure it’s aligned to your mission, your vision, and your goals.

Do that, and you’ll cultivate true success. You’ll achieve your goals faster. Better yet, it’ll feel far more effortless.

This is why Lisa Bloom – one of the world’s top storytelling experts – is holding this free online training called “The Story Coach Information Session.”

She’ll share the 7 ways your inner stories are secretly sabotaging your professional success and how to overcome them.

Lisa has spent the last 15 years empowering people to succeed in business by finding and leveraging their own powerfully compelling stories.

This is your chance to uncover what might be keeping you stuck – and use it to catapult yourself towards your goals and dreams, faster than ever before.

Understanding the Power of Stories

Here's another way to think about it…

Have you ever…

  • Been to a movie and sat on the edge of your seat as you watched one of your favorite characters make an adrenaline-pumping escape?
  • Cried as you saw the hero experience loss or pain?
  • Felt the warmth in your heart as you saw a family or couple reunite after going through a challenging situation?

If so, you’ve experienced the power a story can have over you. It can conjure up fear, sadness, joy, unstoppable confidence, and more.

And it’s not just the stories you see in movies or read in books that can do this. As we explored already, the stories you tell yourself hold a lot of sway over you, too.

These are the stories of how you should act, how things should be, what you’re capable of, and more.

If these internal stories aren’t in sync with your heart’s desire, chances are you’ll struggle to achieve the life you want.

Session Topics for “The Story Coach Information Session”

During this free online conscious business training, Lisa will show you how to:

  • Maximize your professional achievement by unearthing the root cause of self sabotage, procrastination, and imposter syndrome…
  • Outwit failure and cultivate success by aligning your authentic inner and outer stories…
  • Unleash hidden reserves of clarity and courage with the Story Power strategy, to close the gap between where you are now and the professional success you envision…
  • Flip the switch on ‘shadow story’ triggers that wreak havoc with your outreach, marketing, and sales…
  • Thrill clients by confidently, consistently delivering life-changing experiences that transform their lives and yours…
  • …and much more!

Stories have power.

It’s important to make sure you’re telling yourself the right stories that inspire you and help you reach your full potential.

Lisa will put you on that path during this session. So be prepared to take lots of notes and gain a new level of awareness you never had before!

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About Your Facilitator – Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom - HeadshotLisa Bloom is the founder and CEO of the business storytelling company, Story Coach.

Over the last 15 years, she’s helped thousands of coaches grow an engaged audience and profitable, impactful business through the power of storytelling.

Lisa has also spoken about business storytelling in more than 15 countries around the world.

And she’s published two books on the topic:

  • The Story Advantage
  • Cinderella and the Coach

Spiritually, she grew up in a traditional Jewish-Irish family. As she deepened her relationship with God, she found her own path stepping away from the religious institutions she was raised with, while hugely respecting tradition, ceremony and family… all the while finding herself using new age & metaphysical processes, such as using pendulums and crystals, to find support in her life.

Lisa advocates for busy entrepreneurs to create spaciousness and blend spirituality into all aspects of their lives.

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Oct 03 2022


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