How to Create Your First Card Deck: Free 5-Day Challenge

How to Create Your First Card Deck: Free 5-Day Challenge

Do you love card decks? Have you ever thought about creating your own card deck?

Seriously, you could do it!

It’s a cool thing to think about, but it’s also strategic.

Did you know a card deck can build credibility, just like a book, but it’s easier? And passive income is totally cool!

Plus, if you’ve used them, you know they have a magical way of touching lives with just the right message at the right moment.

You may not have a card deck idea right now, but you’re in luck…

Marcy Nelson-Garrison is offering a free Facebook challenge called: “Your STAND OUT Card Deck” and you will discover your client attracting money making deck idea!

It will be fun and strategic, and you’ll walk away jazzed about your winning card deck idea and how it will rock your business…and wow your clients!

What You'll Learn During the “Your Stand Out Card Deck Idea” Challenge

You will love Marcy's approach and you will walk away excited, inspired and on your way to standing out from the crowd.

During this FREE 5-day challenge you’ll discover:

  • Out-of-the-box approaches to make sure you discover the perfect idea for you and your business
  • How YOUR stand out card deck will dazzle your current clients and attract brand new ones!
  • How your card deck will build credibility, up-level your business and serve up money-making opportunities.
  • Creative processes to get you out of your head and into the ‘zone' for your best idea ever!

Why You Should Participate In the “Your Stand Out Card Deck Idea” Challenge

Are you creative, passionate, committed to making a difference and maybe even a bit of a rebel?

If that's you – the last thing you want is to look like everyone else!

You want more clients… and more moola… but you are tired of cookie cutter approaches.

Those are all the perfect reasons why creating a one-of-a-kind, true to you, client WOWing card deck is a wonderful idea!

Now think about it…

If you are going to create anything – make it irresistible! Make it “take to the bank” awesome!

It all starts with an idea. And then you shape that idea until you have a winner!

This is true for anything you create, but let’s talk card decks for a minute.

A card deck is one of the most creative, expressive, high-touch, client wow’ing tools you can create. One single card connects your client immediately to your message as it inspires, motivates, or guides them. That’s powerful.

So if this intrigues you and you want to come up with your very own Stand Out Card Deck Idea, sign up for this free challenge.

Marcy is a genius when it comes to card decks, and she will guide you to the right approach for you and get you excited about possibilities.

You are going to walk away with a winning card deck idea that you can bank on.

How A Card Deck Can Help You Grow You Business

What goes through your mind when people talk to you about growing your business?

More clients, more people signing up for programs, charging more…

But then many creative people get stalled out…because it’s probably hard, right?

Does that happen to you?

Card decks are one of the ways that you can both grow your business AND have it be easy & fun.

Here’s how a card deck can help you uplevel your business:

  • Creating a card deck is easier than a book – so authorship is within reach. (uplevel!)
  • Your card deck can help your clients reach their goals faster – say yes to raving fans (uplevel!)
  • A card deck gives you easy, passive income. (uplevel)
  • Bundle it with your other offers and instantly increase the perceived value – higher fees are waiting. (uplevel!)

That's just a taste of what it can do for you.

Even If you’ve never thought of creating a card deck before, here’s a great opportunity to play with possibilities and try it on. It’s going to be a strategic and creative exploration to reveal your unique, one-of-a-kind idea.

Go see what shakes loose. It all starts with a stand out idea!

About Your Coach – Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Marcy Nelson-Garrison - HeadshotMarcy Nelson-Garrison, MA, CPCC. is a creative catalyst, product coach, Choice Magazine feature writer, and visual artist. She is the founder of the Coaching Toys, an online store featuring creative tools and products for workshops, retreats, team building, and client work.

Marcy is all about transforming lives through products! A coach since 1999, Marcy helps others create successful products and programs.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach, an author, speaker, or healer, Marcy will help you stand out creatively in the marketplace.

Her clients hire her because they are ready to finally claim their brilliance, develop their own unique voice, and create powerful products and programs that reflect who they are, make a difference, and make money. Marcy is the creator of the popular Card Deck Master Class, The Product Lab, and The Creative Pivot.

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