Resolved: Healing Nervous System and Trauma-Driven Illness

Resolved: Healing Nervous System and Trauma-Driven Illness Summit

Tired of feeling like you’re fighting with your body, despite your best efforts?

Embark on a transformative journey with Sinclair Kennally and Dr. Jaban Moore as they dive into the foundational aspects of healing in deep, insightful conversations with over 40 experts!

Trauma, chronic stress, unresolved emotions can all get trapped in our bodies, manifesting as physical illness, emotional turmoil, and mental health challenges.

However, your body also has the remarkable capacity to let go and restore balance!

The first step is understanding the vital connection between trauma, nervous system regulation and your well-being.

Why Attend “Resolved: Healing Nervous System and Trauma-Driven Illness Summit”

Your hosts, Sinclair Kennally and Dr. Jaban Moore, have both struggled with chronic illness and understand first-hand what it takes to overcome it. Now they have both made it their mission to help others find and fix the root cause of their health issues.

They understand the frustrations of being let down by the medical system and feeling like you're on your own in your health journey. That's why they're here to provide you with authentic, evidence-based information in a supportive and relatable space.

If you’re overwhelmed by your health issues and don’t know where to start, this event is for you!

During this event, they will be your guides on the path to finding your own unique solutions.

Resolved: Healing Nervous System and Trauma-Driven Illness will provide you with all the information you need to:

  • Feel understood, grounded & supported as you learn about the root causes of nervous system dysfunction
  • Start listening to the wisdom of your body & the messages it is sending you
  • Discover practical techniques to shift into a parasympathetic state & let go of stored trauma, fostering a sense of calm & stability
  • Become empowered to make true breakthroughs in your health, armed with practical strategies & a deeper understanding of your body's unique capabilities

Even if you haven’t experienced something experts call “big” trauma, you can still feel the effects of relative trauma in your life.

Stress. Infection. Injury. Betrayal. Toxic exposure… No matter how big or seemingly small, any of these can profoundly impact your nervous system and shape your future health.

For instance, in conditions like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, the body might interpret normal sensations as painful or exhausting because the nervous system is in a heightened state of alert. This can be due to past emotional or physical trauma, which has left the nervous system in this sensitive and reactive state.

This nervous system dysregulation is often the missing link for many who get stuck in their healing and stop making progress.

Are you grappling with SIBO or other chronic gut issues? Disruptions in gut microbiota can impact your mental health.

Do you suspect that you have been exposed to toxic mold? Mold toxicity can drive nervous system dysregulation.

Are you numbing, avoiding or distracting yourself? Betrayal can impact your health and relationships, even if it happened years ago.

Do you live with chronic pain? Having simple tools to regulate your nervous system can help release chronic pain.

What You'll Learn During “Resolved: Healing Nervous System and Trauma-Driven Illness Summit”

Trauma is not just “in your head.” A traumatic experience can also have far-reaching consequences on your physical health.

As the saying goes, “the issues are in your tissues.”

Imagine your body as a complex electrical system…

When this system is well-balanced, it can mitigate stress and recover from it effectively.

However, traumatic experiences, unresolved emotions, and chronic stress can all disrupt this balance, leaving the body in a constant state of high alert or shutdown.

This disruption can lead to various health issues, including chronic illnesses.

Yes, everyone has traumatic experiences, but you don’t have to stay trapped in a cycle of unresolved health issues and ineffective protocols.

Over 40 experts will guide and empower you with practical strategies and a deeper understanding of your body's unique capabilities, so you can make true breakthroughs in your health!

Check out these early-access interviews when you register:

  1. Nervous System Sequencing to Heal Trauma and Move Out of Cell Danger Response with Dr. Cathleen King: Learn why supplements and protocols alone often fail if you have a history of trauma and chronic stress.
  2. Neuroplasticity Brain Retraining for Nervous System and Trauma-Driven Illness with Ashok Gupta: Explore why people with a background of trauma are far more likely to develop inflammatory conditions.
  3. Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga: Therapeutic Practices for Emotional Health with Arielle Schwartz: Discover how conscious breathing, vagal toning, mindful movement and meditation practices rewire the nervous system.

“Overall, acknowledging trauma and chronic stress is the first step towards full health.” – Dr. Jaban Moore, RESOLVED co-host

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Understandng PTSD

Trauma can lead to changes in the brain's structure and function, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity.

This can result in long-term alterations in areas of the brain like the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex, which are involved in emotional regulation, memory, and decision-making.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, about 3.5% of U.S. adults are diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in a given year, and one in 11 in their lifetimes.

Research has shown that exposure to trauma, especially in early life, can lead to a reduction in the size of the hippocampus, a brain region critical for memory and learning. Studies indicate that individuals with PTSD may have a hippocampus that is up to 8% smaller than those without PTSD.

The good news is that neuroplasticity works both ways, so you have the power to turn it around!

What is PTSD?

The American Psychiatric Association defines PTSD as “a psychiatric disorder that may occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, series of events or set of circumstances. An individual may experience this as emotionally or physically harmful or life-threatening and [it] may affect mental, physical, social, and/or spiritual well-being.”

PTSD can trigger “physical symptoms, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, fatigue, muscle tension, nausea, joint pain, headaches, back pain or other types of pain. **The person in pain may not realize the connection between their pain and a traumatic event.**”

Your healthcare practitioners might not either…

And herein lies one of the differences between a holistic approach and the conventional medicine approach to the prevention and treatment of chronic health issues: Where conventional medicine often overlooks nervous system dysfunction or trauma as a root cause of chronic symptoms, holistic approaches dive into it.

Free Gifts

When you register, you'll get access to several free gifts, including:

Gift #1: “Top 12 Podcasts You Need to Heal from Trauma-Driven Illness and Nervous System Dysregulation” eGuide

In today’s modern (and toxic) world, understanding and nurturing your mental and emotional health is more important than ever, especially if you’re navigating the challenges of chronic illness. This carefully curated compilation of Sinclair’s Your Health Reset podcasts offers deep insights into the complex relationship between trauma, the nervous system and chronic illness. Let this resource be your guide to exploring new dimensions of health and well-being!

Gift #2: “Top 10 Tips for Resolving Trauma” eGuide

Whether it's dealing with a difficult breakup, the loss of a loved one, or experiencing a frightening event, trauma can happen to anyone. Knowing that others have been through similar struggles can help you feel less isolated and more understood. In this eGuide, Dr. Jaban shares 10 empowering tips – along with links to supportive resources, community and programs – to start your trauma recovery journey.

Gift #3: “Calming Your Nervous System 101” eGuide

Your nervous system acts like your body's boss, controlling and coordinating everything you do. Without it, your body wouldn't know what to do or how to function properly… And when it doesn’t work right, it can cause long-term health issues. Don’t let mysterious health struggles and symptoms derail your well-being. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to start regulating your nervous system so you can do your deep healing work!

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