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Relational Empowerment: Forging Connection in a Disconnected World

Have you noticed that a pervasive sense of loneliness and disconnection seems to have taken hold of our world recently? It’s as if the more we try to connect through technology and social media, the more isolated we become.

But if we’re more connected than ever, why do we feel so alone?

Although we long for meaningful relationships, many of us lack the necessary skills to form them. This is because of the attachment patterns we learned as children.

While these adaptive behaviors were once essential for our survival, they can now hinder our ability to build the authentic connections we crave.

Why Attend “Relational Empowerment”

Whether we’re in a therapeutic setting or navigating personal relationships, we can see firsthand how these attachment adaptations create challenges. For example…

  • Perhaps we learned to be self-sufficient as children because our caregivers were unavailable, and now we find it difficult to accept help and let others get close.
  • Or maybe affection was inconsistent in our early years, so we learned to attract attention by being what we believe others want us to be, putting their needs above our own.

It's no surprise that those of us who didn't have secure relationships as children struggle to create them as adults.

Loneliness is on the rise, with 33% of adults worldwide experiencing feelings of isolation last year.

And the effect of loneliness on our health is alarming—research indicates it can be twice as harmful to our physical and mental well-being as obesity…

The good news is even though we may face challenges in our relationships, they also have the power to heal us.

Changing how we relate in our intimate relationships helps us shift out of the coping strategies we developed as children and back towards secure attachment.

This is relational empowerment––a crucial skill to master if we want to build truly authentic and fulfilling relationships, for ourselves and our clients.

Investing in our relationships is more important than ever: Our health and well-being depend on it.

Who Is This Training For

You should attend this training session if you:

  • Are a clinician or mental health professional who works with individuals, but you’d like to learn how to extend your approach to work more effectively with couples.
  • Already work with couples and want to establish trust and safety more quickly, so you can help them rekindle, restore and renew their original connection as they begin to heal from relational trauma.
  • Are in an intimate partnership (or want to be) and want to break away from the limits of individualistic thinking, so you can create deeper, more meaningful relationships.

What You'll Learn During “Relational Empowerment”

By strengthening our relationships with others, we unlock the ability to boost our immunity and reduce our risk of depression and anxiety. And as we learn and practice new skills, we can cultivate true, sustainable intimacy for all our relationships.

During this free LIVE, 90-minute training, you'll learn how:

  • Relational and individual empowerment differ—and why individualism prevents intimacy.
  • Cultures of patriarchy and individualism create a toxic imbalance in our relationships and society.
  • We heal and transform within relationships (even when we’re hurting).
  • It’s possible to navigate attachment dynamics and conflicting communication styles in couples therapy.

There will also be a 30-minute Q&A at the end for Terry and Diane to answer your questions.

This training presents a rare opportunity to learn from Terry and Diane’s combined 60+ years of experience in restoring secure attachment and connection in relationships.

You’ll come away with a better understanding of how stepping into relational empowerment unlocks more meaningful, enriching relationships.

Let’s work together to champion the importance of connection and prioritize it in our personal and professional lives.

About Your Facilitators – Diane Poole Heller and Terry Real

About Terry Real

Terry Real - HeadshotTerry Real, LICSW, is a leading couples and family therapist, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author. Having worked with thousands of individuals, couples, and fellow therapists, Terry knows how to lead people on a step-by-step journey to greater intimacy and personal fulfillment. His expertise has been featured in outlets such as Psychology Networker, Psychology Today, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Vogue, Forbes, Oprah, and The New York Times.

With 30+ years of clinical experience, Terry is a senior faculty member of the Family Institute of Cambridge in Massachusetts and a retired Clinical Fellow of the Meadows Institute in Arizona.

He is the founder of the Relational Life Institute, which provides workshops for couples and individuals as well as a professional training program for clinicians wanting to learn his Relational Life Therapy (RLT) methodology. RLT teaches people how to make their relationships work by equipping them with the relational skills they need to cultivate and sustain authentic connections—to themselves, each other, and the planet as whole.

About Diane Poole Heller

Diane Poole Heller HeadshotDiane Poole Heller PhD, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and teaching expert in the field of adult attachment theory and trauma resolution.

Her signature approach—DARe (Dynamic Attachment Repatterning experience)—provides therapists and individuals with relevant skills and practical exercises that facilitate healing from attachment and trauma wounds.

Her work with adult attachment has forged a path for adults with childhood attachment injuries to develop Secure Attachment Skills (SAS) that lead to more connected and fulfilling adult relationships.

Through various training programs, books, lectures and her own work as a clinical therapist, Dr. Heller has helped a countless number of people in their healing journey towards experiencing greater intimacy, wholeness and more fulfilling relationships.

She believes that when we heal ourselves first, we heal our families, our communities and the world as a whole.

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