Quantum Energy Activations - Activating Your Higher Healing & Leadership Abilities - Darren Starwynn

Quantum Energy Activations – Activating Your Higher Healing & Leadership Abilities

Discover Master Keys and Quantum Activations to:

  • Unleash your healing power
  • Awaken your leadership abilities
  • And grow your following

Why Attend “Quantum Energy Activations”

You know you have powerful gifts and abilities within you, and now is your time. You would love to develop yourself or your business further so you can fulfill your higher purpose and touch more souls.

Yet there’s a challenge that may be getting in the way of fulfilling this inspiring vision…

That you may have come to a plateau in your ability to lead or help others at the depth they are really needing at this time. There are many new challenges your clients are facing you probably aren’t prepared to deal with.

In fact, one of the greatest “pains” you may be experiencing is seeing lots of time going by without fulfilling your greater purpose and making a positive impact on the world.

The most direct solution is discovering how to attune your body and mind to the limitless Quantum Field. This will empower you to unleash the multi-dimensional healing and creation power that is already within you.

In this 2-part webinar series you’ll discover 5 master keys and 3 Quantum activations that open the way for you to discover and step into the fulfillment of your higher purpose.

What You'll Learn During “Quantum Energy Activations”

These master keys help ground your innate abilities to serve as a master healer or conscious leader (or both).

This experience can put you in touch with the love-filled divine energy transmission that flows through you, and allows you to express your superpower more freely.

This opens doors of effectiveness and success for you, and can dissolve pain and trauma in yourself and others.

By the end of this webinar you’ll gain:

  • A simple, practical method to ground yourself in inner calm, anywhere
  • A direct experience of the limitless Quantum Field
  • A powerful tool for self-clearing the burdens of your past
  • Quantum activations to help put you in touch with your higher purpose

This is a 2-part webinar series. Each webinar is complete in itself, so it is not necessary to attend the Part One webinar before attending Part Two. Participating in both is recommended for full benefit.

  1. “Activating Your Higher Healing and Coaching Abilities”
  2. “Activating Your Higher Manifestation and Leadership Abilities”

The 3 Quantum Healing Activations You Will Learn

  • Discover Your Direction: Recognize the higher purpose you are here to fulfill at this time
  • Healed Through the Field: Experience the Quantum Field and discover your ability to summon unlimited healing or creative power through your divine energy transmission
  • Elevate Your Effectiveness: Gain the key to transforming your results from mainly soothing symptoms to mostly supporting sovereignty opening pathways of abundance

About Your Quantum Healing Teacher – Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Darren Starwynn HeadshotDarren’s greatest passion is empowering healthcare professionals and healers to awaken their consciousness, empower their skills and fulfill their highest potential. Darren has had a long career as acupuncturist, inventor, writer, healer and teacher, integrating therapeutic systems from around the world.

He has written four groundbreaking books, led hundreds of workshops and seminars, invented vibrational devices used worldwide and helped develop advanced mind-body healing systems.

Thousands of people have been directly or indirectly touched by Darren's offerings, and he has inspired many colleagues to expand the scope of their work for improved clinical results and income. His healing systems integrate vibrational technologies with multi-dimensional quantum healing to help people rapidly release old trauma, pain and reclaim their full, joyful self-expression. His workshops and retreats weave laughter and playfulness into deep transformational whole brain learning.

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