The Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass Summit 2023

The Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass Summit 2023

Do you feel like you’re going around in circles trying to heal despite your best efforts?

What if the solution to your chronic health struggles lies beyond the physical?

During the 2023 Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass, you'll discover what’s blocking your recovery and learn how to optimize the mind-body-energy connection for next-level health and wellness!

What You'll Learn During The Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass

Since the 1970s, psychoneuroimmunology research has consistently shown that immune system functioning can be conditioned.

Many studies have shown how various emotional states and social and behavioral factors influencing the brain – trauma, chronic stress, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, untreated bereavement – can negatively affect the activity and number of white blood cells which protect us from immunological threats.

In short, emotional toxicity can make us more prone to illness and chronic disease.

The good news is that this also means you have an incredible amount of control over your health.

Chronic negative emotional states, chronic stress and trauma can all be addressed so your body can do the job it has been designed to do, which is to heal and thrive.

Dr. Eva Detko has gathered together 40+ experts in biofield science, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, meditation, movement and more to share information, methodologies and tips to help you rebalance your nervous system, build emotional intelligence, and optimize your subconscious programs and biofield for healing – regardless of the origins of your symptoms.

At this important educational event, you’ll learn about:

  • Placebo, Nocebo and the Science of Kindness with David Hamilton
  • Harnessing the Energies of Small Groups to Aid Healing with Lynne McTaggart
  • Stress Biology vs. Trauma Biology with Dr. Aimie Apigian
  • Epigenetics and Cell Consciousness Connection with Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • Boosting Resilience through Vagus Nerve Work with Jodi Cohen
  • Neurosculpting: Fusing Brain Science and Mindfulness with Lisa Wimberger
  • Tips for Developing a Successful Meditation Practice with Chad Foreman
  • How Spirituality Changes the Brain with Dr. Andrew Newberg
  • Optimizing Energy Flow with Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu
  • Reducing Inflammation with Yoga (+Demos) with Dr. Sheila Natarajan & Brian Ratté
    And much more!

You’ll also have access to a guided practice each day to help manage day-to-day stress and strengthen your neurological, emotional and energetic resilience.

“Healing Sessions of the Day” will include:

  • Day 1: Guided Meditation with Dr. Eva Detko
  • Day 2: RhythmiaBreath with Sherezade Ruano
  • Day 3: Affirmational Havening with Dr. Eva Detko
  • Day 4: Emotional Freedom Techniques with Dr. Craig Weiner
  • Day 5: Guided Meditation with Emily A. Francis
  • Day 6: Qigong Meditation with Master Mingtong Gu
  • Day 7: Sound Healing with Misa Hopkins

Why Attend the The Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Summit 2023

Did you know that your mental and emotional health is directly linked to your immune and endocrine function?

A negative mindset and chronic undesirable emotional responses can make you sick…

But on the flip side, if you “reorganize” your mind and optimize it for healing, you can improve your health!

Many people go round in circles with biochemical detox, dietary restrictions and gut-healing protocols. All the effort, time and money invested, and yet they are not able to heal fully. Why? Because they are missing a vital link: emotional toxicity, which has further implications for autonomic nervous system and biofield balance.

In order to rebalance your nervous system, it is critical to heal trauma, uncover what’s causing you to subconsciously hold on to illness, address limiting beliefs, identify and deal with emotional triggers, build self-awareness, heal your inner family, and improve your self-worth.

Without addressing these factors, you will always fall short.

If you are starting to realize that you need to optimize these psycho-energetic factors in order to achieve a higher level of healing that diet and lifestyle alone cannot provide for you, then this upcoming event is exactly what you need!

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Healing Sessions of the Day

Additionally: Each day’s lineup also includes a “Healing Session of the Day” that can be used right away to help manage your day-to-day stress and strengthen your neurological, emotional and energetic resilience.

Benefits of Attending The Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass Summit 2023

The Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass could help you:

  1. Recognize what is making you emotionally toxic & gain control of your emotional responses
  2. Understand how your mind & your nervous system work
  3. Identify what’s causing you to hold on to illness
  4. Develop a deeper understanding of yourself & others
  5. Utilize the most effective tools for healing past trauma
  6. Redesign your belief system so it actually serves you
  7. Cultivate a strong sense of self-worth & self-acceptance
  8. Implement different modalities that can help you balance your energy field

Who The 2023 Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Summit Is For

What have you been taught about your potential for healing?

Do you think that your body is defective?

Do you believe that you need pharmaceutical interventions in order to maintain health?


Do you put confidence in your body’s ability to heal because it has been designed to survive?

Many people have been programmed to believe that the body is defective, but the body does not “go wrong,” and it does not choose to attack itself out of nowhere, like in the case of autoimmunity…

There is nothing wrong with your body. Your symptoms are your body’s intelligent way of communicating with you about what it needs.

Most people with autoimmune conditions are told there is nothing that can be done and they have to manage their illness with medications for the rest of their lives and/or resort to surgery.

But when you know how to listen, get out of your own way, and give your body and mind what they need, your body can do the job it has been designed to do, which is to heal and thrive. There is plenty you can do!

Yes, you truly have the means to get started on better health today!

You’ll discover various ways to address unhelpful beliefs and make yourself neurologically, emotionally and energetically more resilient in order to have a positive impact on your mental and physical health – and potentially resolve your chronic issues.

This masterclass with Dr. Eva Detko is for you if you:

  • Want to learn more about the psycho-energetic aspects of healing
  • Have already done some work in this area but feel like you want to address your psycho-energetic healing in a more structured way
  • Are feeling emotionally challenged or have a history of trauma
  • Have tried many different approaches for chronic health issues but still aren’t where you want to be

Free Gifts for Masterclass Attendees

When you register for the The Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass Summit, you'll get access to several free gifts to support your healing journey, including:

Gift #1: “Emotional Sovereignty for Accelerated Healing” Mini Course

Emotional toxicity is a major contributing factor to pretty much all chronic health problems, including autoimmunity and cancer.

Do you know your level of emotional toxicity?

Take Dr. Eva’s questionnaire to assess your level of emotional toxicity and take your next steps to building neurological, mental, emotional and energetic resilience!

Whether you are attempting to heal your gut, balance your hormones, detox heavy metals, or whatever else, until you have addressed the emotional side of your health, you will always fall short – no matter how clean your diet is or how many supplements you take.

This mini eCourse will help you assess where you are now and determine what you need to address, and will also give you some great techniques for managing your emotions in the moment.

The Emotional Sovereignty for Accelerated Healing Mini Course includes:

  • Dr. Eva’s Emotional Toxicity Questionnaire
  • Powerful Techniques for Managing Emotions in the Moment Masterclass
  • Emotional Energy & the Body interview transcript with Sharna Langlais
  • Guided Confidence & Power meditation

Get a head start on building emotional intelligence and dealing with your emotional triggers today!

Gift #2: “How Your Subconscious Rules Your Life and What to Do about It” eGuide

Have you ever told yourself that you’re going to just “think positive thoughts,” and then feel worse?

Many people confuse creating their own reality with positive thinking…

But positive thinking alone isn’t enough.

Learn how you can reprogram your emotional mind to create the life you want!

In order to create the health you want and manifest the life you desire, your conscious mind (your thinking mind) and your subconscious mind (your emotional or feeling mind) have to be aligned.

These two aspects of the mind have to be in agreement with each other.

But how do they get out of alignment?

And how do you get them to agree?

What do you do when positive thinking doesn’t work?

In this excerpt from Dr. Eva’s bestselling book, The Sovereign Health Solution: Heal the Psycho-energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness, you’ll learn how we end up with limiting subconscious programs, why there is a difference in reaction between the conscious and subconscious response and how the belief effect determines your physical reality.

Discover how you can rewire your programming at the neurological level!

Gift #3: “Steps to Help Identify and Heal Trauma” eBook

Trauma has played a formative role in almost every person’s life and comes in many different forms.

Learn how to support yourself after a traumatic experience, and beyond.

Sometimes traumatic events are direct, such as mental and emotional abuse or a completely unexpected dismissal from a rewarding job. Sometimes trauma is indirect, and while these examples may be harder to pinpoint and acknowledge, they are still profoundly impactful.

We all respond to trauma in different ways and these different responses are perfectly normal. Some reactions to trauma can be physical, while others are emotional and/or mental.

So how can you support yourself through trauma, and beyond?

Here are a few things you can do to help yourself now:

  • Say what you need
  • Go outside
  • Garden
  • Breathe
  • Listen to music (and sing along!)

In this 27-page eBook, you’ll discover different ways to address trauma on your own and with the help of a professional.

Gift #4: 3 Interview Transcripts from Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass

Your host of Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Masterclass, Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA, has selected these transcripts as amazing examples of what you’ll learn over the course of this event. Grab these interview transcripts, and gain insights from Debora Wayne, Jason Prall and Christine Schaffner, ND

Gift #5: Healing at ALL Levels A Closer Look at Bioresonance Therapy eGuide

Are you familiar with bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance technology has been around for a long time, but it has advanced dramatically in recent years.

And now this technology is available for you to have and use in your own home.

To achieve complete healing, it is essential to address not just your cellular health but to also optimize your function at the mental, emotional and energetic level.

This 24-page eGuide explains how these different layers of the human system interact together, and how we can use bioresonance technology to help improve how each layer works individually as well as the communication between them, and therefore promote a higher-level coherence of the entire system

Bioresonance Technology Has Been Used to Help With:
  • Inflammation
  • Autoimmune processes
  • Toxicity
  • Aging
  • Acute infections
  • Acute pain and injuries
  • Brain inflammation
  • Memory issues
  • Cognitive processes
  • And more

Learn how specific frequencies can help to create the best possible conditions for the body to heal what it needs to heal – on all levels!

About Your Host – Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA

Dr. Eva Detko is a natural healthcare practitioner, speaker and author of The Sovereign Health Solution: Heal the Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness. She has studied natural medicine and the human mind for 23 years. Having successfully recovered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and reversed Hashimoto's thyroiditis, she now helps others recover their health.

Dr. Detko has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of human physiology, biochemistry, nutritional science and bioenergetics. She also uses a wide range of mind-transforming modalities, including Havening Techniques®, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP, transactional analysis and applied psychoneuroimmunology.

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