Somatic Movement to Release Trauma Response & Chronic Pain Using The Pandiculation Technique

Somatic Movement to Release Trauma Response & Chronic Pain Using The Pandiculation Technique

What if you could transform your relationship with your body, release stress and tension with ease, and learn to move with a renewed feeling of safety, freedom, and bliss?

Experience a powerful 3-step somatic-movement technique to release chronic pain and physical and emotional limitations due to trauma.

Why Attend “The Pandiculation Technique: Somatic Movement to Release Trauma Response & Chronic Pain”

Throughout our lives, most of us experience some kind of trauma that can leave us with stress, chronic pain, and habitual movements that keep us stuck in uncomfortable and unhelpful patterns — both physically and emotionally.

Do you feel like you’ve tried many things to relieve your pain and nothing seems to work? Have you been told time and again that, despite your symptoms, there’s nothing wrong with you?

Martha Peterson, founder of Essential Somatics® and author of Move Without Pain, teaches us that no matter how much pain and discomfort we may experience, we all have the capacity to learn skills for self-regulating the levels of stress we hold in our body.

What You'll Learn During “The Pandiculation Technique: Somatic Movement to Release Trauma Response & Chronic Pain”

During this free spiritual healing workshop, she’ll demystify the causes and impact of chronic pain and illustrate how you can reconnect your mind with your body to reverse pain and postural imbalances, release stress and tension, regain physical control, and create a life of joyful movement.

In this restorative event, you’ll:

  • Experience the simple yet effective technique of pandiculation to release chronic pain and tension anytime, anywhere — and reclaim your sense of self
  • Understand how sensory motor amnesia is showing up in your body as chronically contracted muscles, causing unhelpful patterns of posture, movement, and thoughts
  • Begin to demystify the conditions of chronic pain
  • Learn how to use the miraculous workings of your brain to sense and regulate tension, so you can experience greater freedom of movement, self-actualization, self-agency, and emotional wellbeing
  • Learn how to address the root cause of pain in your body — rather than just treating symptoms — and how to reset your whole body to function more optimally

Martha’s teaching methodology is grounded in the science of the nervous system, yet is also playful, safe, and accessible.

Her approach to somatic education has transformed the lives of people around the world, enabling them to restore freedom of movement and postural imbalances to reverse chronic muscle and joint pain — and it can transform your life too!

About Your Teacher – Martha Peterson

Martha Peterson - HeadshotMartha Peterson is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and leader in the field of Somatic Education. She is the founder and CEO of Essential Somatics® and author of Move Without Pain. Martha heads a growing faculty of Clinical Somatic Educators who present Essential Somatics teacher trainings, retreats, workshops, and seminars around the world. She maintains a private clinical practice in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Martha’s expertise comes from more than 30 years of working in the field of dance, bodywork, and Somatic Education. As a former professional dancer who suffered chronic hip and knee pain due to injuries, Martha understands the frustration and struggle many people experience when trying to discern between the myriad methods that claim to relieve or “fix” chronic pain. She eventually discovered Clinical Somatic Education, the only method that taught her how to reverse her pain and postural imbalances, regain physical control, and create a life of movement, choice, and joy.

Martha is an experienced hiker, inspired by her mother with whom she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and trekked in Sikkim, Northern India. She has learned that the key to remaining healthy and mobile is daily, vigorous, fun movement, a regular somatic movement routine, a sense of humor, and learning the fine art of relaxation and self-regulation.

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