More Compassionate, More Human, More Divine: The Art of Sacred Embodiment - with SIMRAN

More Compassionate, More Human, More Divine: The Art of Sacred Embodiment

You may have noticed that in our current world, very little seems to be sacred anymore.

We are even encouraged at every turn to see others as being in competition with us for limited resources and limited attention…

But the truth is that the very success of our species has depended far more on collaboration and connection, and there is truly plenty to go around and more than enough for everyone if we can only share.

The further truth is that at the times in our lives when we are expressing our deepest humanity through acts of kindness and compassion, that is when we feel closest to whatever we see as the source of all…

And it is because we are, in those moments, our “most Divine” selves that we are able to experience the sacredness of those “human” interactions.

During this free video class, you'll have an opportunity to explore how y9ou can experience that Divine, elevated connection in every moment of your day.

Why Attend “The Art of Sacred Embodiment”

If you’re like most people in our community, you’ve had experiences of the sacred at various moments in your life.

This is probably most common at times when you are helping others in some way and being compassionate and kind…

More Compassionate, More Human, More Divine: The Art of Sacred Embodiment - with SIMRANIt is in those acts of selflessness that you are closest to your own Divinity as an extension of the higher power that created everything.

To learn how to experience this elevated state throughout your day, I want to encourage you to watch this brand-new free video program from award-winning author and artist SIMRAN.

During this free 50-minute spiritual healing class, you’ll discover how to:

  • Recognize the subtle ways in which you veil your humanity and Divinity, which are keeping you from reaching your full potential
  • Expand your understanding of humanity’s true purpose on the planet — a vital element in creating a more loving world
  • Fully embrace both self-service and global service as being critical to our evolution, and how to create balance between them in your life
  • Avoid the conditioned escape mechanisms and reflexive illusions that cloud our judgment and limit our ability to make a bigger difference as we endeavor to improve our personal lives and create a better world
  • Live your daily life in deep awareness of the sacredness existing within everything, allowing you to experience greater empowered harmony in everything you do

About Your Teacher – SIMRAN

SIMRAN is an award-winning author of seven books, as well as being an artist, a speaker, and a mystic of love, compassion and humanity. She is the producer of 11:11 Talk Radio and 11:11 Magazine, and has appeared on GAIAM TV, One Word Puja Network, CCN, and The New Thought Channel. She has been featured on the covers of many magazines, including Science of Mind, Jolie, and The Owl, and was also a recipient of the “UnZipper of Reality” Award.

As a featured TEDx speaker, SIMRAN also created an 11-month one-woman show called “The Rebel Road… Connecting the Dots from What Was to What Is,” that spanned 66 cities across North America, and she has appeared as keynote speaker at The World Congress, the United Nations, universities, spiritual centers and hundreds of venues across North America.

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