Money 2022 Documentary Series

Money 2022 Docuseries – What The Wealthy Know… That You Need To

The longer you try to guess what to do with your money, the faster the economy will swallow any excess cash that you have… until it’s all mysteriously gone.

It's not about what's happening in the economy, but rather, how prepared and positioned you are for what's going on.

And, forget about trying to get ahead. Maybe you’ve got 20, 50, or even a few $100k stocked up in a savings account. Maybe you’ve paid off all your debt. And maybe you max out your 401k/Roth IRA every year.

For most people this would be a huge win.

Unfortunately, if you stay in this “Doing the bare minimum” stage of wealth-building any longer then you’re at a huge risk of feeling the economic burn speeding towards us all.

More importantly, the people that don’t change course soon may never bounce back.

Everyone in the wealth-building world says something different. It’s all very mentally challenging and honestly kind of a headache.

But the truth is, everyone’s saying the same old outdated stuff.

What worked 10, 20, 30 years – or EVEN 1 YEAR ago is completely irrelevant right now. Learn what IS working today.

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What You'll Learn While Watching the Money 2022 Docuseries

  • Discover the simple tactics the rich are using right now. (There’s a reason they’re wealthy, and there’s a reason they’re making specific moves right now — it’s NOT luck)
  • Debt? How the wealthy use it will surprise you. The contrast between how most people use debt, and the powerful lesson in the truth about debt.
  • 5 ways to LEGALLY wipe out your taxes. And why NOT paying taxes is actually the best thing you can do for the 2022 economy.
  • The invisible (and never talked about) way the system is rigged against you.
  • The domino effect that will send the stock market tumbling. Make sure you take this #1 action to get you through the coming storm.
  • Why your retirement accounts ALL have a built-in flaw. And why it’s more dangerous now (in a state of emergency) than ever.
  • The unseen parasite eating away at your wealth. It’s the thing that prevents most people from becoming wealthy. Here’s how to fix it for good.
  • Why Warren Buffet is buying Gold now.
  • How to trade no matter what the economy is doing.
  • The one secret small tweak to traditional investing that pays solid returns. And, makes the world a better place.
  • No matter your age or stage of life, you can invest in stocks as long as you know what to look for and why it’s the right thing to do.
  • The primary communication mistakes people make every day that cost them major money.
  • The secret to doubling your money that will surprise you, and how only swinging for home runs will be your ruin.
  • The 3 keys to succeeding in your first real estate investment.
  • How to buy a small business without spending your own money and avoid having your new business run your life.
  • What you can do right now to make sure that your business outlives you.
  • The two-word criteria that must exist to free you from the need to work.
  • The secret to leveraging an online launch to propel your product and service forward.
  • The One-Step action plan to change the course of your life for the better. And exactly what to do today.

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Secrets About Health Care for the Rich in 2022

There’s a secret type of elite healthcare, only available to those with enough money to access it.

Did you know you can go through chemo—without losing your hair? Without the usual side effects?

The thing is, regular Insurance most likely will not cover it.

And that’s just one example. The list of treatments only available to those with the cash to pay for them grows by the day.

That’s not only true for emergency medical care—but for preventive measures as well. The wealthy can more easily access things like:

Grass-fed butter, beef, collagen, whey, pasture-raised eggs & chicken, Non-GMO organic local produce, chiropractic care, dieticians, massage therapy, infrared saunas, whole-house water filters, chemical-free cleaning products, quality supplements, co-pays, and everything in between.

If that list is dizzying, you're not alone. The thing is, those all cost money and it adds up. People who can afford those experience better health and less stress.

Further, your money woes may literally be killing you. Millions experience moderate to severe levels of anxiety over their finances every day. And, it’s well documented that poor people tend to have worse health.

Anyone in a heightened state of stress on a regular basis is at a huge risk of serious health consequences. Study after study confirms, low incomes are linked to poor health.

In fact, the less money someone has, the more likely they are to suffer from diseases, including heart disease and even Type 2 diabetes.

Simply put: Having more money makes it easier to stay healthy.

In fact, Northwestern Mutual conducted a survey that concluded money is the dominant source of stress for nearly half of Americans and the American Psychological Association states that money is the number one stressor for Americans.

And here's the kicker: money remains the single biggest trigger for stress regardless of the economic climate.

This doesn’t have to be your reality. Knowledge is power. The more you understand, the more you can confidently address your money concerns, reduce your stress, and improve your health.

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The Problem With Modern Education and Money

Modern education is not designed to teach you how to get rich. In fact, it's tends to have the opposite effect and keeps your hard-earned money flowing out to others as fast as you can get it.

If you don’t understand the truth about how the world of money works, nothing will change. There’s only ONE realistic way to deal with the root cause of the problem: Learn how to play and win the game of money.

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The Pandemic and Money in 2022

The next phase of the pandemic could change everything you know about making money. While most Americans are praying for an end to C0V!D-19 and a return to “normal,” life is about to get even stranger, and it could have a sizable impact on your wealth.

A massive and surprising new transition could determine the next group of millionaires while while leaving 99% of people like you and me worse off than before.

If you own regular investments, you’re in for a big surprise. Instead, you must consider owning one particular type of investment right now, before it’s too late.

And no, it’s not cryptocurrencies. You will learn about this investment while you watch the Money 2022 Docuseries.

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2022 Inflation and Your Money

$100 Bill Burning In Man's HandThe biggest financial crash in history is coming. We’re not even halfway into the year and here’s what’s lurking around the corner according to the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. Inflation accelerated to 8.5% in March – Hitting a four-decade high consumer-price index increase from the year earlier, driven by skyrocketing energy and food costs.

U.S. airline fares leapt 10.7% in March from February, accelerating as travel demand recovered from the last C0VlD-19 wave. Air-travel prices were 23.6% higher than they were a year earlier.

New vehicle prices decelerated on a one-month basis, rising 0.2% in March from the prior month. However, the 12.5% 12-month increase was the sharpest since 1975. Despite the monthly decline in used-vehicle prices, those were still up 35.3% from a year earlier.

Food inflation is also raising consumers’ grocery bills. Meat prices were up 14.8% in March from a year ago, at the fastest clip since 1979. Breakfast cereal prices climbed 9.2% in the past year, the sharpest increase since 1989.

The craziest part is, the rich will still stay rich. That’s because they know things that most people don’t.

Most people should prepare for serious hardship, yet smart people can expect tremendous gains. The wealthy play the game of taxes and investing differently.

So can you, if you just know how. Learn how the wealthiest 1% got their money, how they grow it, and how they keep it.

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The Crash of 2022 and Your Money

The best time to get rich is during a crash. WIth the coming crash, massive gains are on the horizon for those that take advantage of it.

2022 will NOT be like 2021. New opportunities are on the horizon, and new strategies are in demand.

A massive and surprising new transition could determine the next group of millionaires while leaving 99% of the public worse off than before. Sadly, the rest will be left behind.

The next phase of the pandemic could change everything you know about making money. But fear not, help is at hand and you’re in the exact place you need to be.

Here’s what smart people with excess capital are doing right now to thrive in the upcoming crisis.

Money 2022 shows what smart people with excess capital are doing right now to thrive in the upcoming crisis.

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Robert Kiyosaki's Money Secrets Revealed

Robert Kiyosaki - HeadshotRobert Kiyosaki is a wealthy entrepreneur, and during Money 2022 he opens up about the fact that he and other wealthy people pay no taxes.

In fact, he shares how you too can only pay a few hundred in taxes. What makes him interesting is that not only does he brag about how much debt he yas, he is also wealthier —from both a cash flow and net worth analysis— than all but the wealthiest of the wealthy people in this world.

Robert Kiyosaki insists that when you follow the tax code to legally avoid as much tax as possible, you actually maximize the good you do for society while also making yourself wealthier.

The power of this one concept to radically change the trajectory of your wealth should not be underestimated. It is massive.

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Questions You'll Get Answers To During Money 2022

  • What should you be doing right now to protect yourself?
  • Is the stock market going to crash? Or keep going?
  • Should you buy gold and silver? Or sell it?
  • Is real estate going to crash? Or should you be buying?
  • What about cryptocurrency? Safe bet or foolish move?
  • Should you move to cash? Or will the banks bust?
  • Is hyperinflation coming? Or just an opportunity?
  • Are bonds still safe? Or avoid bonds in 2022?
  • Are we headed for a Depression like the 1930s?
  • Are negative interest rates coming?
  • Is your pension at risk – will it even still be there?

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About Your Money 2022 Host – Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo - HeadshotDr. Patrick Gentempo is often referred to as the “Philosopher-Entrepreneur,” and is a well-known and respected star in the world of health, wellness, and business. He has key-noted hundreds of presentations around the world.

While practicing as a chiropractor, he co-developed innovative diagnostic technologies, received patents and built a considerable international business of which he was the CEO for over 20 years. Leveraging his ‘applied philosophy’ approach, he has successfully launched over a dozen companies. He has given testimony to Congress and to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Gentempo is passionate about the use of philosophy as a practical tool for success and achievement. His unique perspectives have captured worldwide attention. His TEDx talk, “Unleashing the Power of Philosophy”, received spirited accolades. His views have been published by Forbes and entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world have been captivated by his highly celebrated keynote presentations and numerous interviews on popular programs.

As Dr. Gentempo likes to say, “Everyone has a philosophy, the only question is whether they know it or not!” He lives in Park City, Utah with his wife Laurie and 3 children.

Watch Patrick Gentempo's Ted Talk: “Unleashing the Power of Philosophy”

Frequently Asked Questions About the Money 2022 Docuseries

What is the Money 2022 docuseries?

Two filmmakers tracked down 36 self-made millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires, sat them down, locked them in a room, and pulled out all of their secrets on film for viewers like you and me.

All of them are self-made. They all took different paths to success. And none of them holds a thing back in these intimate talks.

They'll share how they got their money, how they’ll invest in 2022 for growth, and how they plan to keep it… while living in style ( Until they pass it on to the people and causes they love).

Who should watch the Money 2022 documentary?

This must-have info is specific to 2022 for anyone who wants to become wealthy, no matter where you start from today. It's designed for everyone from students to investers, business owners to traders, and especially retirees.

What investment vehicles does Money 2022 teach us about?

Real estate, stocks, options, crypto, startups, and more.

How long can I watch Money 2022 for free?

The docuseries is free to watch during during the limited-time world-premiere beginning June 7th, 2022.

Does Netflix stream The Money 2022 documentary series?

It is not available on Netflix at this time.

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