Mindset Matters 2023 Summit

Mindset Matters Summit 2023

Mindset is the catalyst for creating sustainable results in every area of life, especially health, wealth, relationships, and happiness.

During the Mindset Matters Summit, you'll get practical systems to:

  • Identify and break free from unconscious-driven limitations
  • Sustainably achieve your goals
  • Be your own guarantee for health & life

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What You'll Learn During the Mindset Matters Summit 2023

According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of the 60,000 thoughts you have every day are negative, and 95% of those negative thoughts are recurring.

There are thousands (and thousands!) of self-help experts, books, seminars and courses that teach you “how to think more positively” and create success in your health & life.

But, the real problem is the negative dominance within your UNCONSCIOUS mind. Research shows that although most people actually have a positive outlook in their CONSCIOUS brain, 70% of the information in their UNCONSCIOUS mind is negative…

… And that is directing their actions, habits, and behaviors.

Join me for the Mindset Matters Summit so you can finally achieve the goals you set in any area of life!

During the Mindset Matters Summit, you’ll learn practical systems to IDENTIFY & BREAK-FREE from your unconscious-driven limitations, and achieve SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS in your:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Love & Relationships
  • Career, Business, & Finances
  • Spirituality
  • Happiness & Fulfillment

Your host, Dr. Ryan Wohlfert, is a Certified Mindset Specialist through the Eliminate Your Limits System which has been called the most scientifically-valid mindset process in the world.

Plus, he has 23+ years of clinical experience, helping thousands of people make healthy, pain-free living possible, both online and in his multiple wellness, corrective chiropractic, and nutrition clinics.

Now, he’s assembled 20 of the most respected and knowledgeable mindset experts to help you break-free from your limitations and fears, and regain your healthy, positive, growth mindset.

You'll learn simple solutions to identify & break-free from the fears, limitations, & doubts holding you back so that you can create sustainable health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

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The Relationship Between Mindset and Goal Setting

Have you ever set a goal, but didn’t reach it?

Maybe you had short term results, but nothing life-changing?

The goal could’ve been for your health, fitness, business, career, relationships, etc.

There is a reason you didn’t reach your goal, or it didn’t last…

The reason is your mindset.

Mindset is the catalyst for creating sustainable success in every area of life, and it’s MUCH more than just “thinking positive.”

Your Mindset is the perspective, beliefs, and expectations you carry for yourself and the world around you…

And it is directing your actions, habits, and behaviors.

This event focuses on mindset coaches and experts sharing their practical solutions to eliminate your self-imposed limitations. And, because Mindset is the catalyst, learning these solutions have a far-reaching impact on your entire life.

The Relationship Between Willpower and Mindset

Are you tired of relying on willpower? Want to stop white-knuckling your way through tough choices, decisions, and situations?

Whether it’s going to the gym, avoiding junk food, accomplishing more in your career, finding a loving partner, or simply being happy…

If you rely on willpower to reach your goals, you’re doomed to fail.

That's because contrary to popular belief (due to flawed scientific studies), we don't have a limited amount of willpower. It was believed we had a “pool” of willpower, and once we used it up, we either had to stop or at least replenish (such as through meditation).

More recently studies have turned those results on their heads and realized that only people who believe that willpower is limited actually experience that limitation. People who had a motivation-centered mindset actually were not limited by willpower and had unlimited access to storehouses of it.

So if you're tired of depending on willpower, self-control, or forced restraint to achieve the goals you set, then now is the time to learn the systems that actually work.

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Who The Mindset Matters Summit Is For

People who:

  • Set GOALS for their health, fitness, career, or finances, but have trouble achieving them
  • Try to find external motivation to spark massive action, but it doesn't last
  • Alter their self-talk to be more positive, but still don't get results
  • Call upon willpower and self-discipline but still don't have the health, fitness, money, career, or relationships they want

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Mindset Matters Summit 2023 – Speaker Schedule & Topics

Mindset Matters Summit: Day 1

Dr. Isaac Eliaz – Transform the Survival Paradox & Unlock Your Heart's Healing Power
  • The role of the survival paradox in mindset and healing
  • The ‘Catch-22' of positive thinking (and overcoming it to heal)
  • Guidelines for transforming your mind and heart regardless of circumstances
Jana Danielson – The Trifecta: Mindset, Movement, & Motivation
  • What physical fitness means for happiness
  • How the physical body interacts with emotional & spiritual body
  • How muscles impact the nervous system and mindset
Heather Aardema – Take the Lighter Path to Health & Life
  • Why you argue for your limitations
  • The worst type of mindset clutter
  • Using the SOLL Compass for a lighter path
Michael Kurkowski – The Physical, Mental, & Spiritual STRENGTH Connection
  • What to do when you're not having success anymore
  • Intuitive training, and why it's critical to sustainable success
  • Why mindset AND physical practice must work together

Dr. Rob Downey – Take Off The Gloom Goggles

  • What are ‘gloom goggles?'
  • The light of awareness and mindfulness
  • How to know when you're in the flow state
Tracy McGarry – Getting and Staying Fit After 40
  • What is strength training, and why women will want to prioritize it
  • Nutrition & exercise facts and myths
  • Mindset blocks after 40 and how to break-free from them
Jodi Geline – How to Create the Body You Want
  • How you must heal your mind to have the body you want
  • How your body speaks to you (and are you listening?)
  • How your emotions get trapped in the body (and what to do about it)

Mindset Matters Summit: Day 2

Carol Register – Increase Your Wealth in 15 Minutes a Day
  • What you measure AND report grows exponentially
  • Get BIG results without threatening your brain.
  • The simplicity to unlock & reprogram your standard operating procedure
Dr. Justin Moseley – 3 Ways Your Brain is Keeping You Poor
  • The biggest reason you're not getting what you want
  • How the brain keeps people physically, financially, &/or relationally poor
  • The best piece of advice you could hear
Nicki Hoffman & Adrian Moreno – Rewire Neuropathways for Freedom
  • How inner child work brings the biggest return on investment
  • The reasons suppression causes regression
  • Demonstration showing why change does NOT have to take forever
Katlin Kurfman – Mindset Growth through SIBO, Powerlifting, & Business
  • How powerlifting affected her SIBO, business, and vice versa
  • Manage mindset to calm the body's stress response
  • Top mindset tools to help herself and clients
Chris Mattice – 3 Mindset Stories to Shift Immediately
  • How to focus on what you have instead of what you don't
  • How to enjoy the simple pleasures in business & life
  • The misconception about money and its value
Brian Grasso – The Most Scientifically Valid Mindset System
  • How and why the EYL Mindset System was created
  • What are “soft skills” (and why they're the #1 factor for sustainable success)
  • How to use technology to combat teenage suicide & end pharmaceutical dependence
Kathy Mauck & Matt Bush – Neurology of Mindset Success: Life, Relationships, & Business
  • Where mindset lives in the brain, and how to neurologically impact it.
  • Why it's hard to change mindset, and the importance of addressing your life holistically
  • The best way to respect your individual neurology to reap the mindset benefits
Mindset Matters Summit: Day 3
Mary Ellen O'Brien – Reclaim Your Inner Voice & Turn Down Your Inner Critic
  • Common critics that drown your inner voice
  • Getting stuck (and out of) the push/pull
  • 4 Steps to hear your inner voice
Bridgit Danner – Midlife Magic: Re-discover Your Brilliance
  • Why midlife is the perfect time for a mindset reset
  • The 6 Key Life Areas to evaluate for maximum health, happiness, and longevity
  • How to build physical and mental resilience during midlife

Luke Rossmo – Understand, Let Go, and Grow

  • Get to know the voice in your head
  • Practical tools to explore the unconscious & shine light on limitations
  • Step into your future self today to create the life you want now
Leigh Patterson – Wisdom from Wounds, Pain into Power
  • Leigh's story from 32 pills/day and on the brink of suicide
  • How mental well-being leads to physical health and recovery
  • The mindset method to RECONNECT with yourself and world
Joe Stauffacher – The Art of Mindset
  • The best questions to make empowering decisions
  • The differences between mindset techniques
  • Why emotion is essential to reprogram & grow your mindset
Leslee Fontenette – How to Have A Powerful Relationship With Yourself
  • What it means to have a relationship with yourself
  • Why it's so hard for people to believe in themselves
  • The most powerful tools in your mindset toolbox
Margaret Beam – Close The Karmic Loops & Get Unstuck
  • Is ‘karma' a real thing that can impact your health & energy?
  • How energy healing sessions actually work
  • 4 steps to close the karmic loops in your life in your life

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About Your Mindset Matters Summit Host

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert - HeadshotDr. Ryan Wohlfert is a Certified Mindset Specialist, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, and Chiropractic BioPhysics® practitioner.

He's helped thousands of people upgrade their health, energy, and performance online and in his multiple wellness, chiropractic, and nutrition clinics.

He’s hosted the Superhuman Brain Masterclass, Leaky Brain Summit, and Chronic Pain Masterclass.

Over the last 20+ years, Dr. Ryan has created a system to make healthy, pain-free living possible now and forever.

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