Memory, Trauma, and the Brain - Mark Waldman

Memory, Trauma, and the Brain

What if everything we’ve learned about dealing with trauma and painful memories was wrong?

What if the latest brain science discovered something breathtakingly new about how memories work in the brain, including a myth about repressed memories?

The fact is, the field of neuroscience has been changing and discovering all new information about how the brain works. In fact, some brain science that’s more than just two years old is already out of date and potentially incorrect.

Many scientists and self-help teachers are slow to adopt the latest discoveries, but YOU can get the cutting-edge information in this free Q&A call with Mark.

What You'll Learn During “Memory, Trauma, and the Brain”

During this free live interactive Q&A call, neuroscience expert Mark Waldman will provide experiential exercises that will help you balance your brain networks for optimal brain health and for psychological wellness.

The information Mark will share on this live call might surprise you. It might challenge you. It will definitely expand your horizons about the brain and how it deals with memories (including painful ones).

For example…

Did you know that you might be actually strengthening your painful memories by using out-of-date therapies and strategies that ask you to recall and embrace your trauma?

It turns out… that’s not the way the brain is built for dealing with the past.

Mark will present some breakthrough discoveries about the brain.

He’ll also demonstrate the most effective tools for dealing with painful memories and he will take your questions about anything related to trauma, memories and the brain.

You’ll experience the neuroscientific tools you need to handle painful memories and traumatic experiences as well as improve brain health.

Optimal brain health comes from balancing your three primary brain networks, and there's a single best way to balance your brain networks – which lowers anxiety and increases wellbeing.

You'll learn all that, and more, during this free live interactive Q&A call.

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Sep 05 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 05 2023
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