Make it Happen - Goal Setting Challenge with Lisa Nichols

5-Day Goal Setting Challenge with Lisa Nichols from “The Secret”

Are you the king/queen of procrastination? Do you find your “to-do” list getting longer and longer and your goals moving further and further away?

Life can get overwhelming, filled with commitments, exhausting and sometimes it’s all too easy to retreat into our safe zone and leave the scary/hard/big goals for “another day.”

The thing is, “another day” will never come if you keep pushing them aside.

Those big dreams you have will stay shelved as the days and years keep ticking on…

Life will continue to move forward, but you’ll end up stuck in groundhog day…

Because change comes from action.

You’re here because you’ve got big dreams, and you want to live your best life and be your best self.

You want to play big. You want to elevate your life.

That's what this free “Make it Happen” goal setting challenge with Lisa Nichols (from “The Secret”) is here to help you do.

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Why Attend the “Make it Happen” Goal Setting Challenge

In just 5 days, Lisa is going to get you catapulting towards your goals, breaking down the barriers standing in your way and get the wheels turning, so you can start seeing results.

What if you could start next week, month, or even year… differently?

Instead of falling into the same old habits and feeling stuck…

Imagine that something in your life shifted and a door of incredible opportunities opened up.

During the “Make it Happen” 5-day goal setting challenge, Lisa is going to help you:

  • Spring clean your mind
  • Get crystal clear on your goals and intentions,
  • Chunk them out into achievable steps
  • Declare your non-negotiables
  • Clear the clutter
  • Get your momentum going
  • And of course… make it happen!

This challenge is called “Make It Happen” for a reason – because it’s about hitting the ground running, deep diving and putting the wheels into motion so that you can achieve those goals that you’ve shelved for years!

It’s going to be liberating!

Don't Wait For New Year's to Make New Resolutions

Ah… the old New Year's resolutions…
Something so many of us do, but do we ever really stick to them?

And why is it that waking up in a new year we suddenly feel like things are going to be different and this time they’ll work out…

For those that stick to their resolutions, kudos to you!

But for the rest of us… we need something that works. Something that actually puts us into action and drives us forward to see real results and start living our best life.

The thing is, it doesn’t start with waiting around for the new year to tick over. It starts the very moment you decide that you're not going to settle for what you've had… and instead, you're going to go for what you truly want.

So if you’re ready to start leveling up your life and achieving your goals, then be sure to join the “Make it Happen” goal setting challenge today.

Please note: This event is only for people who are ready to start taking action and upleveling their life. It's for people who are tired of finding & making excuses, and instead, are ready to see concrete results in their lives.

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About Your Challenge Facilitator – Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols
Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most-requested speakers & trainers in the Entrepreneurial Industry, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO.

Her global platform has reached over 80 million people and her business has generated $91 million dollars in revenue.

Her clients have included Steve Harvey, Google, Amazon, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, NBC, and a host of other Fortune 500 companies seeking her training and impact.

Over the last 20+ years, she’s been sharing her knowledge and empowering changemakers like you to create new levels of success and impact that are barely recognizable. She is also a featured teacher in “The Secret.”

Lisa is committed to helping leaders like you get results that you’ve never gotten before, and create the life and impact that you’ve always dreamed of.

Lisa Nichols Rags-to-Riches True Story

She started with nothing, a single mom on welfare, at the lowest point in her life… and now is an international best-selling author, been on shows like Oprah, the Today Show, Dr Phil, Extra and is renowned as one of the best motivational speakers of the century.

If Lisa can do it, so can you.

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