Human Longevity Project Docuseries Film

The Human Longevity Project Documentary Series

Human Longevity Project DocuseriesIs it possible to halt or reverse the aging process?

Some researchers think so, while others aren’t so sure.

It’s undeniable, though, that some age gracefully, remaining healthy, happy, and vital into their golden years…

While others suffer with chronic pain, depression, or cognitive decline.

Why is this?

And what can we do to maintain our independence, faculties, health, and happiness as we mature?

Or even become healthier with each passing year!?

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What You'll Learn From The Human Longevity Project Film

Aging can feel overwhelming. The possibility of losing our mind, mobility, independence, faculties, energy, or passion over time is understandably scary.

The multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry pushes countless “fountain of youth” solutions on the public every day… from cleanses and injections to chemical peels and cosmetic surgery, there’s a marketing crusade to scare you into spending money to avoid looking older.

But here’s the truth.

You can naturally prevent and reverse the aging process just by how you:

  • Live your life
  • Move
  • Eat
  • Manage stress
  • Control your environment

In fact, there are a number of new and POWERFUL ways to live a longer, healthier, and happier life that researchers, doctors, longevity experts, and the world’s healthiest elders unanimously agree upon.

And the best part is that you’ll hear directly from dozens of 80, 90 and 100 year olds how they are able to maintain incredible health in their golden years.

First and foremost, it’s critical that we understand what aging is from a biological perspective — as well as the multitude of factors that play a role in this process.

Then we can implement a number of practical, yet powerful, shifts to reverse the effects of aging.

The Human Longevity Project Film Episode List & Topics

Episode 1: The Truth About Aging

  • The primary mechanisms of biological aging and how to slow down this process.
  • Why a lack of hormetic stress can lead to accelerated aging and disease.
  • Communication between microbiota and mitochondria to keep you healthy.
  • How to reverse cellular damage cause by excessive inflammation.
  • The most effective way to activate your body's repair and regeneration programs.
  • The most important lessons from elders around the world to live a happy and healthy life.

Episode 2: The Gut & Immune System

  • How microbiota influence healthy genetic expression.
  • Steps you can take to create a robust and balanced immune system.
  • What the elders did to avoid food sensitivities, allergies, and autoimmunity.
  • The health-promoting effects of butyrate and how to get more of it from the food you eat.
  • What, when, and how to eat for superhuman gut function.
  • How to maintain a healthy skin microbiome.
  • What's causing the recent surge of autoimmune conditions and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

Episode 3: Diet & Exercise

  • The most important aspect to a healthy diet, according to the elders from around the world.
  • How GMOs, pesticides, and fertilizers and soil health affect food quality and your health.
  • New scientific research on exercising for longevity.
  • How to become metabolically flexible and reverse insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
  • Exercise methods to improve cognitive function, heart health, and detoxification.
  • Why you need to make new mitochondria to remain healthy and which type of exercise is most effective.
  • The important role dietary fiber plays in avoiding disease.

Episode 4: Toxic Planet

  • Environmental chemicals and metals that cause neuroinflammation and what you can do remove them.
  • How toxic metals disrupt mitochondrial function and increase cellular damage.
  • The 2 primary toxic substances that damage human DNA and mitochondrial DNA.
  • What happens when toxic chemicals bind to human cellular proteins and how to unwind this process.
  • Elements and compounds the body needs for effective detoxification.
  • How your nervous system responds to time spent in nature.
  • Using plants to help you heal from modern disease.

Episode 5: Sleep, Light & Disease

  • How autophagy improves cellular communication and what you can do to increase it.
  • Modern conditions that cause poor sleep and what you can do to overcome them.
  • How to get deeper, more restorative sleep.
  • Why a disrupted circadian rhythm leads to an increase in every disease and shortens life-span.…
  • How sunlight affects your hormonal balance and mood.
  • When to eat, sleep, and exercise for optimal health.
  • Using extreme heat and cold to improve cellular health and reverse disease.

Episode 6: Raising Healthy Kids

  • How the elders gave birth and methods to increase healthy deliveries in the modern world.
  • How to improve healthy outcomes of cesarean section deliveries.
  • How breastfeeding can improve gut health, immune health, brain function, and jaw formation.
  • What's causing the recent spike in childhood illness and modern immune system challenges.
  • How Mom can optimize microbiota and mitochondrial health before conception and why it may be beneficial for baby.
  • Navigating childhood surgeries for long-term health.

Episode 7: Purpose, Gratitude & Community

  • Practical steps to reduce stress and activate your parasympathetic healing state.
  • How excessive visual and audio stimulation affects brain function and mood.
  • The role community, connection, and perceived safety play in mood regulation and building relationships.
  • How to connect more deeply to yourself and discover your deeper purpose.
  • The impact of unresolved emotional trauma on your nervous system function and stress levels.
  • What's required to shift your subconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
  • How spirituality and religion affect physical, mental, and emotional health.

Episode 8: Cancer & Alzheimers

  • The most important dietary aspects to avoid cancer.
  • Why focusing on mitochondrial health is necessary to avoid or reverse cognitive decline and cancer.
  • How type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance are connected to cancer and Alzheimer's.
  • The leading cause of preventable death over the age of 70 and what you can do to avoid it.
  • Most effective steps to preserve brain health and avoid cognitive decline.
  • The role of neurotransmitters in brain health and how to maintain balanced levels and good sensitivity as you age.
  • How to approach cancer from a holistic and natural way once you've been diagnosed.

Episode 9: The Way Forward

  • Best technology to track your overall health.
  • How to easily track the duration and quality of your sleep each night.
  • Simple devices to improve circadian rhythm and improve cellular function throughout your body.
  • Powerful methods to improve detoxification and elimination of damaging chemicals and …
  • How we can define health going forward.
  • What the future of medicine looks like.

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The Secret to Anti-Aging is to optimize function at the cellular level. When your cells are working better, you age better.

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  • Which tree contains powerful chemical compounds that have been approved for use against ovarian & breast cancers.
  • Which tree contains powerful chemical compounds that have been approved for use against ovarian & breast cancers.
  • Which tree contains powerful chemical compounds that have been approved for use against ovarian & breast cancers.

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About Your Host – Jason Prall

Jason Prall - HeadshotJason Prall is a health educator, practitioner, author, speaker, & filmmaker.

At 13 years old, Jason began dealing with his own chronic health conditions and for the last 21 years, he’s dedicated his life to researching and sharing the wisdom he’s gathered from all over the globe.

In 2018, Jason traveled to over 10 countries to create “The Human Longevity Project”, a 9-part film series that uncovers the true nature of chronic disease in our modern world.
Jason loves to explore the intersection of ancient methods of healing and the latest, cutting-edge, scientific research.

Jason’s systems-based approach to learning led him to study the interconnected nature of chronobiology, social genomics, emotional trauma, immunology, the microbiome, mitochondrial medicine, happiness, metabolomics, Ayurveda, and more.

Through his private practice, Jason has helped his clients recover from some of the most complex cases of autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, mood disorders, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, chronic fatigue, and other elusive and unknown syndromes.

His work is grounded in peer-reviewed research, clinical case studies, and experiential wisdom. It centers on both proven, ancient healing modalities alongside cutting-edge, breakthrough therapeutics and technologies.

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