The Healthy Love Show

The Healthy Love Show

Do you crave a healthy partnership but feel like it’s never the right time?

So many women are in this space right now, navigating major life transitions like a career change, a big move, retirement, or divorce etc.

With so much in flux, they feel like the love they desire has become further out of reach.

Does this feel familiar?

The Healthy Love Show was created specifically for high-achieving women like you who crave a healthy, loving partnership and are navigating some major milestone moments.

Why Attend The Health Love Show?

You may be thinking, “yeah I’ve been to a series on love before…what else is there to know?”

This series devoted entirely to naming & addressing the most common blindspots most of us carry around creating healthy love.

The reason you haven’t created lasting healthy love yet is not that you haven’t wanted it badly enough or done significant work.

There are, simply put, a few key areas of knowledge & embodied practices that most people don’t talk about that will powerfully close the gap between you and healthy love.

This series is for women who know that they want:

  • A connected, juicy, healthy committed relationship
  • A joyful life rich with meaningful friends
  • Abundant, aligned work
  • A family that lights up your world
  • To eradicate the blocks that have kept her from aligned partnership
  • To heal past traumas + heartbreaks to empower intimate connection now
  • To regulate her nervous system + evolve her attachment style so she shows up secure
  • To unhook from society’s timelines + expectations to manifest the life of her dreams (even amidst big life transitions!)

…And who sometimes wonder if it’s possible to have it all.

When we learn to embrace these & stay open to possibilities, there is joy waiting on the other side…

Often more so than we’d ever imagined!

During the Health Love Show, you'll get the precise practices and principles to create the exact love & life of your dreams.

This series breaks down how to step into radical levels of self-love & alignment so you feel how truly worthy you are of your most aligned love & life and have the exact tools to call it in with certainty.

You’ll walk away feeling empowered with certainty that creating the healthy love & joyful life you want is absolutely possible, & equipped with the exact tools you need to make them happen.

About Your Host – Anastasia Frank

Anastasia discovered that times of transition like these are actually the perfect time to plant the seeds of what you desire most in love & life …despite what others think.

Following a painful divorce and a battle with breast cancer in her early 30s, Anastasia also felt maybe having healthy love, and a joyful life with a family of her own just wasn’t possible.

But after moving through the grief of these experiences & embarking on a path of deep healing, she was able to give birth to a beautiful baby boy named Sasha (something doctors told her would be impossible after chemo) and call in an aligned & loving partnership!

Now Anastasia wants to support you in creating miracles like these… so that you too can move through this season of change to build your greatest love & life yet.

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