Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit 2023

Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit

Hair loss is a symptom that something is out of balance in your body that needs to be addressed.

But it’s not too late to take control!

During Healthy Body, Healthy Hair: The Truth About Hair Loss 2023 Summit, you'll learn root-cause solutions to protect, regrow and love your hair!

What You'll Learn During the 2023 Health Body, Healthy Hair Summit

Seeing clumps of hair clogging the shower drain is scary…

The struggle and pain are real, and you are not alone.

Hair loss can have a big impact on your self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Many people facing hair loss suffer in silence, with feelings that can make it difficult to seek help because they are embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they are experiencing hair loss.

But the truth is, hair loss is not a sign of weakness or a lack of self-care…

Hair thinning is a big issue that can affect anyone – regardless of age, race or gender.

There are many types of hair loss and over 50 root causes, many of which go overlooked by doctors.

Are your hair loss struggles pointing to other health issues?

The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair: The Truth About Hair Loss could help you:

  • Identify hidden health imbalances causing hair loss
  • Explore inflammatory, hormonal, digestive & stress-induced causes of hair loss
  • Harness nutrition, detoxification & protocols to support hair growth & strength
  • Maintain healthy hair after weight loss, toxic exposure or any stressful events
  • Crack the correlation between hair loss & viral infections such as EBV & COVID-19
  • Learn epigenetic modifications that have a significant impact on hair growth or loss
  • Save time & money with the right lab work & resources to get started
  • And more!

The Relationship Between Nutrition and Healthy Hair

Multiple factors contribute to hair loss, including nutrition.

Nutrition has a lot to do with hair health and strength…

That's because scalp-hair-follicles have a very high and active metabolism, exhibit very high cellular turnover and demand an enormous amount of energy – all of which require adequate nutrient consumption and ABSORPTION.

If you are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), you might experience nutrient deficiencies that might be responsible for hair loss.

And even if you’re eating all the right foods, factors like stress and poor nutrient absorption can divert essential nutrients away from your scalp to more vital organs, such as your heart, leaving less nourishment for hair growth.

In addition, common medications can deplete nutrients and interfere with your metabolism, which provides the energy needed for hair growth.

Are you getting and absorbing the nutrients you need?

Remember, your best practice on the path to minimizing hair loss and improving hair health is to take a holistic approach to your overall wellness. When you treat your mind and body with consistent and targeted self-care your skin, scalp, and hair will thank you!

Learn how to bring your body into balance and take control of your hair health.

The Relationship Between Gut Health and Hair Loss

Did you know that hair loss can be related to what’s going on in your gut?

New science is showing that a healthy microbiome is vital for healthy hair, even for cases of alopecia.

Hair is built from nutrients the body can efficiently digest and absorb, and autoimmune hair loss can be a result of unresolved, chronic inflammation.

An imbalanced gut microbiome starts the process of permeability that leads to leaky gut, a compromised gut barrier that facilitates inflammation.

Are your hair loss problems a symptom that your microbiome is out of balance?

It’s not too late to take control!

With over 45 hair health experts, Julie Olson will reveal over 50 root causes of hair loss, including how digestive issues impact hair growth and loss. You’ll learn how you can rebalance your microbiome along with a variety of safe, effective methods to help regrow your hair naturally.

Register now and save the date to learn from the following expert talks:

  • Connecting the Dots Between Hair Loss, Autoimmunity, Gut and Brain Health with Dr. Peter Kan
  • How SIBO Impacts Hair Loss: Conquering SIBO and Alopecia with Shivan Sarna
  • Unpacking the Connection Between Gut Health in Hair Growth and Loss with Evan Brand
  • Link Between Inflammatory Load and Hair Loss with James LaValle
  • Insider Tips: Overcoming Nutrient Deficiencies and Food Sensitivities with Chef James Barry
  • PLUS many more expert talks on resolving hair loss naturally!

Different hair problems have different causes and require different steps to conquer them. That’s why a functional medicine and nutrition approach to hair loss can be long-lasting – because it offers natural root cause resolutions.

This knowledge, that not many practitioners share, will inspire and give you the ability to make informed decisions for a healthier body and a happier head of hair!

Why Attend the Healthy Body, Healthy Hair 2023 Summit

Hair thinning is a commonly experienced and increasingly widespread issue that can affect anyone – regardless of age, race or gender. Early detection and management is crucial, as hair loss can indicate underlying health concerns. Furthermore, if left unaddressed, it can result in scarring of the scalp hair follicles, making it almost impossible for hair to regrow.

Offering more than just a solution to thinning hair, this upcoming event aims to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair by getting to the root(s) of the problem. While exploring the latest scientific research on resolving hair loss, our experts will reveal a comprehensive approach that doesn’t rely on lifelong medications, painful treatments, or expensive hair products that only provide temporary solutions. You’ll gain insight into underlying causes you may have overlooked, and learn safe, effective methods that can assist in regrowing your hair naturally and provide hope for a healthier body and a happier head of hair!

This groundbreaking hair health summit takes a holistic, functional medicine and nutrition approach, which is sure to revolutionize the billion-dollar hair industry. You will be empowered to take control of your hair health and boost its vitality, beauty and resilience. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance the health of your hair and body!

Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit Trailer Video

Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

When you register for the “Healthy Body, Healthy Hair” 2023 summit, you'll get access to several free gifts including:

Gift #1: Healthy Hair Regrowth: Strategies for Regrowing Your Hair Naturally Roadmap

Do you lose copious amounts of hair in the shower?

Are you concerned about thinning and/or bald spots?

This roadmap can help guide you out of hair loss.

When you understand that healthy hair growth is dependent on a healthy body, you can get started inspecting the everyday habits that may have contributed to your situation.

With the strategies and resources this 28-page roadmap provides, you’ll gain insight into your type of hair loss, why you want to address it ASAP, and where and how to get started on your regrowth journey!

Step by step, this roadmap will walk you through:

  • Causes and risk factors for thinning hair
  • Four main functional root causes of hair loss
  • How to identify your type of hair loss
  • Looking at your lab results through a functional medicine lens
  • 5R Framework to support hair regrowth
  • Top foods that help & hurt hair growth

Ready to look and feel amazing again?

Gift #2: “Healthy Hair Recipes” eBook

Is your body getting the nutrients it needs for hair growth and maintenance?

Discover 27 hair-healthy recipes (along with helpful notes and substitutions) for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Your body needs a variety of nutrients to grow healthy hair.

In fact, nutrient deficiencies are the #1 cause of hair loss!

In this 33-page cookbook, you’ll find recipes that have been handpicked to include the top nutrients for hair growth and maintenance.

Julie Olson’s Healthy Hair Recipes include:

  • Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie
  • Zucchini Turkey Breakfast Skillet
  • Kale & Red Pepper Frittata
  • Golden Turmeric Latte
  • Energy Bar Snacks
  • Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad
  • 15 Minute Shrimp & Cabbage Stir Fry
  • And 20 more hair-healthy recipes

PLUS Julie’s 7-day meal plan and shopping list are included to make it easy to get started.

Reclaim your health and hair by giving your body the nutrients it needs with these incredible recipes!

Gift #3: “Stopping Hair Loss” eGuide

Does regrowing your hair back naturally sound too good to be true?

Fortunately, new science is on your side!

It is possible to reclaim your health and hair to look and feel your very best!

Learn a whole new approach to prevent further hair loss and regrow your hair, naturally!

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to hair loss.

Different people experience different types of hair loss that require different methods to resolve it.

For some people, the answer might be as simple as giving the body extra nutritional support…

For others, it could mean addressing inflammation, food sensitivities or gut dysfunction…

Unfortunately, the common treatment options those struggling with hair loss often turn to first can be as devastating as losing your hair. These are not the answer because they comb over underlying root causes.

So before you commit to lifelong medications, pricey painful procedures or expensive hair products, learn how to determine your type of hair loss and why (and how!) you must address it ASAP.

Discover a whole new approach to prevent further hair loss and regrow your hair without medication.

Gift #4: “10 Warning Signs Your Gut Is a Mess” eBook

Did you know that there is a huge connection between your gut health and your hair health?

Healthy hair growth begins from the inside-out and is dependent on good gut health. In fact, digestive problems often show up externally as skin irritation, breakouts and hair loss.

Learn about the top warning signs of gut problems and find out what you can do to support your gut health.

Your digestive system is essential for breaking down food into nutrients that can be absorbed and used by the body, and its health has a significant impact on your overall well-being, including your hair health.

Gut problems such as dysbiosis, constipation, indigestion and inflammation can all lead to hair loss, dry itchy skin and scalp, dandruff, overly oily hair and scalp … and even more serious issues down the line if left unchecked.

These are all ways your body could be telling you that something out of balance in your body needs to be addressed.

In this eGuide, you’ll discover 10 signs that your gut needs support and eight precautionary measures you can take to positively impact your gut health and your hair’s health and vitality.

You’ll also find three simple recipes you can easily start incorporating into your daily routine to jump-start your gut health.

About Your 2023 Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit Host

Julie Olson - HeadshotJulie Olson is a triple-certified functional medicine nutritionist.

After struggling with hair loss, digestive issues, Epstein-Barr virus and autoimmunity, doctors told her there was nothing she could do about it naturally. Unconvinced, she made it her mission to restore her health with natural solutions and to help others do the same. With over 10 years of experience working with functional and integrative practitioners, she has helped thousands of people transform their health. She is known to investigate, discover and communicate root cause resolutions to rebuild health and naturally regrow hair. Founder of Fortitude Functional Nutrition, she specializes in female hair loss, gut health and gluten issues, and offers personalized programs that yield long-lasting results.

Julie is a board-certified functional medicine practitioner, board-certified holistic nutritionist, certified nutritionist, certified gluten-free practitioner, and graduate of the University of Colorado and Huntington University of Health Sciences. She also has extensive training through the Institute of Functional Medicine, is a research geek, and has authored numerous articles and a peer-reviewed published abstract.

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