The Healing Kitchen Docuseries

The Healing Kitchen Docuseries

According to many indigenous cultures around the world, the plants and the natural world have a language.

We used to intimately know this language. We knew that plants, and the potent medicine within them, could heal us. Through trial and error (and probably some plain old intuition), we learned how to mix certain herbs into our food to create satisfying and protective meals.

This is the true origin of the human flavor palette.

And while many of us may have forgotten about this truth on a conscious level, every cell in our body still knows this to be true, because our co-evolution with vegetables, fruits, herbs and fungi makes us inter-reliant on one another for our survival.

Just as the ancients knew, when we consume a plant, our body knows exactly what to do with it and how to extract the greatest benefit. And there are many of them…

Plants (including many of those we put on our dinner plate) have been evolving on this earth long before man ever walked here. The first land-plant fossils date back to around 400 million years ago; while the homo sapien’s earliest appearance has been traced to a mere 200 thousand years ago.

Our green friends are sentient beings that have so much to teach us. Are you ready to listen?

During “Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine,” you'll learn more about the world’s most promising medicinal plant-based foods… And how they can be used to heal the mind, body and spirit from today’s most prevalent diseases.

Why Watch The “Healing Kitchen” Movie Documentary Series

Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature, and found that there was a shared empathy between human beings and plant life—just as exists between all life forms. And many cultures have organized this bond into a complete system of medicinal foods, such as the Ayurvedic system of India.

This sacred relationship with wild and consciously grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and fungi is our birthright, and has much to offer if we take the time to explore it.

Planting, growing, harvesting and preparing food is one of the most intimate traditions we are capable of as humans. It’s considered a spiritual act in many cultures around the world – one that asks us to honor both the ingredients and ourselves.

Are you ready to nourish your body, mind and spirit?

What You'll Learn From “Healing Kitchen” Documentary Series

Each episode is beautifully filmed and jam-packed with powerful recipes and ancient remedies that will turn your kitchen into a personal sanctuary of natural wellness and true nourishment….

And help you possibly overcome many health challenges, whether they be physical, mental or spiritual.

In the “Healing Kitchen” Documentary movie series you’ll discover:

  • How to create plant-based healing recipes that target specific health conditions and vital systems within your body
  • How to support your microbiome and rethink diet, so that rather than eating for one, you’re eating for several trillion
  • Ancient kitchen remedies that improve brain function and memory, even in patients with cognitive impairment
  • Healing dishes that help prevent and heal some of the most prevalent diseases of our time including Alzheimer’s and dementia, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disorders and long list of other illnesses
  • How eating vibrant foods can improve your skin health, hair health and overall complexion, supporting the aging process
  • Plant-based foods that addresses the real source of hormone imbalance, infertility, and low libido
  • And much more!

When you watch the Healing Kitchen movie docuseries, you’ll meet a fun and inspiring group of experts, from farm to table chefs, herbalists, and wild food foragers, to small farmers, natural doctors, holistic nutritionists and more!

Exploring Beliefs About Food's Ability to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit

Have you ever asked yourself what your beliefs are surrounding the food you eat? And if you have firm beliefs already – where did they come from?

It’s crazy how often we go about our lives on autopilot, never questioning the impulses and cravings we have.

With all the busy-ness of modern life, things just seem to happen – almost as if they’re out of our control… The lack of hours in a day seems to govern what we do, and the body’s hunger signals can feel like a constant nag that we don’t have time for.

This sense of time scarcity can impact our choices at the supermarket and even color the way we think about food.

This may be what gave rise to the invention of TV dinners and fast food joints in the early 1900s, which dramatically changed the way our country thought about food. Daunting meal planning and preparations finally had a convenient solution.

But even though they saved us a little time, the way these “conveniences” changed the food industry and people’s beliefs about food, did far more harm than good.

People are consuming nutrient-stripped foods that simply fill their bellies, spending a good portion of their day in front of a computer under artificial lighting, and slowly, becoming sick.

The constant demands of modern life have disconnected us from our bodies, the Earth, and our innate sense of knowingness. All of this is making us sick, anxious and unhappy.

The very answers to these problems could be found by:

  • Taking the time to be present
  • Connecting with ourselves
  • Connecting with the food that nourishes us

It’s time we remember how vital food is to our health, happiness and longevity.

During “The Healing Kitchen” documentary you'll learn how to create a deeper relationship with the food you eat and learn about the potent medicine it holds.

Whether you want to explore individual plant-based foods or learn how to combine them into delicious healing dishes, this series is going to wow you. Each of the nine episodes in Healing Kitchen is jam-packed with delicious medicinal recipes that you can create in your own home!

Food is medicine, and not just in the literal way of offering our bodies the vital nutrients they need. The care that goes into growing whole foods is also its own form of medicine. And there is medicine too in the actual creation of a meal — an act that shouldn’t feel like a burden, but should rather allow the space for you to act on inspiration.

What you put into your body affects everything, from your energy levels and mood to the functioning of your immune system and your overall longevity. And the energy and intention that goes into creating and consuming your meals may have a greater impact on your health than you’re aware of.

The Truth About What Makes Us Healthy

Most of us grew up thinking that our doctors always knew what was best for our health.

But we’re in the midst of a massive sea change when it comes to wellness. More and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers.

People are starting to take their health back into their own hands, and REAL medicines are beginning to emerge in the form of: healthy living, exercise, mindfulness and… drum roll please…

Wholesome, organic, consciously-created, plant-based food!

For decades, people have written off medicinal food and simple kitchen remedies as being ineffective for anything serious…

And we were wrong.

The research is in and it looks like a natural helper for just about every disease (big and small) may exist in medicinal superfoods and healing herbs!

We’re talking about cancer, Alzheimer’s, infertility, obesity, depression, auto-immune disorders – you name it.

The “Healing Kitchen” movie documentary series explores some of the world’s most promising medicinal foods and how they can be used to prevent and heal disease.

The natural medicines that are used in these healing foods can’t be patented and therefore the big drug companies can’t make any money from selling them… which is why we’re not being told about them.

Sadly, “A pill for an ill” has become the mantra for modern medicine. Many western doctors will never cite food as a possible solution to your ailments — even though it’s been saving human lives for thousands of years.

Long story short, this food-based medicine revolution will not be televised. It’s up to you to empower yourself with the knowledge of these safe and effective natural alternatives.

This is more than just a fascinating and educational docuseries. This information might very well save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

It’s time for us to take control of our health and truly thrive in this life.

It all starts with sharing powerful resources like this series and spreading this natural healing knowledge to those we care about.

The Relationship Between Food and Immune Health

The immune system has perhaps never been more present in our collective consciousness than in today’s post-pandemic world. But we’re still just discovering how complex and intelligent this system within us truly is.

Your immune system is at work every single day, not just when you’re feeling symptomatic.

We're constantly breathing in and swallowing potential pathogenic organisms, viruses, and bacteria, and that’s putting it lightly. These microorganisms are everywhere… we're drinking them, we're eating them, and we're breathing them in…

How do we keep ourselves safe and healthy?

Well, our immune system largely determines how well our body is going to handle this constant influx of germs… S

o it’s absolutely vital that we nourish and support our immune system in every way possible – and one of the best ways to do that is with the food we eat.

In the past, most immunity research focused on things like white blood cells and antibodies, and while these are an important piece of the puzzle, it turns out that we've been missing the most critical piece for decades…

We now know that nutrient content is considered to be a key factor in the immune response to a variety of illnesses and diseases.

Good nutrition not only fuels your immune function and creates the building blocks needed to produce antibodies, cytokines, and receptor cells, it also provides your body with compounds that possess specific antibacterial or antiviral functions.

For example, you've probably heard about the importance of vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin, and zinc, when fighting off a cold or other virus…

Food is one of the greatest medicines for nourishing robust and resilient immune function.

But what nutrients does your immune system need to function optimally?

During the documentary series, “Healing Kitchen,” you'll explore ancient and modern recipes and knowledge to give your immune system a real boost.

Health and Our Microbiome

The Healing Kitchen movie docuseries also delves into the importance of the microbiome: the vast colonies of microorganisms that live inside and outside of our bodies.

There are literally trillions of these bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and others living right now within your system, and they have been cohabiting the bodies of human beings for millions of years.

In fact, our very lives depend upon the well being of these vast colonies of microorganisms!

And get this… our immune system is so integrated with our microbiome that it's almost impossible to figure out where your immune system ends and where your microbiome begins.

These civilizations of microorganisms are often able to help your immune system protect the health of your entire body.

It’s safe to say that your immunity is strongly tied to the health of your microbiome.

And one of the best ways to support your microbiome is to eat foods that nourish it.

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