Biology of Trauma Summit 4.0: Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies: Unlocking the Attachment - Health Connection

Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies: Unlocking the Attachment – Health Connection

During “Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies” (Biology of Trauma 4.0), you'll explore the connection between attachment trauma and chronic disease and unlock the body's remarkable healing capabilities.

What is different about this summit is it addresses the biology of attachment.

You will learn not just that attachment and our physical health as adults is connected, but how.

Rather than one solution, the Biology of Trauma 4.0 “Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies” Summit shares how to integrate several different approaches, modalities, including the biology and neurodevelopment piece of attachment.

Why Attend The “Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies” Summit

Attachment wounds and attachment pain create a biology of trauma underneath the surface. The knowledge and tools you will learn will transform your healing journey.

Each day, you get access to expert interviews, training, clinical case studies, assessment forms, experiential exercises and more. These will be practical tools and techniques that you can apply in your own life and in your practice (for professionals).

Here's just a few reasons why the Biology of Trauma 4.0 “Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies” is different:

  • A comprehensive integration of 3 approaches to address mind, heart and body
  • Experiential guided exercises are included to help you go beyond just learning
  • The largest focus is on The Biology of Attachment Trauma, which goes further than approaches focused purely on mind or emotions
  • Specific training on health conditions like autoimmunity, digestive disorders, etc. is offered
  • Case studies and assessments are shared that go far beyond just interviews

What You'll Learn During “Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies” – The Biology of Truama 4.0

You will learn about:

  • The Critical Neurodevelopmental Gaps in Early Childhood That Contribute to Insecure Attachment
  • How Attachment and Neurodevelopment Create Chronic Illness And Which Ones
  • How to Measure Early Dysregulation Through Current Symptoms
  • Attachment, Grief, and Their Roles In Chronic Disease
  • Polyvagal Theory applied to The Biology of Attachment and Chronic Health
  • Global High-Intensity Activation- what is it and how to recognize it
  • The Link Between Attachment and Autoimmunity
  • The Most Common Biochemical Imbalances in those with an insecure attachment
  • The Patterns of Metabolic Chaos that a Result of Childhood Stress and Trauma
  • The Reason For The Connection Between Attachment and Chronic Fatigue
  • Assessment Forms to Assess Attachment Trauma Patterns
  • The Essential Sequence to Addressing Stored Attachment Trauma in The Body
  • How Parts Work, Somatic Work, and Even Essential Oils Can Help You Heal!
  • Helpful Labs To Order For Assessing The Impact of Early Dysregulation

Summit Schedule: Healing Hearts & Healing Bodies

Day 1: Biology of Attachment Foundation

  • “The 3 Critical Gaps From Early Childhood You May Be Missing- Attachment, Neurodevelopment, and How To Recognize and Fix What Went Wrong” – Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “The Stored Muscle Memory Of Powerlessness” – Interview with Peter Levine! Available to view for Transformation
  • “The Rope Test” – A simple test for attachment style with Dr. Aimie
  • “Assessing Attachment-Related Trauma” – Case Study Training with a Biology of Trauma® Professional and Dr. Aimie
    Global High Intensity Activation – With Biology of Trauma® Professional, Laura Bautista

Day 2: Early Dysregulation

  • “Polyvagal Theory and Attachment” – Interview with Stephen Porges
  • “How I Numbed My Feelings After Childhood Trauma and Attachment Patterns” – A brief video with Dr. Aimie
  • “Chronic Functional Freeze from Common Childhood Parenting Mistakes” – Interview with Irene Lyon
  • “Early Life Heart Shocks, Impact on Mind, Body and Parts” – Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “How To Differentiate Between A Strong Pull To The Freeze Response vs. GHIA” – Dr. Aimie
  • “Presentation of Clients with Global High Intensity Action” – Training with Biology of Trauma® Professionals, Becky Dawson and Anne Connor

Day 3: Neurodevelopment and Attachment

  • “The Link Between Attachment and Autoimmunity” – Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “Assessing Neurodevelopmental Gaps & Tummy Time” – Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “Tummy Crawl Assessment” – Case Study with Dr. Aimie
  • “The Biology of Secure Attachment” – Interview with Diane Poole-Heller
  • “Supporting the Level Midbrain” – Training with Biology of Trauma® Professionals Becky Dawson and Anne Connor

Day 4: Attachment and Chronic Illness

  • “Attachment and IBS” – Training of Advanced Professional Students with Dr. Aimie
  • “Metabolic Chaos as a Result of Chronic Stress and Trauma from Childhood” – Interview with Reed Davis
  • “Attachment, Childhood, Chronic Fatigue” – Interview with Alex Howard
  • “6 Attachment Pains and Their Common Health Issues” – Attachment Module Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “Parts and Chronic Illness” – Interview with Dick Schwartz

Day 5: Attachment, Grief and Parts

  • “Grief and Attachment Trauma” – The most challenging types of grief (attachment, absent) – Grief Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “Grief and Trauma” – Interview with Gabor Maté
  • “Grief Parts Work” – A Session with a Biology of Trauma® Advanced Professional in Training, Kimberly Erickson
  • “Attachment Pains and Adaptive Parts” – All Parts Of Me Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “Using the NARM Style Assessments to Assess Trauma Patterns” – Case Study with Dr. Aimie

Day 6: Attachment and the Body

  • “Overview of Attachment Adaptations” with Dr. Aimie
  • “Cravings and Addictions Equal Insights to out Biochemistry” – Mentor Hours for Advanced Professionals with Dr. Aimie
  • “Emotional Eating and Grief and Attachment” – Mentor Hours for Advanced Professionals with Dr. Aimie
  • “Applied Neuroscience For Creating An Immediate Sense of Safety After Fear & Loss” – Interview with Jodi Cohen
  • “Working with Syndromes through Somatic Experiencing” – Interview with Peter Levine
  • “Guiding a Mind-Body Dialogue in the Somatic Attachment Workshop” – Somatic Exercise with Dr. Aimie
  • “#1 Supplement to Consider for Attachment Issues” – with Dr. Aimie

Day 7: Integration for Healing Attachment Trauma

  • “Trauma Work & Window of Tolerance” – Training with Biology of Trauma Professionals Becky Dawson and Anne Connor
  • “The 3 Elements to Increasing Capacity” – Training with Dr. Aimie
  • “The Essential Sequence to Addressing Stored Trauma in the Body” – with Dr. Aimie
  • “Learn When and Why the Body Says No” – Interview with Gabor Maté

About Your Host – Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Dr. Aimie ApigianDouble-board certified physician in Preventive and Addiction Medicine with double Master’s degrees in biochemistry and public health, Dr. Aimie Apigian is
the leading medical expert on how trauma becomes our biology and what to do once it creates a chronic health condition.

Yet her inspiration comes from her personal experiences. Becoming a foster parent and adopting during medical school, and then experiencing her own health crisis in her early 30s, she has been on a journey to find practical tools and solutions, beyond the diagnoses, pills, and traditional therapies that weren’t addressing the root problem.

She now hosts a podcast, a YouTube channel, and online Summits working closely with experts in the health and trauma space. She speaks around the
world, leads groups through her programs to address stored trauma in the body, and teaches practitioners to do the same in her Biology of Trauma® online

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May 16 - 20 2024


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