The Game Has Changed - With Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

The Game Has Changed – With Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

So many people that hate what they do for a living…

And if you're candid with yourself, you probably have lost count of just how many people

Maybe you’re even a part of that number?

Or maybe you’re someone who enjoyed their job for a time…

But now you want:

  • More freedom with finances, time, and even location
  • More joy in your life
  • More flexibility in your schedule
  • To set your own schedule
  • Travel more often and more abundantly
  • And really just do something you LOVE instead of something you settled for

To help you make that shift, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are facilitating a free live event called, “The Game Has Changed.”

This is not just your average webinar or event. This is a “state of the union” hosted by two of the most legendary entrepreneurs in the world who are going to walk you… step by step… through the 2024 blueprint for creating a life, career or business you love.

Why Attend the 2024 “Game Has Changed” Event

Between AI, new technology, inflation, the economy, and all the crazy stuff in the outside world… it’s clear the rules of success have changed drastically from even just last year.

And this has created a massive opportunity to accelerate ahead or fall way behind.

The Game Has Changed - Free Live Event with Tony Robbins and Dean GraziosiBecause you're reading this, you clearly want to be a part of the group that gets ahead.

The thing is, most people think that the only way to win in today’s economy is to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else.

And contrary to popular belief, that's actually not the best way to win… in fact, Tony and Dean say it's both wrong and detrimental to your success.

Think of it like catching a wave…

If you’re too far out ahead the wave crashes on you and you wipe out. If you’re behind the wave, you miss it and end up stuck out in the ocean.

The sweet spot? One step ahead. That’s all you need.

The Game Has Changed” is where Tony, Dean, and some guest experts are going to reveal their brand new 2024 playbook to meet the world where it’s heading and how you can tap into your next level of success in life, career & business.

An event with Tony & Dean usually costs between $397 to $797 a ticket but Tony and Dean have decided to stick with the theme of “changing the game” and are actually doing the entire 3-day event (About 3 hrs a day) absolutely free of charge. No strings attached.

This is a rare opportunity to learn brand new strategies at the perfect time in history from two of the greatest mentors of our generation.

Tony and Dean have dedicated the majority of their lives to helping people from all walks of life – stay at home moms, accountants, yoga instructors, life coaches, business owners, fortune 500 CEOs and everyone in between – gain the right tactics, skills & expertise to truly thrive while others survive.

What You'll Learn During the 2024 “Game Has Changed” Event

Once in a generation, something so profound comes along that allows you to be one step ahead, to meet the world where it is going, and to live into your full potential.

This is your opportunity to do something you truly enjoy, something you love while leveraging innovation and trends.

In just 3 days, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and some really smart friends of theirs are going to show you how to take a passion, skill or life experience – and turn it into a product or business.

What they are going to reveal changes the game forever…

And they will show you how to make it more attainable than ever to do your own thing and create another level of success, in significantly less time and with the confidence to make it real and make it last.

It’s time you control what you do, how you live and the level of success you desire (no matter how the economy shifts).

This is a 3-day, totally immersive experience that will outline the path to:

  • Safeguard your income and/or business from inflation & a shifting economy
  • Fall in love with what you do all over again or maybe for the very first time
  • Build a low margin, high return product into your portfolio
  • Create deeper impact & more revenue using the most valuable asset you already own

These are two guys who have been in the “sell what you know” industry longer than most anyone alive. Not only do they know how to get started and create success…

They also understand how to adapt and meet the world where it’s going so there’s no chance you get left behind with all the changes in tech, AI, inflation, etc.

Why not go all in on something you love, while simultaneously tapping into a career that has no glass ceiling?

(Especially when you can ride this success wave completely free.)

Watch the Game Has Changed Trailer Video

And with regards to “The Game Has Changed,” Tony Robbins explains why he believes we've been lied to:

Who Should Attend the 2024 “Game Has Changed”

Do you want to be one step ahead of the competition in 2024?

The Game Has Changed” is where you'll get insights into the unfair advantage and a competitive edge that will help you meet the world and your market where it’s heading (rather than waiting & struggling to catch up).

This event is especially designed for three types of people (which one are you?):

  1. “The Investigator” – You’re in a career that doesn’t serve you, you know there has to be more for you out there and you’re starting to explore what new options are available to you.
  2. “The Part Timer” – You’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, you know you want to do your own thing but you haven’t been able to fully commit yet because you’re not sure what the best path is for you.
    “The Owner” – You already have a business of your own and now you’re looking for that edge to get one step ahead of the rest of the world (plus you wouldn’t mind pouring your energy into something that you actually LOVE, while earning a little extra too)

No matter how busy you are, investing just 2 1/2 hours a day, for these three days, will produce dividends and a return on your time investment (no cost, it's free) for the rest of your life.

Think of it this way:

  • You can struggle and guess your way through the next few years, hoping you’re one of the lucky businesses that thrives despite insane inflation, new technology, AI, etc.
  • Or you can take action, spend a few hours of your life learning how to get ahead in today’s landscape and secure your future, your income and your success.

You owe it to your future self, as well as your family and loved ones, to make it to this event and give it your 100% full and undivided attention.

Trailer Video #2: “The Game Has Changed” – With Tony Robbins

About Your Teachers

Is there anyone alive today that understands how the game has changed better than Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi?

These two have spent the last 5 years studying world and economic shifts, analyzing trends and outlining the path to success in today’s economy. To say they’re prepared for what’s coming is an understatement.

They are one massive step ahead of everyone else.

Tony and Dean gave me a little sneak peek into the new 2024 game plan they put together, the one that outlines how to win in today’s economy. And dang… it blew my mind.

Even better, they’re revealing it all for the first time during their brand new “The Game Has Changed” Virtual Live Event.

About Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins HeadshotTony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life & business strategist. He has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars. For more than four and a half decades, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Tony’s business and personal development events.

He is the author of six international bestselling books, a global philanthropist, is involved in over 100 privately held businesses (with combined sales exceeding $7 billion a year), and is a leader who personally coaches top entertainers, US Presidents, athletes, and business leaders to help them reach their greatest potential, personally and professionally.

Watch 7 Inspiring Business, Leadership, and Management Quotes from Tony Robbins

About Dean Graziosi

Dean is now a multiple New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and educator. He has started or played a major role in over 14 successful companies that have changed lives all around the world.

The methods Dean Graziosi teaches have been tested and proven to work by thousands of students. And he always maintains that anyone can achieve success and impact with the right tools and knowledge as long as they are willing to take uncomfortable action.

Dean is also deeply passionate about philanthropy. He regularly donates to countless charitable causes around the world. In the past he has raised and donated over $1,000,000 to different organizations like the ALS Association and Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite. Dean also founded “Operation Free Home” in 2007, a program that provides people in need with a home to live in, free for one year, to help them get back on their feet.

In just the last few years Dean has donated over 8,000,000 meals to Feeding America to help feed families in need, he has built multiple schools in Africa with the great help of Village Impact and has even just recently donated $500,000 to help liberate children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation through Operation underground Railroad.

Guest Teachers & Speakers

Previous speakers: Lisa Nichols, Brendon Burchard, Ed Mylett, Marie Forleo, Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, and Glo Atanm  supported Tony & Dean previously during the Tony and Dean's annual event.

Stay tuned to find out who this year's guest speakers are!

Frequently Asked Questions About the 2024 “Game Has Changed” Event

When does “The Game Has Changed” take place?

The 2024 “Game Has Changed” event takes place from June 13th – June 15th, 2024 for about 2 1/2 hours each day.

Who can participate in The Game Has Changed Event?

It is 100% free so anybody can participate as long as they have a working internet connection and register with their name and email address.

How much does “The Game Has Changed” Event Cost to Join?

It is 100% free. You can also upgrade your event experience to receive additional benefits, including recordings of the event and more.

How do I sign up for The Game Has Changed Event?

You can register here for free.

Who teaches The Game Has Changed Event?

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are your primary facilitators. You'll also be supported by several guest speakers.

What Is the Main Focus of the 2024 “The Game Has Changed” Event?

The event focuses on providing a new 2024 playbook for creating a fulfilling life, career, or business by leveraging new opportunities in the changing economic and technological landscape.

Who Are the Target Audiences for The Game Has Changed?

The event is designed for three types of people: those seeking new career options, aspiring entrepreneurs, and current business owners looking for an edge.

What Unique Opportunities Does The Game Has Changed Offer?

Participants will learn to safeguard their income, build a low margin, high return product, and create deeper impact and revenue using their existing skills and knowledge.

How Will the Game Has Changed Help Attendees Deal With Current Economic Challenges?

The event provides strategies to adapt to changes in technology, AI, and inflation, ensuring attendees stay ahead and thrive despite economic shifts.

What Makes The Game Has Changed Different From Other Seminars or Webinars?

This event is a comprehensive, free, three-day immersive experience hosted by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, featuring new strategies and insights tailored for the current economic climate.

Is “The Game Has Changed” Really Free?

Yes! Register here for free.

What Does “The Game Has Changed” Even Mean?

Tony and Dean explain it in this short video:

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Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi
Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi