Engage the Shadow Summit 2022

Engage the Shadow Summit 2022

The Shadow is our often unwanted companion that lives in the unconscious. If never acknowledged and brought to our awareness, our Shadow may do more harm than good. However, when engaged the Shadow can bring its gold to us. The idea of the shadow is one of Carl Jung’s most well known contributions to psychology.

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What You'll Learn During the Engage the Shadow Summit 2022

  • What is the Shadow and how is it a part of our personal lives and society at large?
  • What is the function of the Shadow?
  • How can we recognize it in ourselves and learn its impact on our daily lives?
  • What is the benefit of integrating the Shadow parts of ourselves for our personal life’s journey?

The Shadow is one of the central concepts in Carl Jung’s psychology. The Shadow refers to the undeveloped and hidden aspects of oneself that have either been repressed or never recognized.

During the Engage the Shadow Summit, the knowledgeable panel of speakers will shed light on the concept of the Shadow. You will learn many practical tools of how to engage with the Shadow. We will go into the personal as well as collective Shadow, the Shadow in relationships, and how the Shadow manifests in dreams.

We encounter Shadow almost everyday in our waking life and in dreams. Feeling jealous of another person can indicate qualities of your own shadow that need to be claimed. Falling victim to someone’s misplaced aggression speaks to unintegrated shadow material. Not feeling worthy of love or not being capable of giving love is pointing to an unmet need that has been ignored.

Key Topics During the Engage the Shadow Summit

During the Free 4 – day summit you will:

  • Learn the concept of Shadow
  • Explore aspects of personal Shadow and how it shows up in day to day life
  • Learn about collective Shadow and its impact on society and the individual
  • Recognize the Shadow in close relationships with others
  • Gain awareness and practical tools to help you work with your own Shadow aspects

Benefits of Integrating Your Shadow

The theme of Shadow is a wildly popular subject in myths, books, movies and songs. However, not all Shadow carries destructive traits. Carl Jung believed that Shadow can be a great source of creativity once it is:

  • Realized
  • Accepted
  • Worked through
  • And finally integrated

The ugly frog knows where to find the golden ball. Or in Beauty and the Beast, it is the Beast who has a golden voice.

We invite you to join us on this journey to the dark side guided by our nine most knowledgeable faculty members, such as James Hollis, Tina Stromsted, Ashok Bedi and many others.

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Speaker Schedule – Engage the Shadow Summit 2022

Day 1: Nov. 10th, 2022

9am: Introduction to the Shadow” with James Hollis

One of the contributions of Carl Jung is the idea of the shadow. The shadow refers to the parts of ourselves we are unaware of. Those parts of our own being often act independently of our wills and can be threatening to our ego.

In this summit session world famous Jungian Analyst James Hollis offers an introduction to the shadow. The shadow in itself is not the problem, but it is how it plays out. We need to ask ourselves what does the shadow make us do and what does it keep us from doing?

As James Hollis will illustrate, shadow work helps us to become who we truly are by becoming ‘whole’.

In this session you will discover:

  • What the shadow is
  • Why shadow work is oftentimes uncomfortable to the ego
  • The importance of learning about your shadow

10am: “Shadow in Relationships” with Polly Young-Eisendrath

This session Buddhist and Jungian Analyst Polly Young-Eisendrath explores ways to deal with the shadow in relationships. She talks about a method she has pioneered called Real Dialogue, which is an effective way to deal with conflict. We tend to dehumanize the other, make the other an enemy, and devalue another person’s perspective when we feel unseen or unheard. Real Dialogue helps us to be aware of these destructive tendencies we bring into a relationship when we are emotional. Polly’s method helps to create a mindful space so that a real dialogue can take place.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How the Shadow appears in relationships
  • That creating a mindful space is allowing a real dialogue to take place
  • Three skills of Real Dialogue

11am: “The Shadow in Astrology” with Alexander von Schlieffen

Psychological astrology is a way to look at personality and its dynamics. Each of the planets has a light and shadow side. Besides that, the old notion was that Saturn represented the Shadow of a person in their chart. By understanding this area of the chart we would be able to find the rejected stone in our personality that could function as the cornerstone of the house of our personality. Masterful astrology teacher Alexander von Schlieffen gives you practical suggestions on how to identify this placement in your chart and ways to understand how this Shadow can affect your life. This is a session that is not to be missed!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How the Shadow appears in astrology
  • How Saturn often represents a Shadow side
  • That the Saturnal Shadow can be healed and transformed to a golden rock in our personality

Day 2: Nov. 11th, 2022

9am: “Shadow in Fairy Tales” with Dariane Pictet

This session with Jungian Analyst Dariane Pictet examines what we can learn about ourselves by reading fairy tales. Dariane will show that fairy tales contain deep lessons and can help us better understand human nature. Fairy tales give insight into the internal struggles we have in life and how this may play out in our own psychological development. They do also reveal dark sides of human nature, both individual and collective.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • What fairy tales reveal when looked at through a Jungian lens
  • What we can learn from fairy tales about the Shadow
  • How to do Shadow work based on fairy tales

10am: “The Shadow of Our Own Storytelling” with Craig Chalquist

In this session Depth Psychologist Craig Chalquist will illustrate the importance of storytelling, and how we live our stories. The stories we tell ourselves and others shape us more than we realize. They inform our behavior and our interactions with others as well as the world itself. We all tend to think of the key stories about ourselves and the world around us as solid truths, rather than fiction. And there we get stuck, in the literalizing of our own tales. This session explores why stories matter, how they shape our lives, and what the shadow aspect is of our own storytelling. Craig will end with some suggestions on how to get unstuck from our literalized truths by re-storying our lives.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Human beings tell stories all the time that co-create our own realities
  • Why de-literalizing stories can help us live a more creative and fulfilling life
  • How to re-story consciously (type of shadow work)

11am: “Shadow and the Body” with Tina Stromsted

In this session one of our beloved teachers Tina Stromsted focuses on how the Shadow manifests itself in the body, especially in the case of trauma. She’ll explore how we can access and work with these embodied Shadow states. Stromsted gives us examples on how we can do depth healing work through embodiment where we meet the elements of trauma and shadow through dreams, embodied active imagination, dance/movement & the creative arts therapies. She also explores how there are shadow elements in our addictive habitual patterns (not simply substances but a way of life that affects us all and impacts the planet). Through engaging the body we can bring creativity in life, nurture sexuality, develop the conscious/sacred feminine toward the sacred marriage, and live a meaningful, soulful, bodyful life!

In this session you’ll discover how:

  • Trauma gets stored in the body and becomes a Shadow aspect
  • Embodied creative states can release the negative Shadow
  • The body is an alchemical vessel where we can turn lead into gold

Day 3: Nov. 13th, 2022

9am: “The Shadow and Addiction” with Ashok Bedi

Carl Jung was instrumental in the founding of Alcoholic Anonymous (A.A.), even if Jung himself only learned about this at the end of his life. Jung thought that an alcoholic was searching for a spiritual experience and found that on a lower level in the spirits of the drink. In this session Jungian Analyst Ashok Bedi explores with us how the Shadow shows up in addictions. The dark Shadow almost completely overtakes a person who is under the spell of addiction. Bedi also shows how working with one’s Shadow is one of the ways out of the trap of addiction. A.A. is based on the 12 Steps program. Those working through addiction are facing deep Shadow work in the initial steps.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How the Shadow appears in addiction
  • How the spiritual side of a person has moved into the Shadow
  • Doing Shadow work is a way to get and stay sober

10am: “Shadow and Lucid Dreaming” with Charlie Morley

In this session Charlie Morley, Buddhist and Lucid Dream Teacher, talks about ways to deal with your Shadow. First, he talks about how the Shadow appears in dreams and next he goes into Shadow work. In this talk he combines wisdom from Tibetan Buddhism with Western psychology. He will explain how to use lucid dreaming to help you befriend your Shadow and unlock the inner gold which is your creative potential.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How the Shadow appears in dreams
  • Ways to engage with the Shadow while awake
  • How to embrace the Shadow in lucid dreams

11am: “A Critical Refection on the Shadow” with Patricia Berry

In this session Jungian Analyst and creative thinker Patricia Berry, is reflecting on Jung’s concept of the Shadow. She takes several intriguing positions on the Shadow. For example, she discovers what insights we gain when we take on the perspective of the Shadow itself.. She also looks at the Shadow when the sun shines directly above a person. In this case the person and the shadow are merging, while the person is not seeing their Shadow.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Ways that Carl Jung might have looked at the Shadow that aren’t that well known
  • What it suggests when a person is merged with the Shadow
  • Everything in life has a Shadow, and perhaps even the Shadow itself

4pm: “Unveiling Shadow Aspects in Dreams” Part 1 with Machiel Klerk

In this workshop Machiel will explore ways of engaging with the Shadow in dreams. One obvious way we meet Shadow figures is in our nightmares, and there is a lot of gold to mine out of this dark Shadow. Further, many dreams provide us with clues about our limiting beliefs, blindspots, and complexes. Dreams can be a psychological x-ray showing us what we didn’t know yet, and hardly could see otherwise. Join Machiel in unveiling, exploring and working with our Shadow in dreams.

Day 4: Nov. 13th, 2022

9am: “Unveiling Shadow Aspects in Dreams” Part 2 with Machiel Klerk

In this workshop Machiel will explore ways of engaging with the Shadow in dreams. One obvious way we meet Shadow figures is in our nightmares, and there is a lot of gold to mine out of this dark Shadow. Further, many dreams provide us with clues about our limiting beliefs, blindspots, and complexes. Dreams can be a psychological x-ray showing us what we didn’t know yet, and hardly could see otherwise. Join Machiel in unveiling, exploring and working with our Shadow in dreams.

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“Engage the Shadow” 2022 Summit Wrapup

We have designed this summit to help you navigate through the realm of Shadow with a better understanding of its core principles.

In the first three days of the summit our teachers will share different perspectives, knowledge and practical tools working with personal and collective shadow aspects in day to day life, in relationship with others, as well as your dreaming life.

On the last day of the summit you are invited to join our live session with Machiel Klerk followed by Q&A. The live session will explore the theme of the shadow further and provide you with an embodied experience. You will learn to recognize the shadow, whether it is in waking life or dream life, and integrate it to help your personal development.

“Engage the Shadow” Summit 2022 – What To Expect

During the weeks leading up to the summit, you can expect emails from the summit producer.

On summit days (November 10 – 13, 2022) you will receive a daily email, an hour or two before the first session goes live (9 am Pacific Time). This email will include your direct links to the summit sessions for that day.

Even if you can’t attend live, register now because each day's talks will be available for 48 hours after they air.

On days three and four you will receive two separate links to a live session with Machiel Klerk followed by a Q&A session on Zoom. Please note that the Q&A is on a first come first serve basis and will be capped at 1000 participants.

About Your “Engage the Shadow” Summit Hosts

About Machiel Klerk – Jung Platform Founder

Machiel Klerk - Headshot is a licensed mental health therapist, with a specialty in working with dreams. He is also an international speaker and dedicated social entrepreneur. Machiel has studied Jungian and depth psychology for more than 25 years.

His resonance with Carl Jung first led him to the Jung Institute in Zurich for a summer program, and later to the Pacifica Graduate Institute in California where he obtained a Masters Degree and trained to become a psychotherapist. He also completed a three-year training program in depth psychology and dreamwork with Robert Bosnak.

Machiel has immersed himself in the World of Dream and has studied the significance and use of dreams in a wide variety of cultures. He’s taken the most valuable learnings and insights from ancient civilizations like the Greeks, African tribes, Buddhist monks, as well as more contemporary thought leaders in the field, distilled those learnings and developed his own style of working with dreams called Dream Dialogue. His audio lecture, Rumi and the World of Dream is one of the highest selling audio products on dreams. He has published articles and given workshops and lectures on dreams in Europe, Africa and North America. Based on a dream, Machiel founded the Jung Society of Utah and Jung Platform.

About Akke-Jeanne Klerk – Jung Platform Co-Founder

About Akke-Jeanne Klerk - HeadshotAkke-Jeanne lives in Amsterdam where she provides Jungian coaching and works with people that are interested in personal development.

She also delivers trainings on professional coaching for a well-known training institute in the Netherlands.

She is the author of ‘Psychology of heartbreak’.

At Jung Platform, apart from daily management tasks, Akke-Jeanne assists in identifying and developing courses and programs.

She also supports Jung Platform’s Teachers with fine-tuning their modules to ensure that our programs are always practically grounded and integratable.

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