Dog Gut Health Summit

Dog Gut Health Summit

The most trusted experts in pet nutrition and dog care reveal their secrets for healthy digestion and gut health at this free online event.

Get direct access to leading veterinarians and dog gut health specialists who will teach you step-by-step, practical and actionable protocols you need to regenerate your dog's gut health.

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What You'll Learn During the Dog Gut Health Summit

  • How to distinguish the early signs of bad gut health like leaky gut in your dog so you can stop it in it's tracks early before it gets serious
  • How to live in a harmonious, effortless and stress-free way with your dog
  • The shocking science behind the impact of the microbiome and the longevity of your dogs lifespan
  • What the most healing nutrients are and how you should be feeding your dog for optimal nutrition and better gut health.
  • The little-known emerging dog health science and food therapy breakthroughs that can help to support your dogs gut health and body.
  • The “Second-Brain”: The eye-opening research that has interlinked gut health and the nerves throughout your dogs body
  • How to be a pro-active, loving pet owner and stay ahead of the potential health challenges with your dog
  • All about the canine GI Tract and how we can look after it better with pre and probiotics

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Why Attend The Dog Gut Health Summit

Do you have a dog with digestive issues?

Or do you find that your dog is sometimes fussy with what they eat?

Or maybe your dog has bad gas and you don’t know why?

These could all be signs that your dog has serious gut health issues that need to be looked at immediately or suffer the consequences later in life.

During the Dog Gut Health Summit, 20+ gut health subject-matter experts who will share how to improve your dog's digestion and gut health for a healthier life. They'll share insights on digestion, the gut microbiome, how to feed your dog, supplements, nutraceuticals, and more!

This summit is designed for pet parents who are looking for ways to help their dogs live happier lives with improved digestion and gut health.

Expert vets around the world are now urging pet parents to look closer at their dog’s gut and digestive health as related diseases like Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and others are skyrocketing in our companion animals today.

Dog gut health is a huge problem. Poor digestion and poor gut health are the number one cause of diarrhea, weight loss, allergies and skin problems in our dogs.

There's no doubt that improving your dog's digestion and gut health will improve their life quality. But it can be hard to know where to start or what products to use from all the conflicting information out there.

And if you're like most pet parents you don't have time to read through dozens of scientific studies or faceless blogs every day trying to figure out if you can trust them to help your dog feel better.

Signs Your Dog May Have Digestive Issues

If your dog has digestive issues, you may also notice some or all of the following signs.

  • Vomiting
  • Regurgitation
  • Flatulence
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea/Constipation

It Will Be Beneficial Whether You're A Brand New or Experienced Dog Owner

This is NOT one of those events where the speakers hold back on information so they can pitch their products or services at the end far from it!

They're digging deep to give you their best stuff with ideas you can implement no matter what your dog owner experience level is at.

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Dog Gut Health Summit Speaker Schedule

DAY 1: Dog Digestion

Dr. Ava Frick – The Causes Of Bad Digestion and Upset Tummy in Dogs

In this presentation you'll learn what are the causes of bad digestion and GI upset, how hair tissue analysis can help you get to the root cause of the problem, what the most common toxic heavy metals are and how to avoid them for better digestion for your dog.

Dr. Angelique Barbara – How to Identify when a dog has digestive & Gut Problems

In this presentation you'll learn how to identify digestive issues with your dog even when there seems like there are no warning signs and what are the most common gut health problems that can be solved with this one simple solution.

Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM – The Holistic Approach to Treating Diarrhea in Dogs

In this presentation you'll learn the why nutrition is the first and best place to start to identify the causes of diarrhea in dogs, and the shocking insights on how spinal health and parasites are contributing to these digestive issues.

Matt Rowe – How vitamins and minerals play a role in optimal gut health and overall canine health

In this presentation you'll learn how to take action on the 4 core areas that will affect your dog's health and life the most plus insights on diet, medication, pollution and nutritional supplements.

DAY 2: Dog Gut Microbiome

Dr. Conor Brady – The GI Tract – What’s an optimal diet for dogs?

In this presentation you'll learn about the “ideal” diet for an animal based on ancestry, evolution, physiology and years of research!

Dr. Odette Suter – The Second Brain: How The Gut And Nerves Talk To each Other & How It's Affecting Your Dog's Microbiome

In this presentation you'll learn about the gut-brain axis and how intestinal health affects behavior and mobility, all about the vagus nerve and how it is the gateway to physical mental, and emotional health in your dog, and so much more!

Dr. Margo Roman – Understanding Microbiome Restorative Therapy (MBRT) and how it supports your dog's healing process

In this presentation you'll learn the surprising insights on fecal transplants and how it helps microbiome restorative therapy (MBRT), why specific donors are so important for success and why medical ozone and holistic prepping of the terrain makes it all come together.

Dr. Katie Kangas – The Toxic Effects of glyphosate on the canine microbiome

In this presentation you'll learn why the increase of glyphosate has seen disease skyrocket, how glyphosate is depleting nutrients in food and how your dogs gut lining is negatively affected by glyphosate (and what you can do about it).

Dr. Gary Richter – What are the risks to dog's that don't have a healthy gut microbiome

In this session you'll learn the relationship between the gut and the immune system, how to keep your dog healthy with the right nutrition and the risks to dog's when the gut microbiome isn't cared for.

W. Jean Dodds – Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health

In this presentation you'll learn how more than 80% of the body's immune system functions in the gut, how balancing the beneficial and harmful microbes in the gut is essential and how certain foods promote gut health while others damage it.

DAY 3: How to Best Feed Your Dog

Dr. Judy Morgan – Best Canine Nutritional Diet for Healing

In this presentation you'll learn about the importance of high-quality diets for dogs, how to individualize your dog's diet to support their health, and the dangers of synthetic and rendered ingredients in pet food.

Dr. Tori Countner – How To Incorporate More Plant Based Food Into Your Dog's Diet For Optimal Gut Health

In this presentation you'll learn why a variety of foods helps with gut microbes, how to incorporate more plant based foods into your dog's diet and a unique smoothie recipes your dog will love

Dr. Susan Bohrer – Food is the First Medicine: how food therapy can support your dog's body

In this presentation you'll learn why food is medicine, how food therapy can support your dog's body and gut health and how to create a food therapy plan for your dog.

Nick Thompson – The Raw food diet – Top Tips Pet Parents Need to Know

Nick Thompson is a vet. He has been fighting for responsible, species-appropriate raw food feeding for pets for over 25 years. His tireless drive for healthy pets from birth to graceful old age brought him to raw feeding in the mid-1990s.

DAY 4: Supplements & Nutraceuticals

Dr. Gabrielle Pagana – Healing The Canine Gut with herbs and superfoods

In this presentation you'll learn about the importance of high-quality herbs when it comes to healing the gut, and how you can use some of the emerging superfoods to help heal, improve and sustain the gut for your dog.

Dr. Neely North – Benefits of Pre & Probiotics For Dogs

In this presentation you'll learn about the differences between pre and probiotics and when you should use either, the suggested use cases for pre and probiotics and the most trusted products on the market today!

Greg Tilford – Using Western Herbs to Support Dog Gut Microbiome and GI Health.

In this presentation you'll learn how animals have been using herbs for gut health for centuries, which herbs can be used safely for improving the digestion and how to enhance your dogs gut health simply.

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern – Using Essential Oils for Our Pets’ Gastrointestinal Health

In this presentation you'll learn why essential oils are controversial in pet health care, what to look for in safety and quality, what dosage is considered safe, how to address health imbalances and can essentials oils can be ingested safely.

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Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

Simple Guide To Improving Your Pet's Food PDF

Discover how to transition your pet to a new diet, what ingredients to avoid, how to improve kibble diets, an intro to home-cooked diets and and the 101 on raw food feeding.

A Therapeutic Diet For Dogs: Discover Your Dog's Chi PDF

Discover the 5 different ‘chi' diets according to traditional Chinese medicine and how to determine which one is right for your dog! Plus get a guide to feeding your dog and learn the best way to transition your dog to a wholefood diet.

Instant access talk: The GI Tract – What's an optimal diet for dogs?

In this session you'll learn about the “ideal” diet for an animal based on ancestry, evolution, physiology and years of research!

The Dog Gut Health Secrets Playbook

Discover what’s working today to get to the root cause of dog gut health issues — and then how to resolve them for good for a healthier, happier and higher quality life!

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About Your Host – Dr. Katie Woodley

As an integrative holistic veterinarian, I'm on a mission to make sure pet parents like you have natural pet treatment options, along with empowering you with holistic medicine education that can help your pets thrive naturally.

I want to ensure that all pet parents have access to herbal medicine, supplementation and nutritional advice throughout their pet's lifetime.

Helping your pet thrive naturally isn't just a tagline – it's what I whole-heartedly believe and how I practice and care for my clients.

I'm excited to be partnering with Pet Summits to bring this incredible information to the pet parent community!

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