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Deep Flow Summit 2023

The Deep Flow Summit is about YOU – when you're at your most amazing!

You sometimes find yourself being extraordinarily alive, insightful, joyous, intuitive, creative, and inspirational – but other times you just seem to be stuck and unable to get back to the ease and wisdom of your deepest flow. You are not alone!

In this summit you will learn methods and practices for connecting with your deepest flow at will.

You’ll be guided by 20 leading teachers as they share their most accessible methods. One size does NOT fit all! When you discover your own personal flow strategy… it opens up amazing things in your life!

Why Attend the 2023 Deep Flow Summit

We all know what flow is. We know when we are at our best. When our creativity, intuition, intelligence, and power to get things done effortlessly flow through us.

We know when words of wisdom and compassion surprise us even though they are coming out of our own mouths. When our charisma is in full bloom.

We know when our noisy minds recede to the background and a sense of contented presence arises within us.

And sometimes we get stuck.

Sometimes we know why we are stuck. Other times, we're clueless. But, whatever the reasons, it's only natural that we want to live without the inhibitions and constraints, the self-doubts and fears that close us off from our natural flow.

You are unique, and even though there are proven methods for getting back to flow, one size does not fit all!

That’s why in Being & Doing's Deep Flow Summit you’ll hear from 20 truly wonderful speakers sharing a wide range of methods and perspectives for optimizing the flow in your life. Try out new approaches and discover what works for you.

Discover your own personal flow strategy. It's a game changer.

You’ll have more control of your energy levels. You'll be able to step into circumstances that might have previously caused you to tighten up and instead trust that your inner resources will allow you to meet the moment with authentic presence and ease.

In a nutshell, you will get out of your own way so your deeper nature can flow freely and fully.

What You'll Learn During the Deep Flow Summit 2023

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • Practices to melt into intimacy with nature and expand beyond your ordinary sense of separateness
  • The difference between temporary states and living from a persistent state of flow
  • How to invite and listen to the muse of creativity
  • How to gently uncover the unseen parts of yourself
  • Easy ways to bring moments of flow into your daily activities
  • How cultivating intimacy with fear liberates us
  • How Flow Speaking can transform us into fire hoses of delight and creativity
  • And more….

What Exactly Is “Flow”?

Flow is ease. Flow is getting out of your own way and allowing the best of you to come forward. This is true for artists, athletes, leaders, coaches, speakers – pretty much everyone.

When you trust yourself to speak, to create, to inspire without the constraint of your inner critic or a lack of self-trust, you can open a channel to your wisest, most productive and satisfying qualities.

Deep Flow Summit Speaker Schedule

Day 1 – Get Your Flow Going

Flow is ease. Flow is getting out of your own way and allowing the best of you to come forward. This is true for artists, athletes, leaders, coaches, speakers – pretty much everyone. These four speakers set the stage for you to develop a strong flow strategy that will get your inner knowing and creativity coursing through you.

  • “Intimacy with Fear” with Kristen Ulmer
  • “Persistent Flow” with Jeffery Martin
  • “Flow as a Unividual” with Tim Freke
  • “IntraConnected Flow” with Dan Siegel

Day 2 – Invite Your Depths

When you trust yourself to allow your experience to emerge without editing or judgment, when you create the right inner conditions, when you move your attention in the right ways, you can literally open a channel to your wisest, most loving, most satisfying qualities.

  • “The Wisdom of Surrender” with Spring Washam
  • “We Realize Freedom Together” with Caverly Morgan
  • “Everyday Flow” with Martin Aylward
  • “The Human of the Future” with Patricia Albere

Day 3 – Unlock Your Creativity

Some 70% of people feel that they aren’t creative types. Many of us lost our creative confidence as children and we’ve learned to play it safe. But the truth is that while we won’t all become creative geniuses, we can all use well established methods to uncover how creativity works in us – and when we learn these tools we can call on them again and again.

  • “Meditation Can Be a Joy” with Justin Michael Williams
  • “Hosting the Muse” with Suiko McCall
  • “The Creative Jolt” with Reef Karim
  • “Partnering with Inspiration” with Brooke McNamara

Day 4 – Get It Done

Flow can get us into focused, creative, undistracted states of mind which allow us to accomplish powerful things in our work and in the world. Learning to bring our deepest resources forward makes us more charismatic, intuitive and insightful. When we peel back some of our limiting beliefs and mental habits, we can learn to thrive in new ways.

  • “Flow for Perfectionists” with Deborah Hurwitz
  • “Fueled by Fire” with Giovanni Dientsmann
  • “Opening to Nature” with Chris Kyle
  • “Flow in Action” with Pete Kirchmer

Day 5 – Come Alive

Human beings can be thought of as fire hoses. When there is a kink in the hose the water dribbles out. When the hose is untangled, the water flows with its full force. Learn to love your demons, laugh with your fears, and toast your innate ability to speak joyfully with no idea what you’ll say next. Turn on that hose!

  • “Humor: Be You More” with Jonathan Robinson
  • “From Demons to Dream Team” with Jamie Catto
  • “Verbal Fireworks” with Dave Rock
  • “Improv Your Life” with Katie Goodman
Bonus Gift for Attendees

When you join the summit you will receive immediate access to The Art of Flow Speaking bonus video from Dave Rock. Get a taste of a simple and delightful practice that connects you to surprising levels of creativity and reveals some deeper parts of yourself that tend to ‘hide in the basement’.

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