Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2023

Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2023

Remember when in the ’70s people used cooking oil to get a tan? It might seem extreme, but many tried it back then and today they’re dealing with a tough result: skin cancer.

The message is clear: Cancer prevention is a top priority.  Maybe you already know some of the big no-nos when it comes to prevention:

  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Minimal to no exercise

During the “Empowering Change: Cancer Breakthroughs” 2023 summit, you will discover what to do to prevent and even reverse the onset of cancer.

You have the power to win this battle, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.

Why Attend the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2023

This is not the flu. This is not a simple cold.

This is cancer – a serious challenge that deserves our utmost attention and dedication.

You deserve to have all the information and treatment possibilities at your fingertips. There are so many options out there, and you deserve to explore each one.

Why? Because you are unique.

Your journey, your body, and your needs are distinct to you. What works for someone else might not be the best fit for you.

That’s what the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is here for. It is to empower you with the best tools and knowledge available so that you can approach this battle well-armed and well-prepared.

What You'll Learn During the 2023 Cancer Breakthroughs Summit

By attending the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit, you’ll gain powerful solutions:

  • Insights into cancer and its various treatment options.
  • Unlocking knowledge of alternative therapies
  • Feel stronger about your decisions
  • ​​Strategies to manage physical symptoms and treatment side effects.
  • Handle physical and emotional challenges better
  • Tools for handling fear and uncertainty.
  • Lifestyle changes to boost your overall health and well-being.
  • Access to a community of experts and fellow patients for support and guidance.

You'll get ideas and confidence to make your life better in many ways, learn how to live well, even with cancer, and feel more hopeful about the future.

In fact, between 30 and 50% of cancers can currently be prevented by avoiding risk factors and implementing existing evidence-based prevention strategies.

With over 40 experts sharing their research, personal experiences, and practical advice on topics ranging from biohacking pet cancer to quantum healing, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to help you face health challenges head-on.

Free Gifts for Attendees

When you register for the 2023 Cancer Breakthroughs Summit, you'll get several free gifts including:

Gift #1: “The Anti-Cancer Essential Oil Reference Guide”

For centuries, essential oils have been treasured for their extraordinary healing properties. But did you know they can also play a role in combating cancer?

  • Citrus oils like grapefruit, orange, and lemon.
  • Wood oils such as pine and cedar.
  • Herbal essential oils like lemongrass, basil, and rosemary.
  • And the list goes on!

With so many essential oils claiming cancer-fighting potential, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

This guide unveils the ultimate anti-cancer essential oils ROTATION method, meticulously crafted by this powerhouse couple.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • A comprehensive list of essential oils with proven anti-cancer properties.
  • Easy-to-follow categorization based on primary compounds for maximum effectiveness.
  • Empowerment to curate your own personalized anti-cancer routine.
Gift #2: “The Ultimate Cancer Prevention and Treatment Companion – Your Roadmap to Wellness”

Facing cancer is an incredibly challenging journey, and we understand how overwhelming it can feel. But knowledge is a powerful tool to help you stay well.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a respected expert physician and researcher with over thirty years of experience in cancer care, and he’s put together a collection of three books to help you understand cancer better. These books are based on years of research and stories from patients, and they offer practical tips for staying healthy.

Inside this exclusive bundle, you’ll find:

  1. Book 1: 7 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Cancer Curve – Learn simple strategies to reduce your cancer risk.
  2. Book 2: Integrative Cancer Care – Explore new treatments that can help without causing too many side effects.
  3. Book 3: Post-Treatment Prevention and Long-Term Health – Find out how to stay well after treatment.
Gift #3: “11 Things Your Cancer Program Needs to Address”

Facing cancer is a formidable challenge, and it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. With countless treatment options available, how do you determine the right path for you or your loved one?

This guide is designed to simplify your cancer journey. Inside, you’ll discover 11 essential factors that any reputable cancer program should address. We delve into critical aspects like mindset, nutrition, exercise, detox, and demystifying what triggers cancer.

This will help empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for the best possible outcome.

Gift #4: “A Better Way To Treat Cancer”

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases.

For a long time, it’s been the second leading cause of death. But now, it’s taken the top spot. Something is wrong, and we need to change that.

The good news is, we can still win this battle. This special book will help you discover all the information you need to better understand cancer and the cutting-edge cancer treatments Dr. Karlfedlt uses to help his cancer patients, many of which most doctors don’t know about.

Inside, you’ll uncover:

  • What cancer is and its defining characteristics.
  • Identifying root causes and risk factors.
  • The role of spiritual well-being in healing.
  • Strategies for maintaining a positive mindset and emotional health.
  • Creating a cancer-preventing lifestyle through self-care.
  • And so much more!

When you read this book, you’ll not only know more about cancer, but you’ll also have the tools to protect yourself from it. And if you ever have to fight cancer, you’ll know how to face it without being afraid.

Gift #5: “Your Anti-Cancer Guide to Toxin-Free Beauty Products”

In a world filled with beauty products that promise quick fixes, it’s important to think about the choices we make. Are we really helping our skin and overall health, or are we unintentionally making ourselves age faster and potentially harming our long-term health?

While it might be tempting to use treatments like fillers or quick fixes, these shortcuts can have negative consequences…

Our skin is a living, breathing organ. It serves as a protective barrier for our body, helps us stay at the right temperature, shows signs of our health, and assists our body in removing toxins.

Everything we put on our skin eventually gets into our bloodstream and affects our entire body. So, when we talk about beauty, we’re not just talking about achieving radiant skin; We mean making our bodies stronger, reducing inflammation, and empowering the life within our cells.

This guide wants to change how we think about beauty and help you become healthier. It shows how to have a beauty routine without harmful stuff that could cause cancer.

Beauty isn’t only about looking good; it’s also about taking care of your body. If you follow the advice in this guide, you can have nice, soft, and healthy skin. But it’s not just about looking good on the outside. It’s about feeling strong and healthy on the inside too!

Are you ready to start thinking about beauty in a new way?

It starts with making good choices that are good for your health. By picking beauty products that don’t have harmful stuff in them, you’re making a big step toward being healthy and beautiful.

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to sessions for brief time after they air.

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