Calling All Men Summit 2023

Calling All Men Summit 2023

Calling All Men Summit 2023We men, and our boys, are silently suffering and it’s time to do something about it.

At this online men’s leadership summit, we are gathering to confront this harsh reality and to go back for those men and boys who’ve been left behind.

If you are looking for ways to be a stronger man and better father…

If you are witnessing a loved one or friend struggle and feel helpless in reaching or guiding him…

If you fear for a young son as he enters a complex world full of modern challenges you don’t understand…

Or if you are a leader wanting to make a significant impact and amplify your influence…

We call upon you to unite and address the broken bonds affecting men’s lives by becoming committed brothers, fathers, elders, and responsible leaders for your community.

Attend Calling All Men! if you care about those who are lost, left behind or isolated, especially if you’re a father, older brother, mother or anyone who is eager to help but is unsure of how to connect, guide or support them.

Why Attend the 2023 “Calling All Men” Summit

If your son or brother were suicidal, would you know it?

Shocking stats show: 1 in 2 parents who lose a son to suicide never saw warning signs.

And 3 in 4 suicidal men never seek help.¹

Which means that right now… a boy or man you know might be contemplating ending his life today.

Did you know?

  • Suicide is UP nearly 300% among boys 10-14 since 2007
  • Drug Overdose Deaths are UP 600%² among men and boys
  • Friendlessness is UP 500%³ among men since 1990
  • Obesity is UP 1,000%⁴ among boys and teens since the 1980s (And with rising obesity comes rising death by heart disease and cancer)
  • Fatherlessness is UP 200%⁵ for boys since 1968 (⅓ live without dad)

Books, articles and scientific papers have warned about the crises facing our boys and men for 3 decades now.

But this is NOT a problem for the government or others to solve. It’s time we men come together!

(If you’re a woman reading this, please forward it to the men in your life!)

During the “Calling Afll Men” 2023 Summit, you’ll meet and learn from 50 men who are experienced with the multitude of crises we face. These men are fathers, leaders, mentors and elders with unique experiences and deep wisdom to share.

Make no mistake:

Men are silently suffering. It’s a matter of life and death…

By the time you fall asleep tonight:

  • Over 200 US men⁶ will have died by drug overdose
  • Over 1,750 men worldwide will have committed suicide⁷
  • Over 27,500 men will have been divorced by their wife⁸ – many will be left without their children

Divorced dads are 800% more likely to commit suicide than divorced women⁹

How many of our sons and brothers have to suffer before we take notice?

Men: We are needed now more than ever…

Come join tens of thousands of men just like you that are coming together to solve the crises that we men and our boys are facing.

Come learn how to be the strong man, father and hero your people need in these times… even if all feels lost and you’re all alone.

Why Fathers Need to Attend “Calling All Men”

“Your son… has passed away.”

No one wants to get that phone call in the middle of the night.

But sadly, calls like this are on the rise…

If you’re a father (or uncle, brother or grandfather), you should know THIS:

Suicide is up nearly 300% among boys 10-14 since 2007.

And it’s up for older teen boys and young men as well.

It’s an alarming statistic, but you should be alarmed, because it can happen even if you see no warning signs! In fact…

1 in 2 parents who lose a son to suicide never saw warning signs
And, 3 out of 4 suicidal men and boys never seek help

So, please, don’t think it can’t happen to your son, brother, nephew or grandson.

Let’s face it:

Hard times are here for boys and men…

  • Drug Overdose Deaths are UP 600%¹ among men and boys
  • Friendlessness is UP 500%² among men since 1990
  • Obesity is UP 1,000%³ among boys and teens since the 1980s (And with rising obesity comes rising death by heart disease and cancer)
  • Fatherlessness is UP 200%⁴ for boys since 1968 (⅓ live without dad)
  • Testosterone and Sperm Counts are DOWN 50% and falling fast!

Young men are failing to launch from their parents’ home into the “real world.”

They’re dropping out of school, falling behind in class, failing to enter the workforce, failing to bond with male friends, failing to find romantic partners.

Let’s face this reality head-on. It’s worse than you think!

For 3 decades the alarm has sounded. “Boys Are In Crisis.” “Men Are In Crisis.”

Yet, for 3 decades few have listened.

That changes today.

Watch the “Calling All Men” Trailer Video

What You'll Learn During the “Calling All Men” 2023 Summit

Join us to gain insight into the world boys and young men navigate today.

Don’t let societal pressures, lost connections, or the male ego prevent you from seeking help and making a difference.

Together, we can create a movement of connection, empowerment, and responsible leadership for the well-being of all.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll get when you attend the “Calling All Men” 2023 Summit:

  • Insights on the challenges fathers face
  • Illuminated wisdom & historical perspective from respected elders
  • Guidance, support & positive role modeling from mentors & coaches
  • Proven strategies from educators & trainers who understand the specific educational challenges male students face
  • Practical strategies for addressing men’s mental health, addiction & other challenges
  • Practical knowledge on fitness, nutrition & preventive healthcare
  • Personal stories of personal growth through challenge to confident masculine leadership
  • And so much more to inspire a new vision of what man, brotherhood & masculinity can become!

Featured Speakers & Topics at “Calling All Men”

We’re talking to…

  • Experts on the crises our sons face, such as Dr. Warren Farrell & John Gray, authors of The Boy Crisis
  • Dan Doty, star of MeatEater, who trains men in fatherhood
  • Stephen Jenkinson, author of Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble
  • Matt Beaudreau, co-founder of Apogee Strong, the virtual training program for young men
  • Visionary African American educators and guides Matt Barnes & Ashanti Branch
  • Other pioneering educators of boys and young men, including men who lead rites of passage in the wilderness
  • Inspiring divorced dads and single fathers, prevailing against the odds
  • Men’s work pioneers, men’s coaches, martial artists, strength coaches, elders, adventurers, entrepreneurs, therapists and more
Free Gift for Attendees of “Calling All Men”

When you register to attend the 2023 “Calling All Men” Summit, you'll get immediate access to the “Strong Men for Hard Times Companion Guide.”

Are you longing for the presence of brothers, mentors and allies in your life?

Come meet the men featured in the CALLING ALL MEN! men’s leadership summit.

From fathers and grandfathers to mentors, elders, warriors, martial artists, teachers and trainers, these 50 men are deeply aware of the many struggles men are facing today.

This comprehensive companion guide provides an overview of each day’s speakers and their key topics to help you tune in to what truly resonates with you during this 7-day event.

Who knows, you just might discover a new mentor, guide and source of inspiration who has your back!

About Your Host – Michael Ivan Skye

Michael Skye was raised in a family and tradition with strong and deep family and male bonds, where men hold honored roles for the family and community. After his parents divorced and his father left home, he left home at 17 to find his way on his own.

Over a seven year journey, Michael carved out a rogue path of manhood, one marked by individual honor, creating win-win and never compromising. He then spent 14 years honing and developing his life’s work of training men to be powerful, uncompromising creators in the face of any circumstance. After the 2008 economic crisis, he reinvented his honor work in the form of relationship and family crisis counseling. He then embarked on a 14+ year world-traveling sabbatical, sharing his honor work around the world. While on this sabbatical, he has led transformational leadership retreats, trainings and safaris, and as he travels the world he continually finds himself mentoring young men from culture to culture. In response to the rising crisis of boys, men and masculinity he has observed in the Western world, he is CALLING ALL MEN! to this leadership summit.

Michael currently resides in the heart of Africa, where he has welcomed the birth of his first child.

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