The Business of Therapy, Healing and Coaching Workshop Series; - With Jennifer McLean

The Business of Therapy, Healing and Coaching Workshop Series

Are you ready to start or grow your healing, therapy or coaching business into a thriving powerhouse of healing and success?

This series of six workshops that are designed specifically for therapists, healers, and coaches like you, who are dedicated to making a profound impact in their clients lives and on the planet.

The series is facilitated by Jennifer McLean, a seasoned multimillion-dollar wellness entrepreneur with three decades of mastery in Energy Medicine.

This series offers a radical new approach to using energy, frequencies, and mindset to start and fuel your business growth.

Why Attend “The Business of Therapy, Healing and Coaching Workshop Series”

Jennifer’s extensive experience, including creating her own proprietary system, The Spontaneous Transformation Technique, and guiding over a thousand practitioners, plus creating the first and largest online summit in human potential… has made her a pioneer in the industry.

Jennifer has identified very special Energy Medicine and intuitive processes, mindsets, and vibrations she has brought to her business that create amplified and accelerated success.

It has helped her move past challenges and leverage opportunities to bring in millions while deeply and genuinely helping others to heal.

With over $40 million generated in her endeavors, she brings not only her professional acumen but also personal insights from overcoming life’s toughest challenges, ones that may be impacting your life and business right now.

The Business of Therapy, Healing and Coaching Workshop Series - with Jennifer McLeanImagine tapping into energy strategies that not only boost your business but also align with your deepest values of healing and transformation. You won't find the combination of Energy Medicine with sound, original, and proprietary business practices anywhere else.

During this workshop series, you will:

  • Learn to harness the vibrational energies that are essential to business success.
  • Enhance your intuitive capabilities to activate your next steps.
  • Discover ways to differentiate your business in a saturated market through unique, energy-based approaches.
  • Explore how to apply energy, vibrations, and mindset in practical, business-enhancing ways.
  • Engage with energy-based strategies to attract and retain clients effortlessly.
  • Transformative wisdom and energy tactics that promise to start and revitalize your business and deepen your impact on the world.

The world is at a tipping point, and the light workers, light warriors, are being called upon to contribute to the new changes that are needed at this time.

Workshop Series Sessions

Your masterclass series consists of three pre-recorded workshops that you can access immediately, then an additional three live sessions with Jennifer where you can interact directly with her and go deeper with what you learn.

Workshop 1: Energy Is The Best Focus (Available Immediately)

There is a powerful strategy that is based on vibration, energy, frequencies, and mindset that is ESSENTIAL to starting and growing a healing, coaching, therapeutic business.

Workshop 2: The Pivot Point (Available Immediately)

In every business, there is a pivot point, and if you miss it, it is difficult at best to find the sweet spot again. This workshop helps you to identify when you are in that pivot point and how to ignite what is needed next.

Workshop 3: The Referral Machine (Available Immediately)

There is a very specific system you can add to your coaching, healing, and therapeutic approach that will guarantee not only repeat clients but also have them recommend you to friends, colleagues, and family.

Live Workshop Series:

  • Workshop 4: Activating The Power Of Intuition in Your Business (June 25th)
  • Workshop 5: Igniting The Missing Point-of-Power In Your Business (June 30th)
  • Workshop 6: Adding A Secret Weapon Of Success to Your Business (July 7th)

About Your Facilitator – Jennifer McLean

Jennifer has spent three decades mastering Energy Medicine Healing. In fact, her digital programs have brought about significant changes for hundreds of thousands.

She has a wealth of experience coaching hundreds of private clients, helping them unlock their true potential, and discovering new levels of peace, fulfillment, and success.

As a multimillion-dollar wellness entrepreneur, creating her own proprietary system of healing called The Spontaneous Transformation Technique with 1000+ practitioners in training and certified… and generating over $40 million plus, Jennifer has been instrumental in pioneering new industries, scaling businesses and supporting millions in their transformation journeys.

Plus her personal experiences overcoming significant life challenges (cancer, Hashimoto's, severe adrenal exhaustion, almost homeless, etc.), she brings life experiences that allow her to precisely guide you toward realizing and achieving your dreams in these 6 special workshops. All of these defining experiences have equipped her to uniquely help you realize and achieve your soul's intention.

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Jul 07 2024


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Date: Jul 07 2024
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm




Jennifer McLean
Jennifer McLean