Beyond Limits Challenge - with Rikka Zimmerman

Beyond Limits Belief-Clearing Challenge

Did you know that the average person has between 6,000-60,000 thoughts per day?

(depending on what study you look at!)

But regardless, that's a ton of mental chatter… and the majority of these thoughts are repeats from yesterday.

Your brain loves to loop and repeat what it already knows.

This repetitive cycle of thinking isn't just random; it's shaped by deeply ingrained beliefs (created by past experiences and memories) that influence every decision you make.

It's like running on autopilot with an old, outdated map.

The thing is, history is full of people who shattered perceived limits and beliefs.

Take Roger Bannister, for example. Before 1954, it was widely believed that running a mile in under four minutes was physically impossible. But he didn't buy into that belief, and he broke the barrier, inspiring a wave of athletes who followed in his footsteps.

That's the power of beliefs.

During each day of the challenge, you'll get new insights and clearing tools to break free from the invisible chains of limiting beliefs.

What You'll Experience During the “Beyond Limits” Belief-Clearing Challenge

During each day of the challenge, she’ll show you how to clear away the invisible blocks that have been holding you back.

Rikka has spent the last 18 years helping people uncover the most common beliefs that hold them back in the 4 main aspects of life; your relationship with yourself, money, your body and your relationships with others.

Beyond Limits 5-Day Challenge with Rikka ZimmermanIn just 5 days, you'll dive deep into the core beliefs that shape your reality. With each session, you'll uncover and dismantle those sneaky subconscious scripts that have been dictating your life’s story.

Each day of the challenge, we’ll come together live at 10am Pacific to focus on identifying, confronting, and clearing the deep-seated beliefs that limit your growth and happiness. Then, on the final day we will have a very special Group Coaching session via Zoom.

Here's what you'll explore each day:

  • Day 1: Self-Belief Awakening – Rediscover who you truly are beyond the limitations. It's time to align with your Divine essence and step into your greatness.
  • Day 2: Relationship Renewal – Ready to rewrite your script for love and connection? We'll dissolve the old narratives and set the stage for relationships that truly reflect your worth.
  • Day 3: Abundance Activation – Transform your financial landscape by breaking through the beliefs that block prosperity. Welcome wealth, abundance, and joy into your life.
  • Day 4: Body Breakthrough – Embrace a vibrant, healthy state of being. It's time to love and appreciate your body like never before.
  • Day 5: Live Coaching Mastery – Seize this rare opportunity for live group coaching via Zoom with Rikka. Usually reserved for her members and coaches, this session is your chance to engage directly with her for facilitation and energy transmissions. Bring your questions from the challenge or your transformation journey in general. This will be a very special 90 minute session you don’t want to miss!

Are you ready to stop the loop and start a new narrative based on your own infinite potential?

Meet Your Facilitator – Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman - HeadshoRikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, author, singer and songwriter.

Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people, radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does.

Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!

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Jun 15 - 19 2024


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