Beyond Functional Medicine Summit 2024

Beyond Functional Medicine Summit 2024

Tired of endless struggles with chronic illness?

Escape the frustration with experts and practitioners who understand the discouragement that comes with failed protocols, restrictive diets and endless supplements!

During “Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies” you'll get support to create lasting health and vitality as we explore a deeper approach to healing.

Why Attend the 2024 Beyond Functional Medicine Summit

Beyond Functional Medicine Summit 2024Your hosts, Ana Paula Munoz and Michael Roesslein, understand that healing extends far beyond the physical realm. They created this event from a place of deep empathy, recognizing the silent battles that many face and the yearning for healing that transcends the surface.

With unwavering gentleness, they will help you unravel the deeper layers of healing and empower you on your holistic health journey.When it comes to addressing the root causes of chronic disease, functional medicine is light-years ahead of conventional medicine.

However, despite this progress, many patients still fall through the cracks, while deeper issues like unresolved trauma, nervous system dysregulation and chronic stress remain unexamined.

Do you feel like this has happened to you?

If you have diligently followed protocols, tried multiple diets, and taken numerous supplements without any noticeable improvement in your symptoms, it may be time for a more holistic approach. Because… when it comes to healing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Are you interested in finding out what else is possible beyond what you’ve already tried?

Are you a practitioner looking to integrate holistic healing modalities into your practice so you can provide more comprehensive care to your patients?

What You'll Learn During the 2024 Beyond Functional Medicine Summit

Functional Medicine Summit, over 35 experts will explore the therapies, practices, and tools that can facilitate lasting physical, emotional, and psychological healing in a way that diet, lifestyle changes, and supplements alone cannot achieve.

35+ experts and practitioners will explore:

  • Innovative advances in diagnostics
  • Unique cutting-edge treatments & therapies
  • Safe trauma resolution
  • Emotional healing for improved health & well-being
  • Effective nervous system regulation practices
  • The role of energy & biofields in health & disease
  • How to use light & vibration to restore optimal cellular function
  • And so much more!

Healing is not a linear path; it’s a mosaic of moments, breakthroughs, and connections that light the way.

The Relationship Between Trauma and Health

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 70% of adults worldwide have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives?

Trauma, chronic stress and suppressed emotions can have profound effects on the nervous system that can lead to a long list of long-term physical, mental and emotional health challenges and/or an inability to follow protocols, stick to diets, or make real changes in your life.

Neuroscientific research has revealed that traumatic experiences can reshape the brain’s neural pathways and functioning. These changes can impact emotional regulation, memory, hormones, immune system function and overall well-being.

Now here’s the silver lining… the human nervous system is not only resilient; it’s incredibly adaptive! Through the marvel of neuroplasticity, your brain can rewire itself, opening the door to recovery and profound healing.

Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies is your gateway to tapping into these innate abilities, offering new hope for trauma resolution and comprehensive healing where traditional approaches often fall short.

Benefits of Attending for Wellness Professionals

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, it’s crucial for practitioners like you to stay at the forefront of transformative approaches that go beyond the conventional methods.

Did you know that an estimated 133 million Americans are currently grappling with at least one form of chronic disease? Shockingly, according to a 2015 study published in Rand Health Quarterly, this number is projected to soar to 170 million by 2030.

It’s high time we broaden our view of health, moving beyond (or adding to) traditional methods that only focus on physical symptoms and don’t address the deeper layers of healing.

Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies aims to explore a comprehensive approach to health by digging into areas that often get overlooked – such as stress, trauma, emotions, energy, environment and more.

Are you a practitioner seeking ways to integrate holistic healing modalities into your practice so you can provide more comprehensive care to your patients?

One key focus will be on understanding the profound connections between trauma and the nervous system. Traditional methods might address surface-level symptoms, but this event will show how unresolved trauma can underlie both physical and mental health conditions.

By exploring these deeper layers, we have the potential to unlock more effective healing in a way that diet, lifestyle changes and supplements alone cannot do!

Stepping away from the usual methods, even in functional medicine, can be tough. Skepticism and lack of awareness might be holding you or your patients back, but this event is here to support you in embracing and sharing new ways of thinking and healing.

Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

When you register for the Beyond Functional Medicine Summit 2024, you'll get access to several free gifts including:

Gift #1: “Healing Your Nervous System & Overcoming Attachment Ruptures: A Comprehensive Guide for Restoring Well-Being”

Dive deep into the realm of nervous system support and attachment healing to enhance your overall well-being and strengthen your ability to connect.

This transformative resource goes beyond the world of theory, providing you with practical tools, techniques and video explanations.

With the expert guidance of Ana Paula Munoz, an experienced Embodied Leadership Coach, Somatic Healer, and Attachment Repair Specialist, you’ll be supported in taking action towards your well-being now!

Gift #2: “Breathing for Nervous System Regulation”

For centuries, in cultures around the world, it has been understood that simple breath techniques can reduce stress, calm anxiety, improve sleep, and foster a state of healing and vitality.

Now, backed by both ancient wisdom and modern research, Michael Roesslein is excited to share Gabriel Vitiver’s eBook with you about the profound impact that conscious breathing can have on your life.

Inside this eBook, you’ll delve into the fascinating science behind breathing and its direct influence on your nervous system.

From understanding basic nervous system physiology to recognizing the signs of dysfunctional breathing versus optimal breathing patterns, you’ll gain invaluable insights into how you can harness the innate power of your breath and enter into a healing state.

You will be guided through practices to harness this natural tool for balance, grounding and resilience, enhancing your life with ease and energy. The invitation is to try all of the practices and see which ones resonate the most for you!

Embrace the power of breath and embark on a journey towards greater well-being today.

About Your Hosts

Michael Roesslein, MS, FDN-P, HLC

In his 15 years in the health and wellness world, Michael Roesslein has served as a fitness trainer, nutritionist, functional health practitioner, educator, creator, host, producer and speaker. He holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology, is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, and a certified CHEK holistic lifestyle coach.

Michael is the co-founder of Rebel Health Tribe, which has produced high-quality health educational content and masterclasses since 2014 – and he served as a producer on the Human Longevity Project documentary film series. He has spoken and presented at numerous events, and has hosted over 100 podcasts, webinars and interviews.

In 2018, after his wife’s first serious autoimmune flare, Michael found himself dealing with serious depression, anxiety and panic attacks – something he’d experienced, to a lesser degree, for most of his life. These experiences shifted his attention towards deeper layers of healing – diving into advanced training in trauma, nervous system regulation, emotional healing, meditation, breathwork and somatic therapies.

He has now completed the 2-year training at the Luminous Awareness Institute, Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry program, and the 400-hour practitioner training in Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System (BBTRS).

He is currently in the process of launching his new platform, where he will offer small group intensive programs, one-on-one sessions, workshops, and transformational retreats hosted in (and around) Tuscany, Italy – where he lives with his wife, Mira, and young son, Elio.

Ana Paula Munoz, MArch

Ana Paula Munoz is an architect-turned-embodied leadership coach and attachment repair specialist. A decade ago, her journey began amidst the awe-inspiring structures of Los Angeles, working for the visionary Frank Gehry. Together, they shaped spaces that became landmarks in California.

Yet, her passion transcends the external world; it goes into the internal realm of a person – the moments that shaped who you are today and the exploration of whether this aligns with the person you aspire to become. This realization led her to leave architecture and embark on a path that creates an impact on a profound human level.

She has evolved into a guide for women, holding their hand through life’s profound initiations, blending somatic healing, attachment repair, and feminine archetypal initiation to facilitate transformative journeys. Her work extends globally, from leading retreats to facilitating online programs.

Inside of her monthly membership, Radiant Woman Circle, she leads explorations of deep healing through wombwork, breathwork, human design, moon ceremonies, and an array of workshops throughout the year. Munoz specializes in unraveling the root causes of human patterns, those subtle threads that shape your connections with others. As you can see, her mission transcends conventional coaching. She is an architect of the soul, dedicated to unraveling the profound depth and art that is being human.

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