Balancing Life’s Chaos With Qigong – For Healing, Hope, and Happiness

Balancing Life's Chaos with Qigong - With Daisy Lee (Free Class)Rise above life’s turmoil by finding balance — drawing upon proven, ancient practices from the roots of Wuji Hundun, a form of Qigong to bring you the inner strength to weather any storm.

In the chaos of life, it can be incredibly challenging to find balance in your body when everything around you is in upheaval.

Many of us are finding that when we spend too much time indoors on our computers, or continuously watch the news, we easily become depressed and overwhelmed.

As a result, our immune systems weaken and we become more vulnerable to illness and disease. Clearly, we need to change course if we wish to live a vibrant, healthy, and balanced life.

It’s our good fortune that there’s a natural way to bring your body back into balance, and more importantly, enable you to maintain it — with a self-care system that has survived the test of time.

Wuji Hundun Qigong has been used by practitioners and healers for over 800 years and was once used to treat the Chinese Royal Family.

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What You'll Learn During “Balancing Life's Chaos With QiGong”

Woman in White Tank Top - Practicing Qigong by the WindowIn this complimentary online event, Daisy Lee, the founder of Radiant Lotus Qigong, will demonstrate a few of the 18 key movements used in the ancient healing modality of Wuji Hundun Qigong.

These 18 movements are specifically designed for you to find, restore, and maintain your balance in the midst of outer turbulence.

The practical exercises Daisy will share will help you stimulate lung acupoints and release tension from your muscles, tendons, and ligaments while building stability in your legs — by increasing the flow of Qi (life-force energy) through your muscles and tissues.

Daisy is certified as a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor, and a Clinical Practitioner by the National Qigong Association of America. She is a past board member of the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing.

With more than 25 years of experience teaching people all around the world, she shares this ancient wisdom with authenticity, kindness, and heart.

Daisy was led to this work when her late husband was diagnosed with leukemia. A Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor trained in functional medicine who had heard about her husband’s illness taught her several Qigong techniques to help relieve her husband’s pain, enabling him to get off morphine and all other pain medications.

With the passing of both her beloved father and her husband to different cancers within a few years of each other, Daisy was catalyzed into action as she began comprehending how powerful Qigong could be as a practical and effective addition to Western medicine. Before long, she had become a celebrated Qigong healer herself.

Join us for an insightful exploration into the art of Qigong to learn a time-tested modality that can enhance your health and wellbeing — so you can maintain equanimity and balance in the midst of any storm.

During this online healing Qigong event, you’ll:

  • Define chaos, not as a negative or positive, but simply as a reality that you can choose to respond to in a more positive way
  • Learn two Qigong movements — Si and Kun — to support lung strength and shoulder mobility
  • Explore the history of the 800-year-old Wuji Hundun Qigong healing system
  • Discover who Master Duan was — and his tireless mission to bring Wuji Hundun to the West
  • Learn how the concepts of yin and yang play out in the 18 movements of Wuji Hundun to address physical and emotional healing

When you join us for this empowering event, you’ll explore the intriguing roots of Wuji Hundun, the powerful ancient Qigong healing practice that was almost eradicated during the cultural revolution in China.

Fortunately, it survived through incredible circumstances, preserved by the love and devotion of caring practitioners — so that it is now available for you to help you find balance amidst the chaos of life.

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About Your Qigong Teacher – Daisy Lee

Daisy Lee HeadshotDaisy Lee is a respected leader in the Qigong world with more than 25 years of teaching experience. She is founder and principal teacher of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, her signature program that is taught worldwide by certified instructors. A past board member of the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing, she has been a special guest lecturer at U.S. and Canadian hospitals, including Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai and Women’s College, where she taught Qigong to patients and medical staff to relieve stress and support whole body health. In addition, she has presented at women’s clinics, senior centers, schools, and has been a guest presenter on numerous online summits.

Daisy also teaches Zang Fu Gong, a system of Qigong that supports organ health and emotional balance. She learned ancient systems such as Wuji Hundun Qigong directly from her 107-year old teacher, Master Duan Zhi Liang of Beijing, and is the 59th generation lineage holder of Hua Tuo’s original Five Animal Frolics from Bo Zhou, China.

Daisy was presented with the 2020 Qigong Master of the Year Award by the World Qigong Congress in recognition of her impact on women’s health and healing. She will resume teaching live programs at Kripalu Center and Omega Institute this summer and fall, as well as online for The Shift Network.

Testimonials for Daisy Lee

“Daisy Lee is an awesome Qigong teacher. Since taking her classes, I’ve been helped with dealing with the emotions of grief, and my overall health has benefited from practicing Qigong. I am very grateful to have Daisy come and teach us.” — Lupita Poppler

“The sessions with Daisy have been extraordinary… her explanations about the movements, their functions, and the interplay of energy, mind, emotions, and body are many. Her voice has a full, warm resonance that sounds like music and helps me feel the flow. I am reminded of the joy of being… the wonderful miracle of existence.” — Leinani Springer

“By the end of [my first Qigong class], I knew I’d found the pathway I’d been looking for. I practice (play) Qigong twice daily, with exercises from the Beginning Qigong DVD in the morning and the Organ Cleansing at night in the dark before I go to sleep. The benefits of my practice have been immediate and very profound. I have lost 10 pounds, stopped drinking alcohol, and have stopped taking Paxil, which was my crutch for anxiety. More importantly, I now also have a way to “wake up” my body and mind when I feel stuck, sluggish, or simply tired. I know that by incorporating this practice into my daily life, I have added quality to my life and probably years to it as well. I am forever grateful for this awakening.” — E. LaSota

“I have been doing the Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong every day since I got back from China and love it. I had a lump on the side of my left chest. It was a good size. It is now gone. Also, I can notice a difference in myself and how profound this work is. I have so many patients I know I can help by teaching them the tools of this type of Qigong. This is some amazing work!” — Cynthia Abbott

“In my younger years I was a 6-time world champion in kickboxing and combat fighting, but about five years ago my life changed after a bad accident on a motorcycle. For years I have been in pain, dealing with issues around my back, hips, and knees — so much so that I needed to use a cane just to walk. After just three hours at Daisy’s Qigong seminar, I was amazed how the movements and energy began to relax my body and release pain that was chronically affecting me. I see now how Qi or energy can be utilized to heal and strengthen the body, organs, and the mind. I have been consistent in using the techniques Daisy taught me in class, and through her DVDs I can continue to learn and understand how to heal myself along with those around me. I have not used my cane to walk since the workshop, and am so very grateful to Daisy for teaching here in Colorado.” — Clarence Thatch

Daisy Lee Shares Qigong Practices to Generate Warmth & Wellbeing

During this free audio recording, Daisy shares:

  • A quick, easy Qigong technique to warm the body in a pinch — Hint: pinch!
  • The one article of clothing that every Qigong practitioner has in his or her closet to protect their health — Hint: NOT hat, gloves, or boots!
  • How to tap into the mind’s powerful force to warm or regulate the body

Listen here:

Qigong as a Tool for Conscious Evolution – by Daisy Lee

Qigong has been popularized as a Chinese health practice that synchronizes slow, gentle, flowing movements with breath and body awareness, but is lesser known as a deep spiritual practice that can foster conscious evolution. As society roils under the stress of multiple crises, Qigong can regulate and harmonize our fight-or-flight response, while also bringing perspective on how to reconnect with the greater wisdom of the Universe.

When asked in an interview what the first sign of human civilization was, anthropologist Margaret Mead responded that it was a mended thigh bone, as it demonstrated the human capacity for compassion and cooperation. Animals in the wild would have left a wounded party for dead and the injured would not have been able to run from danger, get to the river for a drink or hunt for food. The repaired human femur showed we could co-exist as peaceful collaborators rather than aggressive competitors. Still, as we look around us at the world today, there is still much progress that is needed. Radiant Lotus Qigong (RLQ) may be an antidote not only for women’s health projects, but as a pathway to conscious co-existence in society.

Though RLQ was originally created to address what was missing in co-ed Qigong systems to support women’s hormonal and reproductive health concerns, its focus on mental and emotional health remains a pivotal part of the system. One of the foundational concepts in Radiant Lotus Qigong is an equation that reminds us to reconnect to our higher self, while simultaneously grounding to the Earth.
The sky's reminder to align vertically

The formula, VA + NC = SLE (Vertical Alignment + Neutral Compassion = Stable Lead Energy), invites our uniquely human, thinking mind to pause, center and reassess rather than jumping into fear and reactivity. When strong emotions such as fear, anger, or anxiety overwhelm us, our energy balls up and contracts, creating tension that invokes the fight-or-flight response — suitable for running away or fighting off a predator, but problematic if we are in a chronic state of stress with nowhere to run or hide.

The understanding of Vertical Alignment can shift the axis from external referencing where one can fall prey to harmful, destructive situations or energies — or we can learn to anchor into our own alignment with the deep earth and the expansive, creative mind that stays open to infinite possible solutions. When we marry this towered alignment with Neutral Compassion — a way of being that is kind and caring yet doesn’t spill over with excessive sympathy or overdoing for others — we become a grounded Stable Lead Energy (SLE) that leads without leading, and leads only by example. This nurturing form of empowerment supports others in learning what their unique creative expression is without the stress of aggressive competition as we all work towards a common humanity.
A Foxtail Palm models vertical alignment

Older man practicing Tai Chi and creating an energy ballThe journey begins with the activation of this theory through regular Qigong practice. Discernment and self-determination grow as our health improves and we begin to see a broader landscape of opportunities, possibilities, and solutions to what may have appeared previously as crisis. At peace within, we are more prone to finding ways to collaborate creatively to benefit all instead of competing for limited resources and annihilating others to get what we want. Limitations come from the small, grasping mind, but even these individuals have a role to play in showing us how not to live.

We all have the potential to be a Stable Lead Energy when we connect to the greater intelligence of the living Universe. Neither stability nor leadership is automatic, but arrives as a side benefit resulting from dedicated Qigong practice. Stable Lead Energy influences without demanding anything in return. It can be grown and nurtured, creating peace of heart and mind in oneself; but if these roots run deep, it can also affect and influence others too.

Conscious evolution is possible, but in order for it to unfold, kindness, compassion, and cooperation must guide our actions. Let us be courageous enough to stand up for the oppressed when the going gets tough as we breathe the same air and live on the same planet. Let’s take a stand to protect our environment so that when we breathe deeply during our Qigong practice, the air we breathe is clean and infused with healing Qi. Let’s curb our anger, impatience, and self-righteousness so that we don’t swim in a cesspool of indignation that pollutes our hearts and minds. And one day, when we look back at the current state of humanity, we can hope to say that we not only survived the brokenness of these times, but found a way to thrive together through the practice of a peaceful 5,000-year old healing art.

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