Awaken the Wild Queen Within - LiYana Silver

Awaken the Wild Queen Within

Discover how to set out on a journey into the luminosity of the archetypal “Queen” phase of your life and cross the threshold into your true sovereignty…

So that you can embrace your soul’s newfound gifts and invite in:

  • Spaciousness
  • Enjoyment
  • Power
  • And a luxurious contentment with the everyday

Why Attend “Awaken the Wild Queen Within”

Awaken the Wild Queen WithinHave you yourself experienced a loss in your own sense of value? Or believe that your contributions in the world are no longer as impactful or as needed?

There are three traditional archetypes for the spiritual life phases of women — the maiden, mother, and crone. However, according to LiYana Silver, the author of Feminine Genius, there’s a fourth, lesser-known but equally fruitful phase between the mother and crone, which she calls the Queen…

And, now is your time to awaken, step into, embody, and celebrate this luminous and empowering aspect of your being, by claiming your deeply magnetic, evolved self — so you can wield a new sense of your own power.

Are you ready?

Entering your Queen-dom can be an initially destabilizing but ultimately deeply rewarding transformation. It’s a new spiritual dimension of your being that requires you to let go of the personal and cultural identities you’ve held for so long — including the set of privileges that youth innately brings.

During this restorative and enriching free online spiritual class, LiYana will gently take you on a journey to discover the powerful possibilities of the Queen stage — and offer you sacred invitations to truly embrace the gifts of this precious time.

You’ll discover that this can be the most vital period of your life, in which you replace the stress of a previous time with a sense of spaciousness, enjoyment, and contentment with the everyday.

Instead of surrendering to the worry that time is running out, you can birth a new normal that feels aligned with your deepest soul purpose…

It’s an exhilarating time of prioritizing pleasure over productivity, intuition over logic, self-celebration and acceptance over self-criticism — and offering your true gifts to the world.

What You'll Learn During “Awaken the Wild Queen Within”

In this illuminating hour, you’ll:

  • Experience a guided visualization with the Queen to connect with the power, beauty, wisdom, and depth of this often hidden and overlooked life phase — and activate your ability to receive higher guidance and trust in what you’re experiencing
  • Understand what the Queen archetype looks and feels like, the ancient wisdom she holds — and how she may be living through you
  • Realize that the nudges or whispers you’ve been feeling have a name, place or destination, that they’re calling you into a potent time of life, and that you’re right where you need to be right now
  • Be reassured that what sometimes feels like a loss is actually an invitation to awaken a newer version of yourself — a different sense of your power, a new way to create, and a deeper level of wholeness
  • Recognize an opportunity to reclaim your relevance, visibility, value, and self-esteem
  • Realize that you’re connected to a community of other powerful women in the same spiritual stage so you don’t feel alone on your path

About Your Teacher – LiYana Silver

LiYana Silver is a transformational coach, teacher, and author of Feminine Genius, helping people move through life’s hardest times and come out with the gold.

For over 20 years, LiYana has maintained a private practice offering one-on-one sessions and intensives, and has artfully facilitated retreats and online classes, guiding both groups and individuals through deep transformation, especially those who have accomplished so much in their lives with so little self-love.

A self-love specialist, LiYana is a torch-holder for a world-to-be in which the epidemic of self-doubt and self-hate has completely dissolved — and where it is as natural as breathing to be the self-trusting, self-confident, visionary being you were always meant to be.

LiYana’s work integrates her certification as a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP, holistic health coach, and yoga teacher. She draws upon her training in childhood developmental psychology, emotional literacy, compassionate communication, human sexuality, body-based meditation, holistic nutrition, and somatic trauma resolution, as well as her first career as a contemporary dancer, performing in six countries on three continents over a decade.

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Oct 28 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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  • Date: Oct 28 2023
  • Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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