Learn the Ancient Healing Secrets & Cosmic Transmissions of Egyptian Divinities

Learn the Ancient Healing Secrets & Cosmic Transmissions of Egyptian Divinities

In a world beset by destabilizing circumstances and events, it’s easy to fall into feeling hopeless and disconnected — uncertain and confused about how to move forward in life.

If you’re having difficulty navigating these challenging times and looking for ways to feel supported, fortified, and less alone, it’s helpful to know that there are wise and timeless forces in the divine and natural realms…

… that offer guiding principles to live by and assist you in healing and recentering in love, compassion, and a renewed commitment to peace.

Why Attend “Learn the Ancient Healing Secrets & Cosmic Transmissions of Egyptian Divinities”

Learn the Ancient Healing Secrets & Cosmic Transmissions of Egyptian DivinitiesJoin Isis Indriya, founder of the Academy of Oracle Arts, for this free online spiritual healing class, in which she’ll share how ancient Egyptian knowledge can make life today far more magical, beautiful, and divine as you learn how to bridge heaven and earth.

From sound-healing technologies to ritual practices and initiations to cosmological activations, the wisdom from ancient Egypt can help you attune to a cosmic resonance and the remembrance that you are not alone.

Isis will illustrate how you can connect to divinities and the natural world to co-shape a new reality that’s committed to cosmic truth and integrity — and become a steward of the sacred in your everyday life.

She’ll guide you through three simple embodied rituals you can use regularly to strengthen, empower, and assist you in harnessing your inner warrior in the service of healing.

With these rituals, you’ll access healing energy and bring about positive transformations in your life and the lives of those around you.

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • A deeper understanding of ancient Egypt/Khemet and its importance for creating harmony, balance, and peace on earth today
  • An introduction to Ma’at and her relationship to cosmic law, which will strengthen your commitment to cosmic truth and ground you in integrity and service to future generations
  • An experiential journey into the lion-headed Neteru Sekhmet, whose fierceness can help you summon your warrior power and consecrate it in the service of healing
  • A fascinating exploration of the mysteries of Isis, who not only preceded so many Goddess lineages in Western civilization but also serves as the cosmic Great Mother, eliciting your compassion and an interdependent relationship between discipline and liberation
  • Why the journey after death was so central to Egyptian cosmology and how the death-rebirth mysteries offer a gateway into deeper dimension of spiritual realization
  • Fascinating information about the specific temples used for spiritual initiation in Egypt and how they’re arranged to create a specific journey into divine embodiment

You’ll learn how each Egyptian deity is the embodiment of sacred principles for designing a life that bridges human, natural, and divine realms. Isis will focus on three divinities that are known for complementary qualities and revered within mystical literature — Ma’at, Sekhmet, and Isis.

By engaging with these specific divinities, you can enter portals into a more profound understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

About Your Teacher – Isis Indriya

Dedicated to a life of prayer, culture, and community building, Isis Indriya is an educator and founder of Academy of Oracle Arts, where she teaches many classes alongside other luminaries. She offers classes in Ritual, Divination, Egyptian Cosmology, and Hermeticism, as well as a 9-month Apprenticeship program in Oracular Arts.

She also leads annual pilgrimages to Egypt, hosts community gatherings in Northern California, is co-founder of Imaginal Community (an online virtual temple), and is a lead producer of The Compass at Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

Born in Mesa, Arizona, and raised on the island of Guam, Isis’ journey into ancient mystery studies and sacred sciences began at a young age after the loss of her mother, driving her passion for cultural exchange and inner transformation. As a bridge builder, she connects generations to wisdom carriers of various traditions, fostering cultural and social evolution at both local and global levels.

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