Spontaneous Transformation Technique with Jennifer McLean - Overcome Stuck for Real - Workshop

Activate Your ‘God Antenna’ So You Can Get Unstuck & Create Your Ideal Life

Life can be overwhelming, and everyone needs a little help navigating through the challenges sometimes to get “un-stuck.” The world often provides more stress and challenges than one can handle alone.

During this free online spiritual healing session, you'll get support to help you transform these difficulties into a source of strength and healing,

Why Attend “Activate Your ‘God Antenna' So You Can Get Unstuck & Create Your Ideal Life”

During this session, you'll get to experience the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), created by Energy Medicine Healer Jennifer McLean.

Jennifer's journey to develop STT was inspired by her own need for a better, more compassionate way to heal from trauma…

And it has proven to be effective in resolving chronic conditions, improving relationships, and enhancing overall well-being.

For many, STT is their key to unlocking more peace, power, and profound love in their lives.

If you've struggled with chronic pain, financial challenges, difficult relationships, or general overwhelm, this is the chance to shift out of that.

The STT session can help break free from what’s holding you back and start living a life of greater peace and joy. What’s truly beautiful about this approach is that STT doesn’t just offer temporary relief. It paves the way for permanent transformation.

It helps you create a life that’s not just better, but extraordinary—where old patterns and traumas no longer dictate experiences.

Jennifer’s clients have seen deep-rooted issues lose their hold, voices gain strength and clarity, and even physical changes like more balanced and peaceful facial expressions. The transformation STT brings isn’t just about healing; it’s about creating a life that’s rich with possibilities and unshakeable love.

Here's what you'll learn during this free online spiritual healing workshop:

  • Understand Why You're Stuck: Gain insights into the reasons behind persistent issues in health, finances, and overall well-being, and learn how to transform these core issues.
  • Change Neural Pathways: Discover how to rewire your brain to create new neural pathways that lead to lasting peace and calm.
  • Activate Your “God Antenna”: Enhance your access to divine intelligence for better decision-making and clarity of purpose.
  • Experience Real Transformation: Engage in a proven healing session that has helped hundreds of thousands globally to heal deep-seated traumas and achieve significant life improvements.
  • Accelerate Healing Safely: Participate in a safe, healing-encoded workshop designed to quicken the healing process and bring about profound, permanent change.

About Your Facilitator – Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT),” that delivers instant transformation and healing in 15 – 20 minutes. With over 1000 practitioners in this unique system it is quickly becoming a “go to” for creating real rapid change in extreme times.

For more than two decades, STT has helped tens of thousands of individuals shift held energy in the body. This system of healing has supported individuals to successfully liberate themselves from old hurts and patterns of obstacles that lead to disease and upset, and to create new neural pathways of a new pattern of Quantum Wholeness.

Jennifer is the author of 5 books, has appeared on FOX, ABC, CBS, online summits and covered in renowned publications. She is also the creator of dozens of online healing programs, and is the producer and host of the renowned Healing With The Masters online media franchise (that reached almost 1,000,000 over 17 seasons).

About The Spontaneous Transformation Technique

The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) is an innovative, proven healing modality that quickly shifts withheld energy to instantly liberate individuals from various ailments and heartaches in 15 – 20 minutes.

Rooted in ancient philosophies, its focus is on uprooting and healing your core issues deep in the subconscious and balancing the natural flow of energy in the body.

This simple yet profound process acknowledges that there is a miraculous process of holding that has helped you to survive.

It supports this survival mechanism as it also releases you from its grip by recognizing the emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances created by our retained thoughts, memories, beliefs, and experiences.
Applied to hundreds of thousands of lives for more than two decades, STT has directly addressed, healed and unwound abuse, abandonment, physical disease, anger, fear, stress, and grief.

The Spontaneous Transformation Technique will help you locate and understand the origin of discomfort without revisiting the events that caused pain and suffering.

It is here to support you to move from surviving to thriving by releasing held trauma and re-aligning internal energy flow…

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Jun 19 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Paris
  • Date: Jun 19 - 20 2024
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 3:00 am