9 Keys to Befriending Your Intuition – With Hilary Crowley

9 Keys to Befriending Your Intuition - With Hilary Crowley

Open more fully to your intuition to accelerate healing, awakening your sense of optimism and the wise intuitive teacher within you…

When you find yourself oscillating between insecurity and inspiration, what you may actually be grappling with, according to energy healer Hilary Crowley, is whether you should allow yourself to be guided by your instinct or by your intuition.

Both send powerful signals from your subconscious. Relying solely on your instinct response, however, tends to keep you stuck — disconnected from the limitless possibilities your intuition could reveal.

During this free online energy healing workshop, with Hilary, the author of The Power of Energy Medicine: Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health, you’ll be guided through energy medicine techniques that deconstruct unhelpful instinctual responses and activate your intuition. 

You’ll come to know and feel within your body how to differentiate them, including how instinct is really a pre-programmed fear-based response of your sympathetic nervous system.

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What You'll Learn During “9 Keys to Befriending Your Intuition” with Hilary Crowley

During this empowering online event, you’ll:

  • Explore the key differences between instinct and intuition, including how instinct is really a pre-programmed response of your sympathetic nervous system’s sense of threat or danger
  • Discover how reacclimating your body to a newfound sense of safety activates deeper levels of intuition — and releases your body’s inherent intelligence into your greater energy field for heightened healing and consciousness
  • Begin to trust where your optimism and inspiration lead you
  • Learn to gauge how receptive you are to intuitive information by assessing your current sense of safety
  • Befriend the wise intuitive teacher within you, who is always in tune with the path that’s best for you

Hilary will help you discover how relying solely on lower brain centers as the basis for decision-making blocks the cultivation of your intuition… and the truth of what’s possible for your life.

As you begin to realign with your true self — that which exists beyond limitations of the survival and coping mind — you’ll uncover and befriend the wise intuitive teacher within you, who is in tune with the path that’s best for you and can immediately offer accurate information and guidance.

This is an opportunity for you to begin to dissolve your unhelpful primitive patterns to liberate your intuition and the healing force that resides within you.

You’ll access the heightened intelligence and healing power of your authentic intuition.

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Who Should Attend the “9 Keys to Befriending Your Intuition” Free Class

Woman Connecting With Her IntuitionYou’re undoubtedly aware that there’s a profound capacity for intuition within you that gives you the power to heal yourself and others..

Even if you deeply believe in your intuition, do you find that fully tapping into this part of yourself is hit or miss?

Sometimes you get great clarity and downloads. And sometimes, there’s nothing but silence.

You’re certainly not alone in wondering how to make intuitive abilities dependable. Many of us are cut off early from our innate intuitive gifts, and so many others were shut down by a society that values conformity over intuition.

As a result, we’re unsure about how to confidently become our own intuitive guides.

The truth is, everyone has the ability to turn on their intuition as a dependable source of daily guidance and deep healing.

It’s actually your birthright.

What Are The 9 Keys to Befriending Your Intuition

  1. Permission to be intuitive
  2. Protection around your intuition
  3. Practice diving into your intuition and letting it be part of you
  4. Concentration to clear space and time for intuition
  5. Creativity to elevate the power of your mind, imagination, and action
  6. Confidence to know the power of confiding in yourself
  7. Honesty to assure your intuition is authentic and practiced with integrity
  8. Help in calibrating yourself to receive intuition
  9. Healing to be at peace with all that is

The Process for Applying the 9 Keys to Befriending Your Intuition

According to Hilary, when you move through each essential step on the journey, you’ll learn to stop relying solely on unreasonable fear as the basis for your decision-making — and start gaining access to a vast reservoir of information that transcends the limits of your mind.

At first, you’ll need to reacclimate your body to a newfound sense of safety, opening the portals to deeper levels of intuition. You’ll then plug your body’s inherent intelligence into a greater energy field, which gives you heightened access to healing.

As you journey further, you’ll realign with your higher self, which exists far beyond ordinary logic and reason. You’ll befriend what Hilary calls the wise intuitive teacher within you that’s always in tune with the path that’s best for you.

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About Your Intuition Teacher – Hilary Crowley

Hilary Crowley - HeadshotHilary Crowley is the author of The Power of Energy Medicine: Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health. She discovered her interest in the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors.

In her early career, she worked at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and Exeter Hospital. Since 1995, she has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition.

In 2008, Hilary opened her office as a Natural Health Intuitive at the Integrative & General Family Medical Center, Whole Life Health Care in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With clients referred by surgeons, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other holistic medical practitioners, Hilary uses energy medicine techniques to identify root issues of disease and stress.

Hilary’s hands-on work involves balancing and interpreting the subtle energy field of the human body to bring wellness and authentic health to her clients. She teaches on topics of energy medicine and integrative healing throughout the United States.

Testimonials for Hilary Crowley

“I’ve known Hilary for a long time… lucky, lucky me. In times of both joy and sadness, Hilary has been able to capture what I need to continue moving forward. She brings peace, clarity, insight, compassion, and understanding to my world, and I am grateful each and every time. Her ability to take the puzzle pieces of my life and help me put them together is a true gift.” — Jen Hubbell

“If I were to describe Hilary with one word, it would be “genuine.” Genuine as a person, genuine as an intuitive, and genuinely caring. Her Intuition Circle was remarkable in the accuracy of what she was seeing. She was at all times respectful and worked with the participants to understand the messages she was receiving. Her class was student-focused. Hilary created a safe, welcoming environment for students to share their own experiences with the group. Perhaps the most important message of the workshop is to trust yourself, and Hilary provided the steps for each of us to do that.” — Carolyn Erskine

“Hilary Crowley is a gift to the world. Loving, compassionate, wise, and funny, she facilitates a beautiful change in the energy of all who work with or listen to her. Even in a group setting, she has a way of speaking directly to your own personal heart. She has learned to honor and follow her own intuition and has taught me to develop and trust mine. Her online classes are highlights in my life, lifting me and giving me new inspiration and practices. Hilary is a gift, indeed.” — Linda Hillier

“Hilary allows her sessions to unfold naturally. She honors and embraces the unique identity of every individual. Hilary is relatable, fun, and real. She balances listening and sharing. I appreciate how Hilary will incorporate music or movement to enhance and improve an experience together. I have gained life-changing insight into my career and family while working with Hilary. My young children have benefited from her wisdom. Hilary is able to connect with so many individuals on so many levels. I have full trust in her ability to lead us to where we are meant to land.” — Laurie Carrera

“I look forward to listening to Hilary’s shared wisdom. Her experience is vast, making her stories interesting and relatable, and her style of delivery comfortable and engaging. Even though she is communicating with many people at once, I feel as if she could be seated right next to me, sharing a cup of tea in my living room.” — Valerie Gillespie

“Hilary’s lessons are always pertinent to something going on in my life. Once she opens my eyes to solutions helpful to me, I continue to receive additional help on the subject for the days following. She graciously brings out the best from each attendee, encouraging both confidence and the honor of allowing us to share our energy with the group.” — Deborah A. Masse, CEO

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