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Crack Your Course Idea Challenge – For Conscious Authors, Coaches & Entrepreneurs

During this free 5-day challenge for conscious authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs, you'll learn a fast, free, and proven way to find the perfect and highly-profitable product idea or course…

So that you can serve more people, make more income, and free up more of your time.

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What You'll Learn During the “Crack Your Course Idea Challenge”

Do you know the BIGGEST reason that online courses fail?

Most people say marketing.
Or not enough leads.
Or maybe the price was too high (or too low).

When actually, it's simply the “big idea” behind it.

The thing is… ideas are everywhere.

And not all of them have the potential to be truly profitable. In fact, the best & most profitable ideas have 5 very specific elements.

And if your conscious course, program or product idea doesn't nail all 5, then it’s almost guaranteed to flop. But… when you land on the “perfect” idea:

  • Marketing gets easy because you're the obvious #1 choice in your market
  • It's EASY and FUN to talk to people about your product
  • The sales tumble in without “hard selling”

During this free 5-day “Crack Your Course Idea” challenge, you'll discover at least one “perfect idea,” that will speed your inevitable success…

AND help you serve the exact right people you're destined to serve.

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Who The 5-Day Crack Your Course Idea Challenge Is For

If you've been been thinking of using your existing knowledge or expertise to launch an online business, then you're likely one of two primary types of people. Those who:

  • Have a ton of ideas floating around in their heads, but no clue where to start or how to share them with the world
  • Have either a vague idea (or no idea), but know without a doubt they want to create a course or coaching program

No matter which person you are, the first step is to solidify the idea you want to teach or share. Then you can deliver it with a course or coaching program.

So how do you find the right idea to run with? AND most importantly, which is most likely to be profitable and make an impact?

The last thing you want to do is pour your time, energy and money into a course just to see it flop.

Fortunately, there is a way to know in advance which idea you should go with.You'll be able to start with 100% confidence that you're doing it right, at the right time, and for the right people.

Whether you’re…

  • Just getting started and don't have an idea yet
  • Have too many ideas and need help finding the right one
  • Have an idea you love that hasn't yet translated into actual money in the bank
  • Or have a profitable idea and are ready to find your next one…

This 5-day challenge will guiding you through the exact 5 elements you need to make sharing your gifts, knowledge, and experience a smashing success.

In just 15-30 min. a day, you’ll go through a “paint-by-numbers” approach to finding your profitable product idea for your first (or next) online product or course, and, you'll get confirmation you’ve chosen the right product to launch BEFORE you take action.

Why You Should Participate In the “Crack Your Course Idea” Challenge

Even if you don’t know where to start or what to do first (or what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working!).

Regardless of where you are in your life right now, you have something to offer the world thanks to your unique expertise and experiences.

So rather than keeping your wisdom and your gifts bottled up inside your head… or in your journal… or on your hard drive…

This “Crack Your Course Idea” challenge is a way for you to learn how to make a real IMPACT (and create wonderful “passive” income) by sharing your knowledge… via an online course!

You'll learn a very simple yet highly effective “paint-by-numbers” approach to cracking your first (or next!) successful course idea…

So you can turn your experience, your expertise and your wisdom into a truly profitable course that will not only change your life, but transform the lives of your students.

What If You've Tried Before… And Flopped?

In business there’s nothing worse than seeing your ideas flop. You invest a bunch of money, put in a ton of time, you give it everything…

But your book, product, program or course doesn't grab attention like you thought it would.

It feels almost impossible to generate leads and interest, let alone make sales, and you’re left with practically no impact to show for all of your hard work.

Your friends and family might be giving you the side eye, asking how your “side hustle” is going, your partner may have been wondering when you’ll get a real job (if you don't already have one)…

But worst of all?

The self-doubt can be debilitating. It may have made you believe your ideas were just crazy to begin with.

The thing to know is this: You’re not alone.

It happens more often than you think. And the problem isn’t that you don’t offer value, or that you’re not cut out to be a business owner.

The problem is that you just haven't found the right idea — yet.

Cracking the Course Idea Code – Ideas That Succeed

Your former challenges just show that you haven't found the kind of idea that's:

  • Unique
  • Quickly understandable
  • Highly valuable
  • Hyper-shareable
  • And magnetic

During the “Crack Your Course Idea Challenge,” you'll learn a simple, proven process to help you find that idea. In just 15-30 minutes a day over the 5 value-packed days of the Challenge, you'll:

  • Discover your perfect course idea
  • Find your niche and fine-tune your marketing message
  • Understand how to validate and test market demand for your course idea before you launch
  • Gain confidence AND know-how before you take action on your course idea

Whether you want to create your very first online course or coaching program, or you've created a course that isn't doing as well as you'd like, or you already have a successful program or course and want to create another…

This challenge will help you crack your profitable course idea.

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Benefits Of Creating A Wildly Profitable Online Course

The thing is, it's not just about having a great idea if people don't SEE your product, and more specifically, how you can serve and support them.

Especially now, far too many business owners are struggling to get the visibility they deserve.

Honestly, it can feel a little like: “Hey! See me now? How about now? What about now?”

It's exhausting!

But what if… instead of fighting to stand out, your course or product was the “unicorn” of your industry?

A rare and magical find that can’t help but grab attention — and keep it — because it’s…

… so UNIQUE from what other conscious authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs are offering, that your dream customers couldn’t ignore you if they tried

… so ENGAGING that the people you serve actually BINGE on your content from beginning to end like it’s their favorite Netflix show (while your competitors struggle to get their customers to complete their programs)

… and so AUTHENTIC in its promises, that it DELIVERS on results and more (turning each and every one of your customers into a raving fan for life because you truly changed their lives)

Resulting in…

  • Raving reviews
  • Online buzz
  • New (free) leads
  • Repeat sales…

These are what happen when you’ve got the RIGHT idea from the start.

Whether you’re about to create your very first online program or course, or you want to learn how to 10X your results from the ones you’ve already got, this free 5-day challenge is for you.
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“Crack Your Course Idea” Challenge Schedule

Day 1: “The 4 Proven Approaches to Online Course Creation”

You'll learn FOUR easy & proven paint-by-numbers approaches to picking your perfect product idea. Simply pick one and you're off!

Day 2: “The 20 Most Profitable Mega-Niches”

Pick the perfect niche for you from my list of the 20 Most Profitable online course & product niches today

Day 3: “Getting From Mega-Niche to Micro-Niche”

Decide on your Profitable Topic with my E-Z Perfect Topic Checklist Creator

Day 4: “Simplified Audience Attraction”

Discover your Most Profitable Target Audience using this simple Google trick.

Day 5: “Turn Your Idea Into a Message People Will Pay For”

Finally, craft your Profitable Product Mission Statement using my fill-in-the-blank template.

Bonus Gift for Attendees

When you register for this free “Crack Your Course Idea” 5-day challenge, you'll also get access to three additional live trainings that take place *after* the challenge…

So that you can put to use what you learn with the support you need to thrive.

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About Your Coach – Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd - HeadshotMarisa Murgatroyd, founder of Live Your Message, has personally sold more than $33M in online courses and programs.

And while that's awesome, what she's most proud of is the thousands of students who she has helped to find their perfect Profitable Business Idea, students who have gone on to make millions in their own right.

She has taught this method to beginners and experienced business-owners. To young and old entrepreneurs.

It works for all kinds of people, products & niches.

A Message from Marisa Murgatroyd

Hi, I’m Marisa, founder of Live Your Message, and I’ve helped over 11,159 people fulfill their dream of creating an online course — and I’d like to help YOU too.

I’ve spent years figuring out how to break the industry standard and create courses that inspire action and transformation instead of just sitting on the digital shelf.

I discovered how to work with the brain’s natural reward system to inspire up to 90% of my students to engage and get results.

Now, I’m spilling all of my secrets to help you build YOUR hyper-engaging course.

If you want to create real impact for your students, and real freedom for yourself… See you on the inside.

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