Make More Per Hour Than Your Doctor, Lawyer & Banker Combined

How to Make More Money in Less Time — While Making a Difference

Note from SpiritualGrowthEvents.com Founder, Chris Cade: The teacher of this free class, Yee Shun-Jian, has been a personal friend of mine, and a professional colleague, for over a decade. I recommend him highly both for his expertise as well as his good heart.

The pandemic shifted reality for a lot of people in previously unimaginable ways.

People lost their time, location, and financial freedom.

The thing is, there are two industries that continued to thrive before, during, and especially after the pandemic:

  • Personal growth / spirituality / self help
  • Online learning

The fact that you're reading this is evidence of that.

During this free online class, you'll learn how to leverage both of these industries to your advantage…

Even if you feel like you've got nothing to share or teach, nothing interesting to say, or don't have enough time.

What You'll Learn During “Make More Per Hour Than Your Doctor, Lawyer & Banker Combined”

  • How you can 10X your hourly rate while making a difference in peoples lives
  • The ultimate freedom business model that creates abundance for everybody
  • How you can recession-proof your income so you can finally stop worrying about inflation, retrenchment, retirement & the rapidly rising cost of living
  • 3 top criteria for choosing the best financial freedom vehicle / side hustle for you
  • How you can let go of feeling tired, overworked & stressed out with your finances & work
  • How to create time, financial, and even location freedom
  • And have fun doing it!

Your teacher, Yee Shun-Jian, will be sharing with you the personal-growth centered business model that enabled him to make S$5K+ in less than a workweek, while on outpatient hospitalization leave, working less than 15mins/day.

It wasn't always that way for him though…

How Shun-Jian Escaped His Dark Night of the Soul

During the darkest time in his life, he was trying to leave an abusive relationship and considering suicide. He was at the ledge of the tallest building in his neighborhood and ready to jump.

He wondered if he would still go to Heaven if he committed suicide, so he Googled the question. 50% of people said yes and 50% said no. At that moment, he stepped away from the ledge.

Still depressed, lost, and hopeless, he prayed to God and asked for a sign how he could move forward in life.

That's when his students, the ones who learned and applied what you'll learn about in this free class, stepped forward and shared how he changed their lives. They spoke to his best self and inspired him to continue the work that had already changed their lives forever.

Before that Dark Night, and after, this business model is what helped him escape five figures of debt to create a six-figure annual income, travel the world speaking & sharing his experience.

Now he continues to help other people do the same, and he keeps his spirituality at the center of everything he does.

About Your Teacher – Yee Shun-Jian

Yee Shun Jian - HeadshotYee Shun Jian is a highly sought-after super affiliate, email marketing & list building expert, and author of the best-giving eBook, 101 Powerful Affirmations!

Shun Jian’s inspiring story of how he went from 5 figures in debt to making a consistent 6 figures/year income online, while living the 4-hour workweek, has caused him to be featured in numerous interviews by top success coaches in the US, such as Robert Allen, Natalie Ledwell and featured teacher from “The Secret”, John Assaraf.

His work has made a MASSIVE positive difference to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and now he is on an unstoppable mission to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives, by teaching them how to escape the rat race and achieve time, financial and location FREEDOM.

“Set BIG Dreams, Boldly Go After Your Dreams And Never Let Your Fears Hold You Back!”

Since then he has committed himself to helping people worldwide to create a richer life and sharing what he's learned along the way.

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